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Picking a 'Main'
Right, right. I'm stuck. While my WoW has been torrenting, I've been hesitating on who should be my main character or not. As much as I enjoy the idea of having many folks on my list to pick from depending on my mood, I'd prefer to mostly focus on a personage at a time, correct me if I am wrong, but I think it is a good idea. Of course I must also admit that being able to decide to play someone else at a time is useful too. Nonetheless, back to the topic's real question!

I know for sure that I am going to make my dwarf shaman, that's for sure, but should I make -him- my cardinal individual? If not, I've gotten to a small list of to-be-possible races, and these are stated below. They are these that I enjoy to roleplay with. In addition, I'd personally prefer to make male characters.

Dwarves (of any type)
Humans (of any type)
Tauren (of any type, aswell)
Night Elves (any type, although druids do not appeal to me)
Orcs (any type)
Goblins (Bilgewater)
Forsaken (any type)

Now the reason why I wouldn't play a Draenei is because they are too, too.. I'm not sure, they don't appeal to me. Trolls are great, but I can't do the accent, and a troll without an accent is bad. Blood Elves, not appealing to me either. Gnomes ditto. And finally, worgen is not my cup of tea.

Now as for the classes and professions, I'll pick something easily, don't you worry about that. My main problem is to pick my dwarf shaman as my main, or make a character of a race that is lacking, needed, loved, or any other reasons. Dwarves are my top favorite, but since I'm already going to have a dwarven shaman anyway. Yesh. You know.

Do reply and tell me(or us) your opinion(s). With a small reason as to why you would prefer this one over the others. Joking, serious, 'vatever' you want.
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Honestly I'd say go for the dwarf shaman. The race is starting to pick up now that The Regiment is back around and it would be a good opportunity for you to jump into the community. There's a lot of great people in that guild who can show you a good time!
Dwarves get great lore in Cataclysm, including social upheaval with the Dark iron clan and Moira's return, the Council of Three Hammers, and the escalating conflict with the Horde in the Twilight Highlands (Dragonmaw Orcs).

Plus there's Uldum and all the Titan stuff it entails.
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... as will your valiant hearts.
Uhu, well, dwarven shaman sounds like the thing I'll go for.
In addition, as a second character, I'm totally making a human longbowman, I mean, why not?
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(05-01-2013, 12:22 AM)Scar Wrote: In addition, as a second character, I'm totally making a human longbowman, I mean, why not?

Not only do I like this idea, I may have a guild for you.

...How do you feel about warlocks, magical artifacts, travelling the world at a whim, immortality, and aristocratic houses?

We always need more men-at-arms, if not another knight in the making.
Sure thing, feel free to add me on Skype or send me a PM, my WoW should normally be fixed pretty soon.
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I'll put a word in for Forsaken. There's an active group of dedicated individuals committed to keeping the heart of undead roleplay beating on CotH. Queensmen all, but varied as you like. You'll find us under a new name soon, but 'til then, there's a Skype channel you can be shunted into if you're interested.

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Never make a main.

Just make a heck of a lot of characters, each one being used for fitting situations.
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(05-01-2013, 05:32 AM)Xigo Wrote: Never make a main.

Just make a heck of a lot of characters, each one being used for fitting situations.

Honestly, I'd suggest this. I don't follow it all to well at times, but having a multitude of characters that you can enjoy, over one helps keep you from getting bored of rp. No matter how enjoyable a character is. They'll get old.
"If you don't try to save one life you'll never save any!"

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I don't have one main. I have four mains.

Chances are of you want to focus on developing only one character, you'll have to make sure they're compatible to RP with other races. Currently, from what I've seen, Stormwind is the trending area for RP. What this means simply is that you'll have to have a character within the Alliance that can travel there for whatever reason and socialize with humans and any other race there.

Or you can be S.O.L. like me who plays primarily Blood Elves and scratches for what RP they can get.

So yeah. Diversify!
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I am tech support

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(05-01-2013, 05:32 AM)Xigo Wrote: Never make a main.

Just make a heck of a lot of characters, each one being used for fitting situations.

What he said. It is truth.
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If you wanna keep things minimal, go one Alliance, one Horde, and have at least one of them open for neutral RP. Otherwise, feel free to experiment with a few ideas and see what sticks!
:| Jonoth is an Altoholic. He's bad at this, too.
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Have three mains. Two for epic storylines (One horde and one alliance) then a third neutral so you can rp anywhere, at any time.
Fair enough. I know that I'm getting my dwarf shaman to be neutral, and the longbowman is most likely going to be Alliance. Since I personally think this role could fit well with a human or a forsaken.
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