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Quest Board.
This is something I thought of just today actually at work while I was thinking about @Loxmardin adventure hour. Adventure hour is when the GMs will randomly create an event where a lot of people are rping. So another thought came to mind about quests in the world.

What if we did one for the whole world that served as a OOC marker for all the quests that people can think of? Well. What the GM team offer up? That way people can do the quests without x did y quest, but z did as well at a different time. GM team could regulate it by doing a weekly "New Quests!" addition. People could claim them and rp them out. I dunno if there needs to be GM supervision (I'm not a gm, I don't think there needs to be, but that's up to the team). And with the WoW wiki having the quests already at hand it wouldn't be so hard to plan.

What do you guys think? Got any ways to improve the idea? Got any issues you'd like to clear up? Let me know.

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