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Reborn Shard Farming
Alright, so after I got my first Rebon Shard, I passed the spawnpoint again and found another one (same place), so after taking it I decided to ask in the /chat if shard farming is illegal.

I got mixed results, who saying yes, who saying no...

Can a GM confirm if it is illegal or not?
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Reborn Shard farming is an In-Character action in which you gather the souls of the fallen to return to said races people. If your character is not the type to do this, then don't. So yes, farming is a no-no.

Edit: I think the wiki has information on this as well. http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Reborn_Shards
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Also keep in mind: Does it make SENSE for your player to be friendly with the faction you are trying to gain rep with? This link will be useful to you.
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