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Question about druids!
I'd understand that humans would freak out if they come across a bear or great cat in their city. And since not every human inside Stormwind is a resident, there would be a lot of IC scaring people off ^^ IC I (or well, Cattie, since she hasn't come across druids before) still don't see the difference between a normal bear and a druid in bear form, especially not when it's growling and/or making its way towards me *holds her hands on the hilts of her swords*. So yeah, I think it would be very logical that the king would have a policy as in "Possibly dangerous animals aren't allowed inside the walls". Perhaps it isn't forbidden to walk around in animal form, but I'd reckon that you'll take a risk that someone might think IC that you're a wild animal and will start attacking you...

Sidenote: I have a dwarven hunter which has a baby bear following her IC (I noticed that they become small when tamed). She's like: it's just a baby, he won't harm anyone... still got to come across people though XD. And she'll probably follow druids in bearform "Oi, did yer lose yer babe?" (I doubt I'll keep her for long, but I wonder how people will react)
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/flex! I knew it XD

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