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RP Watching and GMs
TwilightDisciple Wrote:In all fairness, if someone's doing, uh, "private" in a SUPER low traffic area, wouldn't it be a stretch to punish them if a GM decided to pop in on them if they're in a place like, say, Blade's Edge Mountains where it's not a happenin' social hotspot and kind of hard to access, and they're getting freaky right in /say and /em?

I always felt it could be either or. Either take it to party/tells OR go somewhere out of the way.

If you've taken your business out to the back 40, I don't think it would be much of an issue, as long as you are paying attention to whether people are coming into the area. If everyone's in Azshara, Durotar, and the Barrens, and the happy couple is in the Hinterlands, then they're not a big concern. However, if everyone's at the Drudaen and the couple takes it to a patch of forest near Earthshaker Hold... there's a good chance someone would accidentally run across them.

...Is that anywhere approaching clear?
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Even then though, it's better to just...do that stuff while in party. Honestly, people use /who a lot, and the crowd seems to like to find new places to RP.

So if you are near BRD and suddenly a Dwarf walks in on you and takes screenshots...weeeell.
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That's pretty much what I was trying to get at when I said "out of the way." :wink:
Wow... Doing it anywhere in Azshara outside of Party/Tells is a pretty bad idea.
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Rensin Wrote:Even then though, it's better to just...do that stuff while in party. Honestly, people use /who a lot, and the crowd seems to like to find new places to RP.

So if you are near BRD and suddenly a Dwarf walks in on you and takes screenshots...weeeell.

Are you referring to the Two Elves? With the whole YAR YAR HUMP HUMP thing? Because I think that was in the Deeprun Tram.
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...No? This is news to me. However, it's...a good example.

I'm more talking about just in general.
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As usual I'm late to the conversation! But I wanted to pipe in and support Grakor since I've also got background in having "MORPG powers", with VERY serious guidelines about how to use them. They've set up my personal standards for how people should be treated.

The guidelines Grakor puts up are pretty close to what I'm comfortable with. If it's a public and trafficked area, watching invisible can be keen, but I wouldn't recommend doing it a lot unless you have a reason (we could reward RP with experience so I liked to observe without interrupting). That's for two main reasons: many players like to interact with GMs/staff if they know they're there (value-added for players and GMs alike), and in cases where there's just two people, they might behave differently if a third was showing up on the /who command (they feel like they can presume some level of privacy). If there's no hint of wrongdoing and people are in what they have reason to believe is a private area, it's best to not peep. I agree it's a respect thing.

It's also a trust thing. I will strenuously argue against the assumption that if people don't want to be watched, it's because they're doing something wrong. Even in games like this, people tend to expect to have privacy when there isn't a need to broach it, and they trust that it won't be "invaded" without really good cause. Trust is a two-way street, and when a player breaks trust, it's time for a GM (and other players, only as appropriate) to do what's needed to keep bad stuff from happening. This can involve "spying" or even "narcing". One player's problem can spread to other players, but in a healthy environment, a bad apple will be corrected before spoiling the barrel.

GMs are held to a higher standard on the trust equation though, because when a GM breaks a trust with one player, it has the effect of breaking trust with players as a "class of person". To continue the cliche, they're like part of the barrel the apples depend on to keep together. Even when watching RP invis can be done "with no harm done", if even one time it's found out that players felt they had strong reasons to expect privacy for "private moments" (not necessarily sexually :P ) and that was breached without strong cause, bad blood would inevitably follow. That's the way it tends to work with issues of respect and trust.

A lot of words to say, "Grakor's right", I suppose. ;) I just know how tempting it was to be able to invisibly watch what I thought was really great RP to which I wasn't invited, but having been one of the key investigators of actual cheating/bug abuse, I got a perspective on how serious a responsibility I feel it is to use the power sparingly. Figured I'd share. <3
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I support this fourm even while being here a short time.

Last night some new friends and I had this amazing bar fight at the Pig and Whistle. When it was starting to get ugly with broken bottles and new people were jumping in we had a GM help us out with some fiesty guards. It ended with me and another dwarf being laid out on the floor and summoned/RP'ed to the Stocks for the night.

That was the most fun I've ever had on WoW, or any other game that comes to mind. Keep up the good work!
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