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Relandra Dawnsend [Blood Elf Paladin]
Player: Adam255

Character Full Name: Relandra Dawnsend

Character In-Game Name: Relandra

Nickname(s): Rel, Relly.

Association(s): -

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: Relandra, being so young, only started her training not long ago. The young woman trains under her father, Krilari Dawnsend, and is currently learning the ways of the light. She currently only possesses basic combat abilities, no Light manipulation.

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Hair: Bright blonde, usually held tied for convinience.

Eyes: Fel green.

Weight: 145 lbs.

Height: 5'9"

Usual Garments/Armor: Armors vary as she learns to use better ones from time to time. Usually found in casual clothing she or her parents picked out.

Other: Over the time of her training, Relandra will develop some muscle on her body, as it is part of the training.

Alignment: Lawful good.

Personality: Relandra is a rather quiet woman at most times. She dislikes large gatherings and feels well out of place when there are too much people around. When with people she's familiar with, she allows herself to 'loosen up' a bit, giving smiles and talking more often, along with cracking the occasional joke. Relandra seems calm at most occasions, unless aggitated or embarrassed. Despite her clam nature, though, once the woman gets angry, or sees her loved ones in danger, she will spring into action and quite literaly won't be afraid to chop a head or two off... For justice, of course.

Being rather young, Rel barely knows of the world as it is today, and is quite unaware of a few races. Growing up with her parents, Relandra learned to accept the races of Azeroth, despite finding some of them odd or disgusting. She doesn't judge someone by what he is, but for what he does.

Much like her mother, Reigen Dawnsend, Rel tends to be rather awkward in social places in the forms of staying abnormally quiet, not saying the proper thing or even not doing the right act. It seems both a curse and a blessing for Rel, as she wants to learn to communicate better, but at the same time is really afraid of doing so.

History: Born in the proud city of Silvermoon, Relandra was introduced to the world in a quiet home in the great city. Being handed to her loving parents, Reigen and Krilari, so soon after birth, she instantly grew affectionate to the married couple, almost out of instinct. The young girl was named Relandra, after Reigen's mother. Minutes or so after her birth, Rel was put in her own small bed to rest while her mother recovered from the birth, being a small woman herself, it took quite a lot out of her. Relandra's appearance seemed to have been influenced by her father's genes, being born with the faint blonde hair. From a very young age, Relandra was clearly an energetic baby and would constantly keep her parents busy with her shenanigans, fears or simply even wanting attention.

The family continued to live in harmony over the next few years, both parents working their own professions to fund themselves and have their child grow with everything she needed or wanted. It seemed almost too perfect, and Relandra grew to be a happy young girl at the age of only nine years old. Though the small girl had much to learn about the world and its horrors. A fateful morning came as Relandra heard screams of panic outside the house, which quickly threw her into a panic of her own. She was terrified, she didn't know what was going on, but her mother quickly put her own fear aside to tend to the small girl. Reigen sang to her daughter and tried her best to calm the child, but without much success. Krilari burst into the home moments later, startling the two occupants of it, but quickly made up for the act as he embraced the mother and her child tightly. Without spending too much time, the two were hurried out of their home by Krilari and away from the city.

Reigen and Relandra ran out of the city and as far as they could while Krilari stayed behind to gather the things they needed to survive out of their city. The scourge was invading Quel'thalas, it was obvious at this point. The two girls ran and ran without stop, reaching the end of their effort one after the other, though Reigen carried Relandra with all her remaining strength. Finally, when the two were out of harm's way, Reigen simply fell from her exhaustion, Relandra lying down beside her mother and holding her desperately, still crying in fear. Krilari found the two girls not long after they stopped, but a shocker came to the family of three as the Sunwell was destroyed.

Relandra screamed and cried for the following weeks as the family spent their time in the wilds, Krilari trying to soothe both his beloved wife and his cherished daughter, despite his own pain. Reigen remained asleep to keep her mind off the terrible pain, which soon became something Relandra tried to do as well. The two girls slept most of the time while Krilari did his very best to keep them well, sacrificing all he could give. Weeks seemed to pass by in agony and depression for the small girl, but she was more than happy to have such supportive and loving parents. On a certain morning, Relandra was awoken by her parents taking her towards the ruins of Silvermoon. It was hazy for her, and she didn't remember what they said exactly, but she did remember her father leaving the two girls with a heart-rending goodbye.

Luckily, the home of the family stood without damage, and with a little assistance from Krilari before he left, it was once more accessable. The two girls remained in the home while Krilari left to work and provide for the family, and on that time, Relandra felt a terrible weight on her. She was young, but she could tell her mother was sad and depressed. It was a hard time for the two, financially and emotionally, Reigen sacrificing every bit of her health, soul and energy to help her daughter grow properly. Relandra was worried more and more with each passing day about her mother's health, doing her best to try and cheer up the woman with hugging her, or simply being next to her. It was a very difficult time, or at least Krilari's first pay came to the home. The money was enough to fund the two girls on a very basic level, but it was better than nothing.

The two girls lived on Krilari's payments which he continued to send to them without taking any to himself. Times passed, maybe a few months at best, until Reigen introduced her daughter to the Fel crystals when the pain became too much to bare for the small girl. Reigen brought in a Fel crystal to the home and the two would syphon energies from it to calm their pain and hunger. Rel didn't mind the change of her eye color too much, and kept living as if it was nothing. The two girls soon went to visit Krilari in his post in the cold north, being a member of the Argent Crusade at this point. Rel was overjoyed to see her father again, but soon had her heart almost crushed as she was told by her parents that she was going back to Silvermoon, and they would be staying in the north.

Rel didn't have much word in the decision, so she agreed without truly wanting to. She was brought back to Silvermoon soon enough and was tended to by her grandparents, who were more than happy to assist. Times passed and Relandra grew to like her grandparents, almost as much as her parents. Though, nothing could go by smoothly for too long, Relandra learned that from her life until now. Krilari came bursting into the home on a fateful day with Reigen, broken and wounded in his arms. He hurried to rest her on the bed and Relandra rushed over to see what had happened to her beloved mother. Once more, Relandra would burst into tears over her mother's condition, but quickly tried to help with whatever way she could, which was not much.

While Reigen was healed, she didn't seem at her best to the young woman. The family gathered their funds and soon left the once great city of Silvermoon, making their way towards Azshara. The Sunwell was restored, which could be described as nothing short of a miracle for the small family, Relandra having lost her will to syphon the dark energies after asking what they actually do. The family settled down in a tower in the mountains of Azshara and Krilari quickly began to train his daughter in the ways of the Light, taking her as his apprentice and squire. Upon seeing the Light practically bringing her mother from the verge of death to a stable state, Rel quickly jumped on the opportunity gladly. Her goal was written. She wanted to help her parents with whatever hardships came in the future and to help rid the world of the Scourge, though that would only start to take place once her training is complete.
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