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RL Picture thread #2 (No vulgar this time around)
Starting this off with two pics. Im the guy with the cap. Also, I was drunk where i am in the background of one of them.

EDIT: Fixed, about time to.

[Image: 2s8pjqu.jpg]

[Image: 2lw9jz9.jpg]
Who Loves Orange Soda?
I... don't see any pictures there.

But this is me... Hope it works.

[Image: n69501823_30652005_8643.jpg]
Bury me on my feet. I have lived my entire life on my knees.
[Image: m_f6b8aa5535bb47d6b38e85d1938cc136.jpg]

[Image: m_cd246e834c7140b3bb78555e660ed144.jpg]

[Image: m_4ba02565f79f42a68544831106f87a20.jpg]
[Image: anigif_mobile_9893b2566588ab845c7985f71769a9f2-7.gif]
Yea, its fixed now, Image shack sucks a bit.
Who Loves Orange Soda?
[Image: 1r46ef.jpg]

Me and 2 other friends (the other is taking the picture) cycled from Swindon to Liddington. Which is quite far to cycle, if anyone's good at geography.

[Image: 2lmscj4.jpg]
Well, we decided to do a random pose. I've been told this is a good picture. So... Meh.

[Image: zwkx7n.jpg]

THEN we cycled up this hill! It doesn't look like much... But it's long AND very steep. It killed us. But hell it's a great feeling when you finally get to the top. Bloody cold though...
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
My Schnauzer puppies.(Some years ago)
The two dogs on the last three pictures are the mother of the pups and one of the pups, they are more recent then the first three.

[Image: 21979dc.jpg]
[Image: 2d8hs39.jpg]
[Image: 2aol15.jpg]
[Image: vzizpk.jpg]
[Image: 33zd7w0.jpg]
[Image: 2m4t4pf.jpg]
[Image: badge.jpg]
"WeGame told me that I am a Shaman... So, from now on.. I'm a Shaman!" -Renier(ius)
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  • mimloopen
[Image: 308cn6c.jpg]

Me with my sister. This is the only good picture I have so... DEAL WITH IT YA FOOLS.
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVE3uy8TjirssygDEKMi2...Ia13_WYQpw]

I like the colours :P
Check out that super special awesome poster!
Loved that shirt.

No pictures of me, but some pictures of my babies!

[Image: n624140435_5412100_7870.jpg]
Pink one is Alexis, she's an albino leopard gecko. The other one is BIG spot.. Because he has big spots on his head... I am so original..

[Image: n624140435_5412102_8561.jpg]
Closeup of Big Spot and Alexis all cuddled up together. Mind the flash!

[Image: n624140435_5412103_8896.jpg]
Babies napping together. Later Alexis had her head on Spotty's butt. LOL

[Image: n624140435_5412108_8883.jpg]
And, my favorite baby (don't tell the other ones that)... LITTLE Spot. Guess how he got his name...
He's a little gray because he was about to shed in this picture. Him and Big Spot are snow leopard geckos. They're all juveniles right now, but they'll get much bigger as they become adults. I don't know the actual genders yet, but maybe some day I can make adorable gecko babies! :D

Those are my monsters! :)
[corners=forumbg forumbg-table][table=tablebg table1][thead][tr=][th=5]
Character Information
[/th][/tr][/thead][tbody][tr=bg1][td=1,]Name[/td][td=1,]Race[/td][td=1,]Class[/td][td=1,]Association[/td][td=1,]Status[/td][/tr][tr=bg2][td=1,]Lyra Dawnreaver[/td][td=1,]Sin'dorei[/td][td=1,]Mage[/td][td=1,]None[/td][td=1,]Alive[/td][/tr][tr=bg3][td=1,]Noelle Sophelia Payne[/td][td=1,]Human[/td][td=1,]Mage[/td][td=1,]None[/td][td=1,]Alive[/td][/tr][tr=bg3][td=1,]Eliana Grace Matthews[/td][td=1,]Human[/td][td=1,]Paladin[/td][td=1,]None[/td][td=1,]Alive[/td][/tr][tr=bg3][td=1,]Connie Fizzlebolt[/td][td=1,]Gnome[/td][td=1,]Rogue[/td][td=1,]None[/td][td=1,]Alive[/td][/tr][tr=bg3][td=1,][/tr][/tbody][/table][/corners][corners=forumbg forumbg-table][table=tablebg table1][thead][/thead][tbody][tr=bg1][/td][/tr][/tbody][/table][/corners]
[Image: Sketchbook1005.png]

Here's me in my full super-villain getup. I sewed that set of goggles out of a baseball and gatorade bottlecaps, the gloves are chem-proof cleanup gloves from the hardware store, and I borrowed that coat from a chemist friend (It came with old Hydrochloric Acid stains and was a bit burned on the edges).
A picture of me trying to look like a male model. LOL

[Image: MartinArEnBiffP.jpg]

Gonna add more pictures when I get on my own computer... If I ever get on again, that is. x_x ... Ah well, could always take new ones!
Tyr Wrote:A picture of me trying to look like a male model. LOL

Gonna add more pictures when I get on my own computer... If I ever get on again, that is. x_x ... Ah well, could always take new ones!

woo! *whistles* lol :D
Bury me on my feet. I have lived my entire life on my knees.
Do NOT do that stuff in here, please. I was hoping you'd all be more mature this time around.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


Ah that's alright, Rensin, I took that as a compliment! :P

Let's continue...
More from the brofest Zante gods holiday :)

[Image: 10fclsy.jpg]
Who Loves Orange Soda?

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