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Pleasant Tripp - looking for someone who remembers his past
So, lately I've been bored with some of the other RP I've been having and want to take a break from that side of the lore, and so I'm exploring Forsaken lore for the first time, really. I rolled a character that goes by the name of Pleasant Tripp. It isn't his real name, but he had forgotten his name and stole this one from a grave out of some twisted sense of humor.

His name when he was living was Alan Harzfeld. Problem is, he doesn't remember much at all from when he was alive, and I was wondering if anybody wanted to have their character know him from when he was alive - it would help in exploring the character a little more and...I'm sure there's someone out there who wants some Forsaken RP, since there isn't much going on these days.
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I offer Arnaldo!
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My Corwin Duskraven does not remember much of his former life but I would love to do some Forsaken RP and it would be fun if they did know each other but didn't know it and met again.
I'll take all the offers!

PM me or message me on skype to discuss it, I'd be happy to have him had more than one friend in his past.
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*performs necromancy*

I'd like to revisit this character, and take him on as one of my secondary mains, and I'm leaving plenty of blank spots in his history in order to work in having a past with other players' characters. The undead side of RP is rather barren, and I'm sure there are some folks out there who would like to have some, so I offer this character.

I'd also like him to meet some folks who can get him interested in something other than being a warrior for the Forsaken cause, since combat RP isn't always going on for members of this race. I've been really busy this month, and will be for the rest of it, but during my short moments of respite, I'd really enjoy focusing on one character and RPing him.
We have our Skype RP; whenever you want to resume it just IM me!
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.

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