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[RG] Lambs of Stormwind
Officer Kogan Eigel Wrote:              On the 8th of the 7th Month of the King's Calendar between the first and second hours, an incident occurred in one of the darker corners of Cutthroat Alley. A total of six men were responsible on an attack on three paladins: Dalikan Godford, Stefano Ricci, and Royal Hastings, the first two being the intended victims while the third happened upon the incident by accident.

              At 00:30, Godford, Ricci, Royal, and a handful of other civilians were approached by whom they identified as a Stormwind Guard in beat-up armor and a notable missing top knot as they were conglomerating at the front of the Cathedral; they reported that he commanded them all to move out of the streets and into an inn on grounds of disturbing the peace. Not wanting to cause trouble, the parties involved did move out to a tavern. An hour later, the same 'guard' approached Ricci and told him that Ricci is a reported missing person, whom his wife filed for. Seeing how he was searching for his wife in the first place, Ricci and Godford decided to leave for the addressed presented by the 'guard', except the guard discouraged Godford from following. Nevertheless, the two went ahead for what we know as an abandoned area of Cutthroat Alley. Inside the home, however, are three thugs awaiting for their intended victims. Shortly, they were three more who'd join them, one whom Godford and Hastings suspected to be the 'guard' who lead them into the alley. A fight broke out, resulting in three of the thugs in critical condition, two deaths, and the suspected guard fleeing the scene. The three paladins are relatively unharmed.

              The motive behind the attack is unclear, and none of the three apprehended suspects will confess their intentions or affiliations.

Officer Kogan Eigel Wrote:              Be on the lookout for a large man at 6'3" (75 cm) and approximately 200 lbs (91 kg) with brown or red hair who may be our impostor guard. Also watch out for any guard in worn out armor and a missing top-knot, as this may be our alleged impostor.


This is one of the subplots of the Red Glove storyline, which its completion (which shouldn't take too long) will provide a great big lead in RG's downfall. However, unlike the rest of the story, this subplot is Alliance-accessible only, and will stay restricted within Stormwind City itself.

Players can become either victims of mugging or theft (Lambs); kidnapping will only occur if the player wishes to join the whole RG story. More likely than not, I am seeking out Lions (heroes) to take down Paolo-Gianni Rossi in a sorta-detective story.

There is no need to sign-up, but expressions of interest are appreciated so I wouldn't leave out players who would like to capture a traitor of Stormwind. I wish to, however, complete this subplot by July 21.
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  • c0rzilla
Kidnap Matthew or have him be a hero. Whatever you want!

Traitors to Stormwind shall be brought to justice.
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  • ImagenAshyun
(07-10-2012, 06:19 PM)ImagenAshyun Wrote: kidnapping will only occur if the player wishes to join the whole RG story.

Mhmm... kidnapping... I'm interested and you know it!
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.
Gregg needs something to do. I'm game. (Also tell Dragoslav to do stuff)
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