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Poorgilga's Introduction
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
I started playing during the 1.10 patch from 1-60 on a Nightelf Warrior (Pre-BC). I eventually transferred the Toon to a fresh account to make it more personal, and in the time that I played Pre-Bc I had always been mostly on Maelstrom, my home server. It is an RP-PVP server, and I LOVED RPing in the time that it was good. I RPed a Treasure Hunter, and made a couple of great friends who I had a lot of fun RPing with.

I'd try to gather up everyone from popular RP spots with a level of enthusiasm I keep to in real life (In games, or anything I can apply character to, I tend to follow in with what I'd normally feel I'd do in real life)- To try and hunt some treasure with me! My Nelf was always considered too ridiculous to have been taken seriously for much, but fortunately the RP was genuine enough to where in time reputations could be made, and those treks through Dungeons, and well performed acts in cool open-world areas interested people in my Toon!

I had some fantastic rivalries with more deviant characters (I'm not a big fan of that style of RP, by where it gradually became more, and more smutty on the server. There was no longer a focus on anything else..) And the good friends I did make through RP helped me set a stage for quite the little story! Of course, simply ending in our side's departure, given that most of the better RPers left at that time, and the ones who remained were just really only in it to touch themselves.

Afterward I became a more casual player focused on PVP, and then picked up on Raiding quite heavily into the end of Vanilla WoW, and into the middle of BC! I've met a lot of people, and have a lot of experience with Retail as I've been playing on, and off for almost 4 years. I currently have an 80 Undead Deathknight main on Maelstrom.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
I was born in the United States, and my first language is English, but I also do speak a very shameful Sicilian dialect!

How did you get into Warcraft?:
I originally got started with WoW on Private servers back before Patch 1.10 actually! I played on Ragezone's server with a good friend of mine (Who usually knew what to do with this kind of thing!) who I've known ONLY over the internet for almost 12 years now (We met in a obscure Nintendo Chat used heavily for RP long ago when we were very young!) And, one day he tells me that his friend who has quit still has 2 weeks of play time left on his Retail Account- He asked me if I wanted to try it, as at that time he had been playing Retail for a good while, and that's where it all began for me as far as Retail is concerned.

What made you seek our server over others?:
I really wanted to find a community of people who I could be with without feeling as though I were more in the company of children, firstly. In all my time browsing through Private Servers, it had always been in the attempt to just help take my mind off the not-so-bad, but still accumulative tax of any MMO grind, and almost every Private Server I've tried to become a part of has turned me off with a typical community of unsociable, ignorant players who want nothing more than to roll Rogues, and /duel each other all day (Poorly at that).

Recently I became interested again in RP, and just happened to find my way to this site from a Blog that came up by mistake. I was interested, and from what I've seen so far, I certainly want to give this server a try. It is a very appealing idea to me to know that I could maybe get to play with people who all speak English, like to RP, and know a thing or two about the game itself- I'm hopeful to know that I might even make some good friends here, AND PERHAPS HAVE FUN! Who knows? : P

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I like to RP reflectively on how I think I would act in real life according to the Toon! Of course, given the element of fantasy, I'll probably have more tendancies to do certain things I couldn't do in real life, but normally I will try my hardest to really individualize a lot of different RP styles since no 2 characters will be the same.
With some Toons, I am more reclusive, or cautious. With others, I could be much more aggressive in personality, and become reckless with poor, and impulsive decisions!

I like to dip my feet in all the pools, so with each Toon I try hard to sensibly incorporate all the elements of a possible situation response to the character based on their background...BUT, if I had to pick a favorite style of RP it would definitely be in a crowd, on an open adventure, playing a character much closer to myself! (DOOFBALLNUGGET)

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
That is a tough question, but I can answer it. My favorite race, and class combination is a Human Warrior. Not to sound too fruity, but I'm a human, and I think being human is a really fantastic thing. We have such an incredible spirit to move forward, and we have such powerful minds to make conscious, and unique insights on the World around us, it is moving to me.

Nothing in my mind is more romantic than being a Human Warrior, because along with the human condition, a Warrior, in my opinion, is the most in-your-face character there is. He is THE fighter. He uses nothing more than the body he was born with, and takes great pride in extending his own fantastic physical strengths to the weapons he so skillfully wields. He is pure in spirit, and in heart, and calls upon courage so in-tune with his OWN inner-being to fight in the face of stacked odds that it's just impressive to me.

What are your expectations of this server?:
To have a good time with (Hopefully) good people.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
Humility, I think it's very important to be reasonable in most all things you do, and putting yourself under the spot light all the time is no way to learn how others think, and work through their Toons- of which you could potentially learn something useful, whether it be in concerns with RP, or just (Hopefully) good social standings :]

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; (I'll keep to the Warcraft theme, considering everything!)
Across the mid-afternoon, a Horde Zeppelin cruises along through the overcast shadowing atop the plains of Durotar with a peculiar crew of few individuals.

At the head taking the wheel stands an Orc typical to his kind. Large, well built, and dexterous. This Orc keeps to a fair complexion of a dull green, dressed simply to the pair of well fitting leather pants which have been studded, and worn but rugged boots tightly canned by mail plating. His still, calculating gaze comes through the orange lens' of a pair of pilot goggles loosely fit to his head, and tied beneath a leather cap. Cleanly shaved as far as any Orc is concerned, and sporting a stylish purple silk shirt with the frilled collar, he makes for a sharp Captain. There appears to be a tense sense of urgency to his presence at all times.

Sitting lazily near the mast over a bundled line of thick ropes around a large, dusted bag, idles a young Bloodelf girl no more than a few years old enough to know how to pick up a dagger at best. Her spotted, and fading pink dress is tattered at the edges over the white linen pants she wears. Staring down at her dirty bare feet, this young elf looks on with little care to the rest of what goes on around her.

To her left just managing to sit comfortably by her, a Tauren finds himself increasingly exacerbated with his chosen Orphan's disinterest in the fine, and riveting fields of alchemy. Sitting with huddled legs beneath his loose garb, this Tauren is also quite typical of his kind. Large, and intimidating, however there appears to be a very easy going air of open friendliness to him as the young Elf at times can be seen in a playful cross of teasing banter to her "big brother". His robes are simple, and quite humble, yet thick, and heavy.

Lastly, standing away from the others in an unmoving slouch there is a Forsaken who for a great time could think of no better escape from such peons as to hopefully be thrown over-board by some freak occurance. His attire is dark, and foreboding of a typically sinister nature of work common among his kind. Thin, and sulken, this Forsaken watches on in the distance opposite to the others with crossed arms, and a vexed look before suddenly being shook into a stumble towards the mast by a rocking motion which takes the Zeppelin into a jerk!

"Gaaah, what is this?!" shouted the Forsaken aggressively as the poor weather has caught the Zeppelin in a storm from which a strike of lightning has left an important feature of the ship damaged beyond function. Turning easily to the Undead, the unmoved Tauren merely looks on pensively without saying much a word while holding his frightened Orphan close to his side.

From the front, the Captain makes a powerful stride to meet them away from the wheel. Gathering himself with an impressive air of readiness, and resolution before speaking. All attention to him as even the storm appears to sullen it's noise to gain ear to the Orc's words. Suddenly, the Captain produces from behind him as if from no where three heavily bundled sacks latched with straps which he cradles now before them with a contrasting look of panic upon him, shouting manically as he drops two of the sacks at his feet- Swinging the kept one onto his back. "I've gotta report this! Haaaaah!" Taking into a mad dash from off the side bow, the Captain makes a daring leap into the distance, a large parachute coming up from above him in the descent.

"What?! The C-captain has jumped ship..." Looking down to the remaining parachutes, the Forsaken makes an agile roll across the ground before the Tauren, and Bloodelf. Shelving up one of the parachutes into his arms before coming up into a crouch from out of his tumble, hanging from the edge of the opposite bow with a hand to some rope before speaking quite smugly "I do believe the World still requires a great deal of my personal knowledge, and expertise!" With a menacing laughter, the Forsaken leans off the edge with his shrills echoing into the descent.

Tearing, the Tauren turns to meet eyes with his Orphan, and in his best efforts of balance, he comes to stand with her in his arms before speaking so somberly to her. His groaning voice struggling to keep from choking his words "My little friend...I have lived a long, and fulfilling life...I do not wish to see you still vibrant youth perish so shamefully! ...I do not wish to take the means of salvation from you.." Finally coming to his sorrows with pathetic whimpering, the Tauren gathers the final parachute into his arms before once more turning to see the young elf in lively hysterics, bouncing up, and down where she sits while the Zeppelin streaks through the rushing clouds.

Appearing taken, and confused, the Tauren is interrupted before inquiring to her madness as the Elf shrieks gleefully while patting the "sack" below her. "Oh, Moomoo! It's okay! That other guy only took my backpack!"

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
Nuh uh X]

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