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Quake Live...Awesome?
So...I was playing Doom 3 the other day and I was like."Hmm...I like this game.." Then I was like."But I love Quake more..." I searched every single CD I had and didn't find my copy so I wanted to torrent it...On the torrent side, I read the comments first and I saw a lot of people saying."Play Quake Live..It's free and so awesome." I looked up this Quake Live and it's a browser game! You only have to register and download something and you are good to go. . . Did I mention that the game is free? Of course you can pay for maps(Not equipment, mind you), but free-players get 40+maps! Isn't it awesome? And the game is free. I fell in love with it, really. If you love Quake and you love fast-paced FPS games then I think it's worth a shot. :3



Oh, and you can swap between browser and full-screen mode...For free...Because it's a free game... :P
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

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