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Prestige Title Feedback
That would be cool, thank you, I understand now, and soory. Religion-does not equal-Science (spelling)
I want to be a Gunman on my dwarf hunter.
Perhaps a http://www.wowpedia.org/Techno_mage Techno mage or http://www.wowpedia.org/Dark_Ranger dark ranger?
Ace: A small good hearted bag of energy who is quite a potion doc.
Harold: Like most Undead, dirty, sarcastic, full of insults and hunted by paladins.
I would like to see a Bard or Vagabnd class, somthing for rogues that aren't dark and brutel.
I'm saddened you missed my favorite class, the Shadow Ascendant. http://www.wowpedia.org/Shadow_Ascendant

If only they weren't undead restricted... I might even try to become an undead just to play one of those guys.
I would also like to see the Shadow Ascendant class come into play. I haven't seen a whole lot of RP options open up concerning the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow and a prestige class might increase the interest a little. With the lack of active GMs and large amount of work required to make a prestige class, I understand that it could take quite awhile to see any progress in this area but I just wanted to throw my two bits into the suggestion box.
"We, as humans, are defined by the sum of our imperfections..." --The Philosophers' Creed, Line 56.
I think it would also be cool if the Hexxer class (http://www.wowpedia.org/Hexer) came into play, after the freeze of corse, which is I'm sure if pretty far down the raod, undertsandably.
Guys, I´m pretty sure that the GM´s have a lot of things going on right now. And I have this rather vague memory that some GM said; "We are not looking to implement any other prestige classes right now. Except some sort of advanced healer." Or something along those lines, also seeing as prestige classes are "frozen" right now it seems like a little unnecessary to post a lot of new classes you want to have added.

I suggest that before mindlessly posting about it you take your time, perhaps write down a really good description (like for the already implemented prestige classes) and then when the freeze is over you post those... That would surely have a larger and better impact than a simple "plz gief [insert class here]" (not that anyone said it like that of course)

We want to be easy on the GM´s right? Best way to do that would (I think) be to think about these small things we do. They spend a lot of time as it is checking profiles and other forum threads, if they could do that in an easy and quick way perhaps they would have more time In Character things? (like getting the War started again) Perhaps even "un-freeze" the prestige classer sooner than they had thought?

So, I hope no took offence by this but... I just had this strong feeling and felt like I should post it.

PS: I am not pointing any fingers and I don´t mean to imply that I am perfect. Just that we should try to think more about what we actually do, you know what I mean? That way we do make things easier -and- creates a better environment for us all.

I think all this has been said/written before but it is worth repeating (especially with the sort of people that has logged in recently)

-Your neighborhood vigilanté and undead terrorist.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

I am not asking them to do this right now, just a subject that should be looked at in the very distant future, I agree with you Alistius and agree strongly that the GM's have too much on thier plate to deal with this right now.

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