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Rain on the Mountains Event feedback!
After the what can be assumed success of the first Rain on the Mountains event, I want to hear YOUR opinions and what I can do to make each event better. We'll start with the first event: The call is answered!

Each week we will come here to see your feedback on each event ^^
Noillin Dawnhammer [Alive] - "We ride ta' battle together, not alone..."

'Gray' [Alive] - "I will not let my sacrifices go in vain... Never..."

Dragor Bloodfury [Alive] - "The cries of our comrades will not go unheard!"
I really have nothing to say about it except that it was awesome. Nothing bothered me, I fully enjoyed it and had a good laugh during the event too.
Sadly I had to leave just before the final outcome (damn timezones), so I'll still need to know what happened in the end, mostly because curiosity is killing me, but!

The event was the first of the chain that I joined, and yet I still found it easy to follow. It also made me regret the fact that I did not attend one sooner. It was a bit on the long side, which was fine, as I could not see it unfolding in any other way - removing some "trash" was a possibility, but there's always the off-chance that such a change would remove some of the build up required -, and it was a finale, to boot!

You mentioned it was more of a side story, and a personal one at that, but it was still interesting for me because a) The story was a good one b) my character (and all others, for that matter) felt useful despite getting terrible rolls towards the end and had his time to shine and maybe develop a little, etc. Even after the (presumed) patching up they got at the end, I suspect Nikuun will be forced to remember this day for a while due to the aftereffects of the huge beating he got. :D Still, I think it was nice of you to be lenient on the injury side, so people who might be on the fence about hurting their characters should definitively feel comfortable about jumping in. It's worth it, people!

10/10, definitively recommend. Great battle, and I inclusively got at least two good chuckles out of it. What more could I ask? After this I might have to sneak a dwarf into The Regiment. Or, if creativity fails me, Nikuun will be there to take some more beatings to help his dwarven comrades. We will see, though I cannot guarantee that I will be able to attend future events because the hour was a bit iffy for me if they are on the long side... Well, this one was an exception, so hopefully it shouldn't be a huge problem.

Thank you so much for the feedback ghaskan! Really makes me feel glad that myself, Mathias and Zenethen are creating enjoyable events. I understand that the event was ridiculously long, even for a finale. In my defense it is my first attempt at such organization, but we will be making sure in the future we can downsize the time scale so people can attend ^^

I'm also humbled you've thought on making a Dwarf to join us, as the Regiment are looking to get back into the world and become active, not just in events! Even if you cannot make a dwarf or do not wish to, Nikuun will still be much welcomed by the General himself! :D
Noillin Dawnhammer [Alive] - "We ride ta' battle together, not alone..."

'Gray' [Alive] - "I will not let my sacrifices go in vain... Never..."

Dragor Bloodfury [Alive] - "The cries of our comrades will not go unheard!"
So it seems that was the first chapter. Ain't that something. Finally finished something after so long. There were a lot of things during this event that I felt i needed to mention quickly, because I want you to avoid them in the future with other GMs.

1) Sudden, last minute changes - The event today was set up last week. We had our battle plan. We had our idea of what to do. What was going to happen was laid out, but we didn't get people last week. So this week! Suddenly, things are different. Things are different and I'm told of what is different until the minute you need that new thing. I could also call this point "Always inform the GM" but sudden last minute changes is what these were. What annoyed me more was the "last stand" wave. There were a lot of NPCs in that wave. You even stood in the area you wanted me to spawn them because of your plan, and you wanted a lot to show how desperate the situation was. Then, as soon as it was time for the Last Stand, you want me to move them from where they were, to where you were then. Don't do that. This doesn't only annoy me, but it forces everyone to wait.

2) I am the hero - The big army. Thorn in the side of the Twilights for awhile now. Ruining their plans. Destroying their works. Now lets ignore that army for that one specific guy. That guy. The guy the DM is playing. I've told you this before, I've kept telling you it, and you seem to be ignoring me, which is kind of annoying. There are plenty of players on this server with personal stories that they include others on, but they don't focus all the attention on themselves. The other players are included and considered important. But all the speeches today? All the threats? All the taunts? They were directed more towards -your- character rather than the -group-. This wasn't a story for people to enjoy; this was a story to make your character more important. There is a big difference between the two and you need to learn it. Speaking of that...

3) Killing blows - That big villain that was directing all of his insult towards your character got crushed. By an archway. Yes, thanks to the proud men and women of Ironforge, working together as one, the big bad was defeated. Except he wasn't. He survived long enough for another insult at -your character- instead of -the group- just so -your hero- can get the -killing blow-. You stole an achievement from the group for your character's own heroics and "revenge story". It was poorly done. It shouldn't have been done. Why you did it, I don't know.

Please, make stories for people to enjoy rather than stories that exist just for the benefit of your own characters.
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  • ImagenAshyun, Thoradin, Loxmardin, falcophoenix, CappnRob
I don't want to make any waves, but Mathias pretty much voiced most of my concerns. There was a lot of spotlighting. And the combat waves did seem one too many. But it also felt a bit unfair to me to make the player that had something to do put it off for several more minutes for the final one-man cutscene. And this is only my own minor thing, but because I was very late in that this was only the second Regiment event I took part in far too long after my previous, I didn't feel an emotional connection at all to the supposedly important character who died. I didn't know him, my character didn't know him, and a massive battle was still raging for time to stand still for the one stranger. That's just how I feel.
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Yeah. I suppose everyone's correct. To be fair, I was extremely angry with myself because I felt I did a poor job today with the event. I didn't even think I should consider even attempting to do another event. My performance really did question if I should even bother trying to do events with the Regiment, since all these points sum up the issues. I'll likely just take a break from doing events, or perhaps stop making them entirely, and just try to get involved in other people's events.
Noillin Dawnhammer [Alive] - "We ride ta' battle together, not alone..."

'Gray' [Alive] - "I will not let my sacrifices go in vain... Never..."

Dragor Bloodfury [Alive] - "The cries of our comrades will not go unheard!"
Feedback really isn't meant to discourage, rather to give an idea of ways to improve. For each of those I can offer a suggestion that you might want to take into consideration. Really, feedback is all about learning from mistakes and finding ways to meet everyone half-way. Changes don't need to happen overnight, and it's never a good idea to let feedback put you off something for good. A good question to ask, in response to any negative feedback is: "Do you have any suggestion on how I improve?"

1. Sudden changes in an event/working with a GM: Somethings you think of something later on that would be -totally awesome- to add to an event, or so you think. This is why I always have co-DMs and a plan written out ahead of time. Give at least a day's notice on any changes to the person you're Co-DMing with so they can also be prepared and know the best way to make something quick so the players don't have to wait. Always ask for feedback about a change as well, to see if it's really needed or might hold things up. Mathias is always quick about getting back to me when I ask him for an opinion about something in an event, and thanks to him I've managed to thus far make Uldum run pretty smooth. Be sure to communicate to him/any GM aiding with an event well, as it's better to tell too much than not enough.

2. I am the Hero: This one is somewhat tricky as it's always hard to find a good balance of DMing and also being -in- the events. While it sucks not to be able to reap the rewards of your own events on your own chars, the important thing about running events is the enjoyment of those who join. In my events, If my char is there to start it off, as soon as the mission is given I put her on auto-follow and focus only on DMing. The only time she actually says something/does something is when time is running short and I -do- need to guide people along. Though I would always rather the players make these choices themselves. If it is a shortage of time, perception rolls. Sense rolls. Whoever gets the highest can get a little whisper hint of where they need to go. Not only does this give other characters a chance at having the spotlight, it makes the group as a whole feel good about themselves for not needing DM intervention to get something done.

As always, there's the option of having the villains point out certain characters for anything valuable they've done. Small events, 3-5 people, of the big-bad sending some thugs after a character who's helped your leader-figure out can be done. These type of events don't need your character to be present and it gives others the feeling of being noticed - even if it brings them not so good intentions.

People who have been present in the events often? Maybe one event leaderdude gets knocked down bad at the start and needs to pass the mental on to someone for the duration. Let them make the hard choices - just be sure to have a good mapping of all choices they can make so the GM helping you knows how to make the NPCs react.

3. Killing blows: Personally, I don't like killing blows myself. I don't really put HP on the big enemies. I go by turns and time. I don't want the NPC to die before everyone gets a chance to contribute to his death, and I don't want the fight to drag on so long it becomes boring. I make sure everyone has a chance to land a hit. When the time comes to kill the NPC, it's not one turn or one group that does it. They fall from the combination of all damage done to them, or are driven to do something that kills them anyway [see: uldum bomb NPCs]. Either way, it is the combined efforts of the PCs that brings the baddie down. Not chance, not one person gets bragging rights, everyone.

You might want to look into some of the above to try to help things go smoother. I can't really speak from experience as I haven't attended one of your events, but some suggestions are always helpful judging from what I've read.

Don't feel like you need to stop running events because you had a bad one. My first event was a major failure, my second one wasn't too great either. I had a treasure hunting one a bit ago that was absolute shit. Recognize what is going wrong. Ask for feedback and suggestions. Find a CO-DM to help with choices. Try again. Rinse, repeat and find something that keeps you interested in running events and PCs interested in attending.

We all start somewhere, don't give up!

Edit: Hurrdurr I'm Reigen I need to lrn2type. Sorry about the typo's.
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One thing I can recommend for you if you hope to run events with your character actively participating. Remember that being in the front lines isn't the only way your character can be a hero. Passive roles in the event will allow your character to participate while giving you enough storytelling leeway to DM OOC.

As for last-minute changes, it's simple courtesy. Tell your co-DMs ahead of time of your idea changes, and try not to burden them with too many tasks. Simplifying the nature of your events can do wonders, such as lowering the HP and number of battle turns.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
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Just keep in mind what everyone here is saying, Frank, and what I said to you over Skype.

If anything? Just give it a brief respite before you hop back on the Horse. Everyone gets rough patches with whatever they do, trust me on it. When you feel up to getting back into the DM Game, just be sure to look at it from all angles. Sure, you can look through the eyes of your character, but make sure to spotlight your participants, too. Remember, they are the ones that make the event. The DM is the narrator, the guide, and, above all, the Man behind the Curtain. You can, of course, always step out and dispense wisdom and prizes and run around with them.

Just remember, Frank, when you become the DM you become


[Image: 20130619-the-wizard-of-oz.jpg]

But, right, back to the post.

Just keep in mind what everyone else has said before me within this post. And not all criticism is bad, and even the more... negative stuff can still help you out, if you look at it in a good light. You'll get things going good, buddy. I believe in ya. Gotta have some faith and push through the bruises.
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

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