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PvE RolePlay
Then lets do something, I have already started the ball rolling if you like with this post in the IC character forum http://www.conquestofthehorde.com/forum/...649#p22649.

xatumx Wrote:I've read something here talking about RP PvE. A place will get stronger every day if no one comes to clear it, right? For example, if I cleared a few mobs in the Dead Scar, would you delete them, or simply let it pass by?

I asked this In Game, and Heari told me to post this question here. I am worried 'cause I just saw two Elite Abominations near Silvermoon. So, what do you say?

Thanks Xatumx for planting the seed.

Qaza Wrote:The general approach is that if you get a suitable force together (you'll need more than just yourself!) and do it, then post us an epic (but feasible) tale of how it went down, we'll count the area as cleared and remove the mobs. Keep in mind it takes a lot of EFFORT, though!

Now if enough of us get together and with planning and what ever we all can write the tale giving our own views of what happened and maybe actually clear Azeroth :twisted:
Yes! I am a God!

Now let's clear those damn Wretcheds and that ugly Death Knight from Quel'Thalas, then destroy the Abominations at the Dead Scar, then clear Deatholme and claim that place back!

BTW, can I clear those level 3 Scourge soldiers and self-proclaim me as the saviour of the Blood Elves? :P
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Though many might consider you bigoted, you're driven by your strong beliefs and no one can prove you wrong.

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