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Yes there was a problem when registering.
I am approved so I made a server account but before i could download the program file and finish the final step, the browser shut down. Since I am registered I cant RE-sign up. Please if someone knows what I should do please inform me of it. I would be vary thankful.
thank you for your time,
Mentis Layne
"Some people call it extortion, I call it a service. It's simple really, I do it to you before you do it to me..."
omg! You got approved!?! I told you that you would!

... *cough*

Anyway...about your problem. You don't need to reregister a game account *victory pose*


Download that, and install. Poof, done. Just don't patch past 3.0.9, this server isn't up to 3.1 yet. Also, make sure to change your Realmslist AFTER patching. Also, make sure you get Classic, Burning Crusade AND Wrath of the Lichking. I hope to see you in-game. Now we can RP on AIM and on WoW lol
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