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When it comes to resurrections, I look at it through my character's eyes. For example...

Vande: He's dead already. He's got work to do though and doesn't want the party to end. EVER. So, yes, he would want to be revived. (Don't know if he can even die, but that's not what we're about.)

Aesyn: He's a loaf. If he got himself killed, he probably deserved it in the first place or was too stupid to realize an important decision. So, he wouldn't accept being revived because of that. Besides, now he can loaf in the Light/whatever.

That's how it should be done. I have one example of one I would bring back and another of one I wouldn't, despite the fact that the second is one of my favourite characters who I would hate to see die. So I would propose this...

Character System:

-Infinite Resurrections
-GM approval: A GM has to look at the reason you are being revived. It's gotta be reasonable. 'I miss my friends.' Doesn't count. Something that would cause a ghost to remain behind would work, for example...

"I have to protect my family."
"I need to get revenge on John."
"I need to reclaim what is mine."

-Obviously, you can't just keep saying it, so if you cannot complete your goal after say... 10/20/30/50% every time you rez, then it doesn't work and he stays dead.

That's my idea, at least.
Quote:Considering a paladin and priest heals the tank getting hit with boiling blood/lava/spikes/giant hammers/swords/magic explosions just as well as the druid and shaman, I would say they are in fact, equal.

Once again, game mechanics. Next time, please say, that if in game, a character could still stand if he's directly stomped by a giant...

Quote:As I've always said.

Show me a canon source that says "The Light can only do X while Nature Magic can do all of Y."

If you can, I'll happily oblige to say that The Light is lesser in terms of healing, but until there I assume they are on-par with one another.

Yeah. Perhaps you are right. Even though I'll try doing some research on that, when I have time.
And I've already given examples of game mechanics used in story material, so yeah.
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
I'm actually still trying to figure out where the "The Light can't regenerate limbs" idea came from, actually...because, in the d20 (which is the source of a lot of misconceptions like this,) Priests DO get access to the Regeneration spell. The only healer class that does not is the Paladin, solely because they don't get access to that high level of magic.
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Ask yourselves this.

If the Light can heal wounds, pray tell, why can it not bring back limbs if one is powerful enough to do so?

Is it only allowed to heal flesh and blood? No bones allowed?
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