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Poker Morning Cartoons 9:00Am (10-05-2013)
Date: 10-05-2013

Poker Morning Cartoons 9:00Am

Flyers are plastered all over the main cities and the Goblin Outposts

Skoll Wrote:
Poker Night at The Toothless Prophet's Tavern

That's right come on down to the Toothless in Ratchet on Saturday at 9:00am to win big with our new dice game
Tauren Hold'em
First Pint of house ale is free for all players.
The buy in is only 20 silver. All dice, game pieces, and rules sets will be provided. Don't be shy, if you play your hand right and you could be coming home with a bags of gold.

((Betting system works! Make sure you get v0.3. To participate go to this post and download the Addon and review the rules. But never fear if it looks like too much I will be going over it again before we start. Also, the best way learn is to play. Believe me it is not as hard as it looks, once you start playing, I will be happy to go as slow as you wish. Or if you want you can just download addon and watch till you get the hang of it. The money will be IC so do with it as you will))
My internet provider wasn't able to connect my payment on time sadly. I'll probably be in for the weekend game.
[Image: 2r3hym9.png]
Main Characters:
Riggs Ravenhook - Swarmy Old Goblin Thief and Corporate Nuisance
Gorudo Goldforge - Goldforge Clan Remnant and Ranger
Turic Carsten - Stormwind Regular

Too bad :-(
Well I will try and set one up for the weekend too.

Sent from my little friend
Damn you, Dusk!

The one day I have a football game! D : <

I'll be here for the weekend, though.
Man sorry guys wish you could come.

This thread is for the calender I was testing it out. We really should be using it more often.

For more info on my event make sure you go here

Also make sure you guys got the latest version on the Addon here. Also a good place to brush up on the rules.
Sorry for double post, Today's event went well considering how low the server population is. Betting system was a sucsess. I have another event for Saturday morning scheduled. Also, any veterans of the game feel free to start your own game any time. Skoll does not have a monopoly on the game.

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