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Quote:Word around the high class hubs is that the up and coming go-to guy for psychotherpay is one Lord Grayson. The Good Lord seems to offer results in only a few sessions, even if the gealous would comment that patients come out "a little too changed". Might you need therapy?

This is an ad for (Shadow-)Psychotherapy RP offered through Jacob. If your character may want to explore, solve or even develop or create mental issues or any sort; If they're looking for a bit of personality-crafting or realtionship management (any type of relationship, romantic, family, personal or professional); If they wouldn't be caught dead in a therapy session but circumstances force them to be there; If you're merely looking to develop your own shadow mindskills or to learn defense against such skills, then Lord Grayson's your guy.

[Image: artworks-000038926974-z13ve1-t200x200.jpg?8063923]

The RP, as expected, would be highly based on interaction, character development, and will likely involve more abstract interactions when dealing with hypnosis, dreams, shadow-mindspace and so on. PM Jacob IC or PM Dave OOC for interest and schedguling. Also feel free to whisper me on Singe/Jacob/Thrazin/Adam if you catch me online.
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