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Reline Duskfury: Blood Elf Assassin
I have a feeling there are a few holes in this I may have overlooked.

Player: MstrCorvus

Character Full Name: Reline Duskfury

Character In-Game Name: Reline

Nickname: World’s Deadliest Gardener


Race: Blood Elf

Class: Assassin (OOC Rogue)

Skills and Abilities:

- Herbalist: Reline has an expansive knowledge of herbs and plants, being able to identify a wide range of plants as well as know how to put them to use as potions, poisons or salves.

- Acrobat: Reline has a very flexible body and is able to climb things easily as well as being very lithe and nimble. She is an expert in moving around quietly.

- Weapon Training: Reline can wield a shortsword and dagger efficiently as well as having a decent amount of skill with a crossbow.

Age: 342

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark Red (Natural), Shoulder Length

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 60kg

Height: 175cm

Scale: 1

Appearance: Reline is average height for a blood elf and her frame is very thin but muscular, having lean muscle everywhere on her body. Her hair hangs down to her shoulders and can sometimes be seen up in a tight ponytail.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Reline is a very nosy person and will often try and eavesdrop on other people’s business if a stray word catches her interest. In direct interaction with other people, she is normally polite and friendly because being easy to get along with means people trust you more. She is witty and will often deflect serious remarks with humour. Her every day demeanour is often quite seductive and flirtatious when dealing with people. Behind all her flirtation, she is a very caring person and will go to great length to protect those she cares about. If someone really does something to piss her off, she won’t think twice about putting them in their place with a show of force and has broken bottles over people’s heads as a warning many times.


Reline was born into a middle-class family that lived in southern Eversong Forest, now known as the Ghostlands. Her mother was a seamstress in service of a magister, making and repairing robes, tapestries and carpets. Her father was a herbalist and was always out in the forest, cataloguing plants and mixing them together. Reline took an interest into her father’s work more than her mothers and often accompanied him out on his trips from a young age.

After a few decades, her mother died due to complications giving birth to Reline’s brother leaving her father with only his meagre earnings and their living conditions got worse without her mother’s plentiful paycheck. Reline’s father had to take up a second job, running himself ragged day and night so his children didn’t have to miss out on eating and having clothes. Reline continued to spend her days helping her father with plant-gathering and potion-making, learning a lot from him.

Despite this, their financial state did not improve and Reline fell in with a bad crowd in the hopes that she could make more money for her family. Her knowledge of plant properties made her adept at crafting poisons to be used by all manner of assassins and thieves. She slowly started to be trained in the art of assassination, being taught how to manipulate the shadows to hide herself, move with the agility of a cat and strike with the speed of a cobra.

After a century of being trained by several masters in the art of killing, she finally began earning money from taking on assassination contracts. Her only driving thought was that she had to get more money for her family and so her father could rest into his retiring years. Her ability to craft poisons and use them efficiently along with her agility made her a valuable asset in the underworld of humans, dwarves and gnomes.

Having to get close to people in order to get information she needed, or to get her target in a vulnerable position led her to develop a quite charming and promiscuous demeanour. She learnt to use her figure to her advantage and often her job led her to having many lovers so she could accomplish her task. This job went on for decades and she continued to send money back to her family, never getting a thank you or reply but she didn’t care.

Like all other high elves, Reline was affected by her magical addiction when the Sunwell was destroyed and she succumbed to the allure of Fel magic to satiate this. When news caught her about the destruction of Silvermoon, she started to think there might be more to life than just killing and sleeping with people. She decided to go home and visit her family, wanting to see how well they had done with all the money she had been sending back.

When she arrived, she found that her home and everything she had grown up with had been burned to the ground and tainted by the Scourge. Her father had been killed by the Scourge and her brother was nowhere to be found despite her underworld contacts. This struck something deep inside Reline and she decided she wanted to do something meaningful and find someone she truly cared about.

After the restoration of the Sunwell, Reline continued her assassin work so she could eat and have enough money to live but constantly tries to find something meaningful in her life now that her family and her home had been taken, not by the Scourge, but by her own abandonment.
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
— G.K. Chesterton

[Image: tumblr_n9hl98KKPd1r4fnslo1_500.gif]

Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
The profile is pretty solid in terms of lore, but I don't think I'm catching the holes you're worried about?

The profile is good enough for approval.

As for further improving the profile and keeping things perfectly clear...there's just one thing I could suggest:

One thing that I noticed is that there needs to be just a little more description of where she lived, because it is stated that her family was supported thanks to a magister, but when the mother dies, it's as if there aren't enough opportunities for the family to keep their heads above the water. They lived in Eversong Forest, but was it a small city there? A village? Just a few houses? Describing the location in which they had to survive might help.

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