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Raster [Forsaken Warrior]
'''Player''': Mezrin

'''Character Full Name''': Raster

'''Character In-Game Name''': Raster

'''Association(s)''': The Forsaken

'''Race:''' [[Forsaken]]

'''Class:''' [[Warrior]]

'''Age:''' 35

'''Sex:''' Male

'''Hair:''' None (Black)

'''Eyes:''' Spooky Yellow Glow

'''Weight:''' 193 lbs

'''Height:''' 5'11"

'''Usual Garments/Armor:''' Whatever he feels like scavenging, honestly.

Raster is both complex and simple at the same time, depending on the subject or issue at hand. Raster believes in his sworn duty to Sylvanas, but doesn't necessarily believe that all the living must suffer for the torment the Forsaken must endure. Rather, he believes that should his Queen succeed in the destruction of all living things, that the innate hatred of the Forsaken will turn inward and tear their faction apart, and he doesn't want to fight his fellow patriots and companions. He does hate the living (with some exceptions, of course), but wants the war to never end. Raster also despises his form, but is not suicidal. Instead of that, he wants to be slain by a worthy enemy. On the flip side, he believes that no living mortal race is worthy enough to slay him, and so far he's been proven right. If not even the plague could get rid of him permanently, instead bringing him back as a Forsaken, how could a living man hope to kill him?

Raster feels a sense of duty towards aiding the Horde as a whole, but not nearly as much as he does feel sworn to serve the Forsaken and its Queen as best as he can. He's not above committing atrocities for her, but not for the Horde. Overall, Raster relishes warfare. He wants revenge on the living for turning their backs on him and not giving him the burial he deserved when he died in battle, and so he wants to keep them in a constant war of attrition, which he knows the Forsaken can win. Raster doesn't seek mindless violence, but instead battles with purpose. He just happens to find slaughtering helpless humans a purposeful engagement.

Raster, formerly known as Elliot "Eli" Pierce, was born to unknown parents, as he was left in an orphanage in Lordaeron when he was but a day old. He was a smaller child, and so as he grew up, he was picked on mercilessly, often facing beatings at the hands of the bigger, meaner children. He was a kind-hearted child who swore a vow of pacifism until he was old enough to understand when to use force to get his way. He was smart like that, understanding that he wasn't mature enough to make decisions like that. This didn't do him any favors, though, because he still got the snot kicked out of him. When he was roughly nine, he ran away from the orphanage to flee his inevitable accidental death at the hands of his fellow orphans.

Eli lived on the streets for years, begging and offering his services as a messenger and at one point a street performer before he had to turn to theft. He stole only the bare necessities and from those places that could afford to be robbed. He made another vow, and that was to pay back everything he had to steal to the shops when he could afford it. He had still kept his vow of pacifism, and was very big on keeping his word. He didn't do too much else other than survive, simply because he didn't have the time to do anything else. He had no friends, no family, no allies in the world. That is, until the city had a call to arms when he was twenty in order to combat the enemies of man in the Third War. Deciding he was old enough to understand that sometimes, violence IS the answer, he had fulfilled his vow. He joined up with the Lordaeron army and went out to the front lines.

On the battlefield, Eli made friends. He found a brotherhood in the world he'd previously never known. He had companions and compatriots, allies and men and women he'd felt close enough to to call brothers and sisters. That's why it hurt all the more when he watched them all, one at a time, battle after battle, die in front of him. After his three best friends and the rest of his squad died, he made a vow not to get close to anyone anymore. This was his final vow, and a painful one at that. During a battle against the dreaded Scourge, he was slain. Instead of a burial, while he was still barely conscious, he was thrown into a pile to be burned. This was the last thing he remembered before he died.

He didn't know the Scourge ambushed them and won the battle, raising the corpses to be more foot soldiers. Time passed, and Sylvanas and the Forsaken broke free from the Lich King's grasp. A man, formerly known as the street urchin Eli, "woke up." He looked around, and he remembered nothing, but still felt emotions that he had repressed as a living man for so long. He felt hatred, because he hated everyone that harmed him as a boy. He felt dutiful and loyal, because he always made sure to keep his vows. But most of all, he felt alone. Eli donned the name Raster and directed all these emotions towards the Forsaken and serving them, trying to find a purpose in life. He's fought the Alliance tirelessly, always seeking to make the living discover a new horror he's brought onto them. Even during the wars in Outland and Northrend, he ignored the common enemy and struck at his old one.
We'll need his current age, rather than the age he was when he died!
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Sorry, was using another profile as a guideline to ease me back into the profile writing thing. Fixed. ;)


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