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Resurrection Form
When you resurrect your character, you need to detail how your character was resurrected, who killed them, who revived them, how many times you've been killed prior to this one, and also what kinds of drawbacks your current resurrection is going to incur on your character. Additionally, if this isn't your first resurrection, you also need to include which drawbacks you already carry with you from previous resurrections. (This can't be substituted with linking previous threads.)

Drawbacks as a result of the resurrection are a must. Some resurrections and deaths are going to be harsher on your body and mind than others, but in all cases it's going to be a very traumatizing experience. Your character is not going to walk away from it unscathed and the wounds they carry with them are, most of the time, going to be permanent. They should preferrably be relevant to the character's death and the dying experience. Use your own good judgement when deciding what sorts of drawbacks your character will suffer as a result of dying. Just remember that these kinds of wounds usually don't fade with time. Some do, but the deepest won't; there is some permanency to some of the drawbacks, so keep this in mind when you decide on them. (Feel free to ask for help in deciding your drawbacks. The staff or the playerbase could probably pitch some interesting ideas your way.)

Examples of drawbacks could be chronic fatigue (as a result of nightmares, for example, or just a lack of energy in general), permanent limps, loss of limb (as in, they don't grow back when you resurrect), migraines of varying severity, heart problems, asthma or respiratory issues, muteness, blindness, deafness... It depends on how you died and what effects it'd have on your character. Your drawbacks don't necessarily have to be this serious, but it gives you an idea of what sorts of things we'll be looking for. Phobias or social suspicion won't suffice (but could be added for flavor if you really want 'em.)

There is also no required amount of drawbacks. Like mentioned above; use your own good judgement and follow the recommendations of the staff. You can have more than three drawbacks (I just included three as an example for the form).

"<In-Character Post Here>" simply means that you should include a short roleplay post to describe the scene of your resurrection. It doesn't have to be long, but you should take the time to make one.

NOTE: Drawbacks have to last longer than a month. If you include minor drawbacks for flavour, they have no minimum duration. The actual drawbacks do, however. One or two months at a minimum with some permanency for some of the effects (you could suffer deafness for a full month and come out of it with permanently reduced hearing, for example, or full-on permanent deafness depending on severity of death-symptoms and your other drawbacks).

<In-Character Post Here>

[b]Character's Name:[/b]
[b]Times Resurrected:[/b] (Not counting being risen for the first time as Forsaken/a Death Knight.)

[b]Killer's Name:[/b]
[b]Resurrector's Name:[/b] (Put "NPC" if NPC and include NPC template)
[b]Method of Resurrection:[/b]

[*]Drawback 1 (Duration)
[*]Drawback 2 (Duration)
[*]Drawback 3 (Duration)[/list]

(If Applicable...)
[u][b]Previous Drawbacks:[/b][/u][list]
[*]Drawback 1 (Duration)
[*]Drawback 2 (Duration)
[*]Drawback 3 (Duration)[/list]

If you, by chance, can't get a PC to help you with resurrecting your character, NPCs are always an option. However, there's a form below that you need to fill out if you use an NPC and include this in your resurrection thread along with the information we ask of you in the previous form. Keep in mind that, like the form below suggests, you can ask a GM to help you puppet the NPC if you want to roleplay the resurrection out. Just contact the GM you want the help of or make a thread in the Private Discussion board.

The NPC form follows below:

[b]Form of Resurrection:[/b] Forum/In-Game
[b]Name of NPC:[/b]
[b]Faction of NPC:[/b]

[b]GM Assistance?:[/b] Yes/No, and name of GM

[b]Reasoning:[/b] Why would this NPC help you, and how do you convince them to?
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