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RP Etiquette Reminders ~ How to be OOC
<Auntie Fawee lumbers over to her rocking chair and eases into it with creaking bones> Well my little Roleplayers, with all the recent events it seemed like a good time to offer some soft reminders of basic respect during RP. Just a few things to remember! ((Shush it's late and I'm eccentric!))

In all seriousness though, not directed at anyone in particular, and stuff you guys already know.. sometimes a reminder is good though as I've seen some people being lax on a few of these points.

~ When using your friend list or server status list to find other RPers, always ensure they are in a situation that welcomes other players to enter upon their scene. Ask first!

~ When observing RP OOCly, always check with the players involved to ensure they don't mind being watched.

~ When observing OOCly with permission, mark yourself as DND: OOC. You can do this by simply typing /dnd ooc .

~ When observing OOCly with permission, be quiet and discreet and do not interrupt the scene.

~ Remember that if you are watching something OOC, you cannot use any information you gained there IC.

~ Once you are watching a scene OOC, you need to stay that way. You cannot decide partway into the scene that you are IC and join in, especially without asking first.


~ Make sure to monitor your own profile status and vouches. It is your responsibility to let them know you have three vouches and would like to be considered for level 70.

~ Make sure you are eligible to vouch (You are a Grunt) before doing so!

~ Remember to vouch! Don't let great RPers slip by because we forget to check or assume they've been vouched.
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Fawee Wrote:~ When observing OOCly with permission, be quiet and discreet and do not interrupt the scene.

Perhaps it should be enforced that doing things such as dancing or riding through and jumping around roleplay scenes do not mean discreet? I hate to seem dour or pendantic, but this has happened a few times. I think people need to be reminded. Cutting through briefly because there's no other way around, I don't mind, but leaping about the RPers or /emoting OOCly is rather mood breaking.
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I personally think that if you are OOC you should not use the /S, /E or /Y channels at all, and I agree fully with TwilightDisciple. But I would like to add that (personal opinion) even while OOC one shouldn´t become some sort of bunny and jump around like crazy.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

A lot of this has been mentioned before, we should not have to post reminders of it. Treat other people with courtesy, and keep in mind that there's a lot to deal with in RP scenarios without having someone /dancing or loling, or posting their own personal commentary.

Do not give anyone reason to have to post another reminder of this type again.
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Both TwilightDisciple and Nostra are correct. These behaviors are unacceptable, and if they occur, please report them to a GM. We're just about as amused by it as the interrupted RPers are.
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"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
I have a suggestion, if it is possible we should replace the loading screen tips with these facts.
KottonmouthKing Wrote:I have a suggestion, if it is possible we should replace the loading screen tips with these facts.

That would be amazing :O
I am happy you like my idea.
This is a very old thread you've resurrected from 2008.
We're all doomed
Look on the date on these "tips". 2008. The Vouching system is long irrelevant. but the first part is true.
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Well yes but we can add some more facts and it would be great for all the new RPers.
There is one thing about the OOC now, though.

I found out that /dnd turns off if you respond to someone's whisper. I think the same goes for party chat but I haven't tried yet. Also this might just be a bug only on my end.

Also /afk turns off as soon as you move.

This means that someone could lose their OOC tags on accident. Of course if you see such a person and they tell you they are OOC then that should suffice. I think it would take a real jerk to heckle over it if the person is truly in an isolated area or just running to a starting zone.
Haha how wierd would it be to see someone in a starting location studying a "demensional abnormality"?

*New player enters World*

Lunatic43: "*GASP* where did you come from!? Are you of the BURNING LEGION!? *scampers about in panic, screaming*

Newplayer83: ((lol))

Lunatic43: "It speaks in Tounges!"


Anyway I really like the tip screen idea. I find myself reading them a lot when I am able to play, and I'm sure everyone could do with a tiny reminder once in a while! :D
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