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Q & A
Kaelvan Wrote:
Quote:Q: When was the Thorium Brotherhood founded? Approximately some few decades ago? And when WAS stormwind starting to be rebuilt? Wowwiki doesn't seem to have the answer...

The Thorium Brotherhood pre-dates the War of the Three Hammers, yet only by a bit I would assume. Before that War it would have been very small, numbering in the 20-100's. It grew to greater fame and numbers when the Dark Iron clan split, and some joined with them.

WHOA! Its good to know that! I'm glad I diddn't go this one way in the character I just made... I would have to re-write her! Yikes.

Thank you for your response, it helps a lot.
I don´t think Stormwind was taken back by the Alliance until the second war, so I´d say some time after that.
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Q Who made the Frostmourne, who made the rest of the armor set of the Lich King?
Mabra Dragonbasher- A battle hungry dwarven lady, hirable for personal protection and for larger tasks requiring violence.
Frostmourne is a shard of the Frozen Throne, as for the armour it can be assumed that was Kil'jaiden's work.
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Tichondrius claimed that the Lich King forged the sword; this is unlikely, as Ner'zhul probably did not possess the power to craft items from within the Frozen Throne. In all honesty another fine example of lore holes big enough to fit Roseanne Barr into. Anyway, there is a long quest chain that involves the story behind the finding of the blade within Frostmourne cavern. But yet again no conclusion to the mystery, other than perhaps a shard from the frozen throne and saronite more on this below.

[Image: BlizzConFrostmourne.jpg]

Frostmourne Cavern was the cave that held the runeblade Frostmourne prior to being claimed by Arthas Menethil.

In the Alliance quest Frostmourne Cavern, players can see a flashback of the last interactions between Arthas and Muradin Bronzebeard (as originally seen in Warcraft III), with a surprise ending indicating Muradin's survival. Next to Frostmourne's altar lies Arthas' forgotten hammer, frozen in the snow. The cave is also teeming with saronite, indicating a connection between the Lich King's power and Yogg-Saron. [Image: 800px-FrostmourneCavern.jpg]
Q: Is it possible for mages to use other types of elemental magic that isn't listed in the in-game spell-book, like maybe lightning or wind?
And also, do mages have spells that work like telekinesis and levitate things? Because I've seen many things in Dalaran that float without explanation. (Including the city itself.)
Shivali Wrote:Q: Is it possible for mages to use other types of elemental magic that isn't listed in the in-game spell-book, like maybe lightning or wind?
And also, do mages have spells that work like telekinesis and levitate things? Because I've seen many things in Dalaran that float without explanation. (Including the city itself.)

Hmm...I believe so, but of course..."Elemental" magic could be variants of the 3 classes IC'ly (Wind could be a variant of Arcane and Lightning could be variant of Fire)

As for Levitation, Its more then possible. ANDD For Telekenis, I believe some Mages have the ability (Going into someones head via Arcane) But I doubt it would anything comparable to that of a Shadow Priest or someone who actually WORKS in telekinesis.

^ Also, most of the Magic above would have to be done by a Mage with an extreme amount of control, seeing how it would be very easy to, you know...Kill everybody.
Telekensis is making things move, telepathy is to meddle with others' minds, heheh.

Anyway, seeing all the floating crystals and even cities and keeps I'd assume that it is levitation is at least possible, telekinesis as such I'm not sure exists as such, but spells that could possibly making some hover a few feet above ground is probably possible. However I'd assume it to be something that the average wizard wouldn't even dabble with, making things hover is probably extremely exhausting and best left for collaborative efforts, like binding spells to Dalaran to make it float or the stones are Silvermoon. Such items could draw energy from other sources while a mage would have to continuesly use his own "mana".
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

The small spells like writing in arcane-esqu runes that fade over a short time, using mage hand (aka; making things float around, but not be used as weapons, just manipulation of normal objects, example: make a book come to you from another bookshelf.) and other smaller cantrip spells can be cast by a mage left and right since it takes very little mana or concentration to preform these "parlor tricks"

But these cantrips cannot be used if the mage over exerts their mana supply with other spells, then suffering the effects of mana burn, casting spells you do not have the mana for will drain your life force instead.

In other words.
You can kill yourself by casting to many heavy mana cost spells to quickly.

And the elemental thing. Mages may summon forward elementals of different elements as they wish. It is possible to convert arcane and fire energy into lightning. Etc. Etc.
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Yeah, that's what I thought, but I wanted to confirm it with the community before I let anything like that happen in-game. :)
I always thought water, wind, earth, and fire were mostly a Shaman thing. Don't know about lightning, but I'm pretty sure that stuff has to do with spirits more so than magic.

And the fire that mages use has more to do with Arcane energy than actual fire. I could be wrong though.
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△Move along.△


Arcane magic basically simulates other elements.

Arcane magic converts its self into all forms. It can even form pyshical force.
Blizzard in game wise didn't show this. But in lore.

Mages can use acid, lightning, fire, ice, water, stone, arcane, force, sonic and technically necromancy and fel magic are both forms of Arcane magic.
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Mages are most definitely able to harness all forms of magic, in many different ways. I was able to drudge up a few (did I say a few? I meant a shit ton of) excerpts from Warcraft novels to show that in-game mechanics are severely limited from actual lore. Here we go:

The Last Guardian, Jeff Grubb. Page 398-399.
"How did I do that?" he asked.

Khadgar blinked. "Do what, sir?"

"Know what was in the letter?" said Medivh, the sides of his mouth tugging down. "The letter I just burned says that I will find the young man Khadgar most impressive in his deduction and intelligence. Impress me."

Khadgar looked at Medivh, and the jovial smile of a few seconds before had evaporated. The smiling face was now that of some primitive stone god, judgmental and unforgiving. The eyes that had been tinged with mirth earlier now seemed to be barely concealing some hidden fury. The brows knitted together like the rising thunderhead of a storm.

Khadgar stammered for a moment, then said, "You read my mind."

"Possible," said Medivh. "But incorrect. You're a stew of nerves right now, and that gets in the way of mind reading. One wrong."

"You've gotten this sort of letter before," said Khadgar. "From the Kirin Tor. You know what kind of letters are written."

"Also possible," said the master mage. "As I have received such letters and they do tend to be overweening in their self-congratulatory tone. But you know the exact wording as well as I do. A good try, and the most obvious, but also incorrect. Two wrong."

Khadgar's mouth formed into a tight line. His mind raised and his heart thundered in his chest. "Sympathy," he said at last.

Medivh's eyes remained unreadable, and his voice level. "Explain."

Khadgar took a deep breath. "One of the magical laws. When someone handles an item, they leave a part of their own magical aura or vibration to one by affecting the other. In this way a lock of hair may be used in a love charm, or a coin may be tracked back to its original owner."

Medivh's eyes narrowed slightly, and he dragged a finger across his bearded chin. "Continue."

Khadgar stopped for a moment, feeling the weight of Medivh's eyes pressing in on him. That was what he knew from lectures. He was halfway there. But how did Medivh use it to figure out . . .

"The more someone uses an item, the stronger the resonance," said Khadgar quickly. "So therefore an item that experiences a lot of handling or attention will have a stronger sympathy." The words were coming together tighter and more rapidly now. "So a document which someone had written has more aura to it than a blank piece of parchment, and the person is concentrating on what they are writing, so..." Khadgar let his thoughts catch up for a moment. "You were mind reading, but not my mind - the mind of the scribe who wrote the letter at the time he was writing it - you picked up his thoughts reinforcing the words."

"Without having to physically open the document," said Medivh, and the light danced within his eyes again. "So how would this trick be useful to a scholar?"

Khadgar blinked for a moment, and looked away from the master mage, seeking to avoid his piercing glance. "You could read books without having to read books."

This one deals with the question someone had on telepathy. Medivh notes that it is possible to read minds. I would think that if it's possible to do what he did in this excerpt, it's very possible to communicate with someone telepathically. But then again, he was the most powerful mage to ever live.

Here's another dealing with mind reading and telepathy:

The Well of Eternity, Richard A. Knaak. Page 180-181
"The truth will be know," was all the sorcerer would answer. To the guards, he commanded, "Hold his head straight."

One of the armored figures positioned Malfurion for the Moon Guard. The robed figure reached up and touched the struggling prisoner's temples with his index fingers.

A shock ran through Malfurion and he was certain that he screamed. His thoughts swirled around, old memories rising to the surface unbidden. Yet, each one was swiftly thrust back down as what felt like a clawed hand dug into his mind, seeking ever deeper...

Struggle not! commanded a hard voice that had to be that of Latosius. Release your secrests and it will go the better for you!

Malfurion wanted to, but did not know how. He thought of what he had already told the gathering and tried to project that forward. Of Azshara's possible duplicity, Malfurion still resisted revealing. It would lessen his chances of ever being believed if that suspicion leaked free-

Then, just as suddenly as the intrusive probe had burrowed into his thoughts... it ceased. It did not withdraw, did not gradually fade away. It simply ceased.

Malfurion's legs buckled. He would have fallen if not for the guards holding him.

This one seems to show a forceful use of mind reading, a member of the Moon Guard ripping memories from Malfurion. Also, Krasus, Rhonin, Malfurion, Illidan, and the Moon Guard use telepathy throughout the book to contact each other while at a distance. But I don't know who's right on this - Knaak or Grubb? Personally, I would go with Grubb since Knaak is... well, Knaak.

The Last Guardian, Jeff Grubb. Page 399,
"You're not bad. Not bad at all. You know your counterspells?"

"To the fifth roster," said Khadgar.

"Can you power a mystic bolt?"asked Medivh, quickly.

"One or two, but it's draining," answered the younger man, suddenly feeling that the conversation had taken a serious turn once more.

"And your primary elementals?"

"Strongest in flame, but I know them all."

"Nature magic?" asked Medivh. "Ripening, culling, harvesting? Can you take a seed and pull the youth from it until it becomes a flower?"

"No, sir. I was trained in a city."

"Can you make a homunculus?"

"Doctrine frowns on it, but I understand the principles involved," said Khadgar. "If you're curious..."

This excerpt shows that mages have not only an understanding of mystic arts, but also natural magic. It probably extends beyond even that.

Here's yet another:

The Last Guardian, by Jeff Grubb. Page 443-444
Aegwynn frowned as she looked down on the demonic hunting party, the single line dividing her eyebrows showing her displeasure. her jade eyes flashed, and Khadgar could guess that a storm of power was brewing within her.

It did not take longer for that anger to be released. She raised an arm, chanted a short, clipped phrase, and lightning danced from her fingertips.

This was no mere conjurer's bolt, nor even the harshest strike of a summer thunderstorm. This was a shard of elemental lightning, arcing through the cold air and finding its ground in the surprised demonic armor. The air split down to its most basic elements as the bolt cleaved through it, and the air smelled sharp and bitter in its passing, the air thundering in to replace the space the bolt had briefly filled. Despite himself, despite knowing that he was a phantom, despite knowing that this was a vision, despite all this and the fact that the noise was muted by his ghostly state, Khadgar grimaced and recoiled at the flash and metallic tolling of the mystic bolt...

---------------- Page 444 ----------------

She passed her hand, palm up. Half of those that flew were turned to glass, and all of them were knocked from the sky. Those that had been turned to crystal shattered where they struck with discordant chords. Those that were still living landed with a heavy thump, and rose again, their ichor-splattered weapons drawn. There were ten left.

Aegwynn placed her left fist against her upright right palm, and four of the survivors melted, their ruddy flesh melting off the bones as they slumped into the snow banks. They screamed until their decaying throats filled with their own desiccated flesh. There were six left.

Aegwynn clutched at the air and three more demons exploded as their interiors turned into insects and ripped them from inside out. They didn't even have time to scream as their forms were replaced by swarms of gnats, bees, and wasps, which boiled out toward the forests. There were three left.

Aegwynn pulled her hands apart and a demon had its arms and legs ripped from its torso by invisible hands. Two left. Aegwynn raised two fingers and a demon turned to sand, its dying curse lost on the chill breeze.

This one shows that mages have much, much more potential for magic than what Blizzard provided them with for in-game mechanics. Keep in mind, though, that Aegwynn was a Guardian, and so was Medivh, meaning that normal mages would not be able to tear demons as tall as ten men apart with invisible hands.

I would give one last excerpt showing times that Rhonin, Krasus, Illidan, and other spellcasters used spells differing entirely from what is in-game, but they had the Well of Eternity to work with, which is something normal magic-users just don't have.

That's all I could find for right now, but what I did find shows that Blizzard has severely misrepresented mages - and probably all spellcasters in-game. There's much more potential for magic than I thought, but that also depends a lot on your character's IC ability.
Just to make sure there are no missunderstandings, mind reading and mind controlling is strictly forbidden on the server due to the meta and godmodding it can spawn.
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I has a question plixx

Q: So, I was reading this new (RC) topic, and this thought hit me. If a warlock drains your soul and carries the soul shard in which it is drained into. Would it be needed to destroy that shard in order to carry the soul back to it's body?
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