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Pokemon fusion RP (Open only for cameos now)
Jack yawns, having arrived at the park for his meeting with Professor Norman a bit earlier than expected. So he relaxes under a tree reading a book while his Polibell plays in the pond. He'd left after much thoughtful packing this morning, assuming he could be leaving home immediately to begin fieldwork.

"Heh glad you like the sun so much, Polibell. It's way too hot to be outside today."

He checks his watch one more time now to see that Professor Norman is already fifteen minutes late. "Well I guess a bit of a swim couldn't hurt." Just as he gets up there are cries of "Thief!" from some a nearby area of the park.

"Probably Rockets again, come on Polibell!"

They make their way through a grove of trees just in time to see many people looking in the direction of a shady group and large van.

Anobe is surprised that people came at all. He points over to the truck, the Rockets, and that giant mess of Pokeballs.

"Those guys…stole my Pokemon and many others…"

He clearly yelled way too much, as he's trying to catch his breath right about now.
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer

[Image: tumblr_m00qfdoBWr1qd87hlo1_500.gif]

i am sea-bass
The dark-clad pokemon wranglers look at the kids in disgust, still preoccupied by the struggling pokemon. The pashrew notices its trainer, but is still helpless in the clutches of the extended claw.

The masked man and scientist, meanwhile, manage to untangle themselves from their accidental dog pile, the man in the lab coat again lets out a manic laughter, and points to the young man beside the polibell. Jack would recognize this man as Professor Norman.

"Good work, young man, already apprehending an escaped subject! You're a natural! Now, witness the incredible power of genetic engineering!"

After a moment of the scientist remaining in his self-assured pose, he looked to the masked man and waved an impatient hand at him. The shady, masked fellow picked up on the cue belatedly, and unlocked the truck's doors, barely finishing with the latch, when the doors flew open with a jolt of electricity. The masked man barely had time to scramble out of the way when a large creature, the size of a wolf, jumped down from the truck's cabin. Its entire body was covered in a silvery, metallic fur, its nine luxurious tails tipped in red and blue. Other than vulpine ears, its face was nothing but a single, large and vacant eye.
[Image: 38.81.png]
A metallic growl and sparking discharge emanated from the silvery beast, as it stalked its way between the scientist and the athletic trainer/pokemon duo. Its entire body shuddered as it planted its paws into the soil, taking in sunlight and aiming directly at the pair.

The masked man crawled back to the truck, reaching in and forcing a small, white and black-striped canine out of the back. A large, black collar weighed the pokemon down, but it made no hesitation to move away from the man and to the side of the mutated ninetales.


Sean Connery the Raticate went running towards the crowd, but tumbled as an inconspicuous yellow rock turned out to be the rump of a small, yellow pokemon. This honey-colored bird let out a series of agitated quacks, running about in confusion before bumping into the leg of a small girl in a merry sundress.


And unless Ken acts fast, he's going to feel a sharp pain in his right shin, as he mistook a small, blue pokemon as a rock on his way through the park, and boy, is it peeved.
Sophie looked down and picked up the quacking bird, holding it straight in front of her face which had a suspicious look on it. "You're the most adorable thing I've ever seen," she cried and then proceeded to cuddle with the pokémon, which did now seemed even more confused. Sophie then remembered what was going on and ran the last few meters over to Anobe together with Sean Connery, carrying the quacking bird in her arms.

"What's that?" she asked and pointed towards the two creatures in front of them.
[Image: aADpK.gif]
I want there to be only the picture here, but sadly it is too large so I have to spoiler it and the spoiler doesn't appear if I don't write anything else here so now that's done, it's time for you to press it.
(( Sorry can't participate after all! ))

Meela decided not to visit the park and instead spent the day eating ice cream.
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
Carl stared bewilderedly at the iron fox Pokemon, as well as the black canine that joined. Jin had reacted much quicker to than Carl, quickly grabbing him and diving to the ground once the "Magnitales" had blasted its ability.

After quickly getting back up, he nodded at Jin. "Thanks. I'll get the dog. You get the... whatever that thing is!"
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Hugh kept his distance for some time... And for good reason too! With slacken jaw he watches the scene unfold, bewildered by the audacity of some people.

"Right.. well... that's happening." He muttered mostly to himself as he tip-toed slowly towards the scene, having all the subtlety of an Onyx.

"What'm I doin'?" He mutters along the way. "Don' have any pokemon, don' have any back-up an-" He pauses mid-stride, watching as the metallic fox bursts out from the truck. "And for the love of everything delicious in the world what is -that-?!"
"…Wonder if that'll short something out!"

Anobe yells again as he steps back.

He turns his attention to Pashrew, who was still in the claw, he picked up a rock and threw it at the guy holding the claw that was holding his pokemon.
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer

[Image: tumblr_m00qfdoBWr1qd87hlo1_500.gif]

i am sea-bass

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