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Prestige Title Feedback
Rexhunter Wrote:I'm still intrested in http://www.wowpedia.org/Demon_hunter for Night Elf/Blood Elf
Hunter/Rogues/Warriors quite a bit, where did it go and what happend with it?

Demon Hunter will not be offered any time soon. See viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1800 for more.

HelveteSong Wrote:Fawee...I don't know if it would be allowed, but why don't you make a new class for the Priests/Paladins? Like the Archbishop class? I know it's made up, but still. But the basic Archbishop/whatever you named it if you chose to use it would just be an advanced healer...Also, would a Blood Elf be an Elven Ranger or a Wilderness Stalker? xD Too confusing. Migrane...

We won't be inventing any prestige classes that don't pre-exist in the lore. We have adapted some based on the lore and modified some elements to make classes suitable for this platform, but we won't be making any up.

A blood elf would be (as it states in the descriptions =p ) an Elven Ranger.
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With all respect but.. You stopped the Demon hunter class because it has little lore issues and because the one working on it took a break, am I right? I'm just asking because I don't understand it at quite well at the moment, I am -not- trying to offend people with this, also I do not know the person so I don't want to judge them.
Yes, we are choosing not to offer Demon Hunter any longer because the person responsible for developing it has taken a break and because of the MANY lore issues that prevent it from being an ideal training class. Further, we had to make choices about what to offer, and we have limited trainers.

Experience has taught us that people who generally wish to become demon hunters actually have no clue what is involved and only want it because of the e-peen factor. Because serious interest is limited, we chose classes that would be more open to a wider range of people and that we had trainers for.

You'll notice that Farseer was also removed, by my choice, given it's our server admins title. And you'll notice we have stricter racial restrictions on some of the other classes previously offered to adhere more to the Lore.

However, there are way more options now and something for everyone. The only big hole I see is with advanced healers which we are looking into.
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The one that caught my interest the most is the steam warrior, been reading up on them as much as I can and I am very interested in finding out how it works e.t.c. Also, is Blood Mage or Mountain King going to be available at any time?
Melgos Durhill: Knight of Lordaeron.
Trystan Meeron: Lone Ranger. Captured by Blackrocks
Lexos Wrote:Also, is Blood Mage or Mountain King going to be available at any time?

I'm almost positive (could be wrong, so don't quote me on this- but I think I recall reading something about it) that Blood Mages, to truly attain the full title and power that one would wield, must give their utter devotion to the Legion in exchange for the knowledge of the demonic magics (and we all know that we are NOT allowed to be members or allies of the main evil factions); And Blood Mages are quite powerful, a little too powerful to be made a prestige title. As for Mountain Kings, I am unsure. Though they too are most likely too powerful to be made into a prestige title, I am also not sure if Mountain Kings are simply that, Kings (in which case Mountain King would not be made a prestige title).
There's always a bigger fish...
Currently we are not considering any other prestige titles, except possibly an advanced healer class if there is one contained in the lore.
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~Kurt Vonnegut
Seeing there aren't any good Rogue prestige titles for Blood Elves yet in my opinion, because Argent Dawn Templar doesn't really suit Rogues in my opinion (More a Paladin thing in my opinion), and Gladiator is just not my thing. I'm really looking forward to the Infiltrator prestige title because they are the real Rogue thing in my opinion and would probarly suit my Rogue character quite nicely, I think there should definatly be done something with the Infiltrator class. They wager themselfs into politics, diplomacy and intrigue wich sounds quite promising.
I hope more of you are intrested in it, but not to much of you ofcourse..

Edit: http://www.wowpedia.org/Infiltrator / http://www.wowpedia.org/Spymaster
That class has my name on it if it get circulated :P
All seems good to me! :D

I'm particularly looking forward for the chance to have Gurnaro become a Gunman, should it become avaliable. Only problem would be his bovine nature, but hey...

Just for the record, Forsaken are mentioned in the RPG as being capable of becoming Gunmen, so you might want to add 'em to the list of possible races for them.

Here's a query, though. How are Steamwarriors going to be implemented? I'm all for the idea of them and absolutely adore them in general, but it escapes me as to how certain elements (E.G. aesthetic customisation of Steam Armor) could be put into the game.
Why can't undead be Witch doctors, thats thier specific class, it would only make sense right?
Witch doctor is a troll thing, really. Undead is more necromancy, and dead stuff.
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△Move along.△


Its a religion type of thing
Im very happy to see the prestige titles getting a good refreshment and and even a nice face-lift. Its all very well done, thanks to you GMs. Really love it. <3 I know I havint really pursued any of these titles, but ya know titles arint for every character. :P Might have tryed with Primal but even then, I kinda think I wouldint be able to dedicate myself to the fourm posts required. ^^;
"Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven."
-Take nothing for granted. -
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Witch doctor is indeed based on Troll Religion.

It is possible for horde hunters to become gunmen, though far rarer than alliance. Given the right circumstances Annie may accept horde applicants.

Undead were not included in Gunman because for some ODD reason Blizzard chose to make a race, led by the most famous archer in the Lore, not have hunters. I find it boggling. But the hunter base skills are necessary for advanced training.

On A side note:

A couple of us GMs are swamped with real life stuffs atm. We haven't forgotten about the other classes, we just need time to work on them.
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Bard, please keep feedback in this thread and not in the individual class threads. As far as having the undead become witch doctors, they have a version called "Potion Doc" that is, basically, an Apocethary. The rest of the witch doctor skills require favors from the Loa to preform. This does not make the class exclusive to trolls, but it does have the stipulation of a certain kind of faith, which some other classes have as well.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut

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