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Project Necrim
Well, since the server computer has decided to go, I've found the free time to start working on my old WC3 maps. I'm reviving an old thing I like to call 'Project Necrim', a series of two consecutive maps both depicting a certain turning point in the war for a city named Necrim in one of my stories that I've come up with over the ages.

The first turning point is the Siege of Necrim. Necrim has long been a holy city loyal to the god of gods, Tirea, but there has come news of a Knight who has corrupted himself with power and now wields a powerful army that could actually overrun the holy city. This knight calls himself Lord Darkblade, and he has acquired severely large amounts of power from an unknown source - while he would normally be a tough battle but eventual victory, the Lord Darkblade has taken tactical advantage of the Southern Lands, a large mass of varied terrain and varied races on the southeastern tip of the continent of Destroc, and has recruited not only mercenaries to his cause, but has had his Death Priests corrupt several other races, as well as gain tribute from a sinister faction known as the Underkingdom. The entirety of the kingdom has been wiped clean of those loyal to Necrim, and now the Lord Darkblade marches at the head of his limitless armies to attack and destroy the city of Necrim itself. The Siege of Necrim begins.

This is the first map that I'm currently working on... The other...

The second turning point is the Battle for Necrim. Centuries ago, the ancestors of the denizens of Necraleth put their lives forward to defend the throne of Necrim and the King Richart Jalenson, but the forces of Lord Darkblade took the city and slew their king, leaving a small group of refugees to flee from the site of the destruction and regroup to one day unite and possibly take Necrim back. That day is today, when the war-hardened Eighth Legion prepares themselves for a fight to the last for the city of Necrim. The Legion's leader, Dalikan Godford, is the last direct descendant of the old king Richart Jalenson, and now he seeks to reclaim his long awaited throne. He musters the Eighth Legion's forces, and prepares for the retaking of the city. The Battle for Necrim begins.

I've started on this one, but plan to save it for after I finish the Siege. I've made this thread to see if anyone can give feedback or if this would peak anyone's interests. If I figure out -how-, I could eventually put a link to the dual-maps in this post once I finish them. I'll keep a weekly progress check for any that are interested, so yeah... That's enough for my rant on these maps. Project Necrim is underway, and I'm back to the editor! HUZZAH!

Good day!

Project Journal Wrote:5/15/12
Been working on some variables, mostly custom units so that the melee database isn't flooded with random numbers. Added some walls and ruined docks along the shoreline of the southern river (Attack of the Forces comes from south to north in the map). Fixed the ramparts so that they look all cool and actually look like a WALL instead of just an up-raised platform. Snickered as I remembered the attack on the city is supposed to be hard, and then went into custom units and multiplied the current HPs of all Necrim soldiers by 4 to increase difficulty of trying to kill them, will update damage and armor accordingly at a later date. Took a moment to be amazed by the 'W' command... It makes all the water on the map just poof out of existence and then poof back in when you hit it again... So entertaining... Gonna start working on improving Lord Darkblade's siege camp and making it look more like... Well... More like an army is actually camped out there. Updates will go in Project Journal tomorrow.

Made the battlements larger and added some ramparts for later usage of gigantic near-indestructible towers. Fixed the rotation of the archers on the battlements to make it more semi-realistic. Gonna start working on Lord Darkblade's siege camp probably today, maybe tomorrow if I can finally muster the strength to stop distracting myself and work on my web design project.
Added a Project Journal to the initial post in the thread for anyone interested in tracking my progress in the map. Forgive me for all of the derpy comments throughout, I'm a rather skilled map builder, but there's still those fancy commands here and there that elude me. Back to work for me!
*slowly peers at the dead thread, sniffs*

*stares at Warcraft III World Editor*


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