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I have bunches of irrational fears. though none of them intensely severe.

Just alot of little ones. If I see a spider crawling around inside my room I freak out and jump out of my chair, and moths too for some reason. I always thing they're going to try to bite me through my shirt trying to eat the cotton then i'll go "OWOW!"

And I actually do have a phobia of mosquitoes. If you see me out late at night i'll probably never stop moving unless I spray ALOT of bug repellant on me. Mosquitoes love me. A LOT. i'm like a buffet to them for some reason, like this summer I got 3 mosquito bites on my feet wheno only spending less than five minutes outside sitting on the porch, during the time when it starts to get dark from day.

Even inside if I feel a little twitch on any part of my body I swish at it thinking its some insect like a mosquito. I really hate mosquitoes.
I used to be scared to push the doors open when getting off the bus, afraid I would do it wrong and look silly. I used to sit at the front of the bus on purpose so I could go out the doors the bus driver opens automatically.

Ever since seeing a video of a guy who was mentally insane pushing a completely random stranger he never met before in the path of a moving subway train and killing her, I fear being near the train when it's coming to the platform or having people possibly come up behind me. Usually I find a wall and lean against it so nobody can push me into the train.
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I have a fear of not being able to breath, or obstructed breathing.. If I cannot breath and I need to, I pretty much go insane, hurting anybody/thing to actually get some air.

Oh, that and a fear of homophobes.. Well, not a fear per say, just a deep, deep hate and whatnot.
Jeneal jumps into the water. "HAHAHAHAHA!" She turns into a seal.
Having my arms trapped, I can't stand it.
If someone entraps my arms, I go absolutely crazy, I need control and I honestly don't know why.
"Experience is a Harsh teacher..." - Jigsaw

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