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Rob's Intro
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
Whats up! I'm Rob. And yes... I'm a player -.^
Haha, no but really. I'm 20 years old, and while I haven't been rp'ing nearly as long or as frequently as most of you here probably have, I've had some really fun experiences and I find it an absolutely awesome outlet for exercising my creative muscles. /flex. While I have to admit I'm a bit of a jokester, and you probably shouldn't take everything I say completely seriously, I'm still a respectful guy in general and I never have the intention of leaving other people worse off than they were before I came along. I try not to get caught up in drama. I respect the fact that this is just a game, and we're all just here to have fun, be creative, and keep ourselves amused. I hope you guys are as cool as you seem so far, and I look forward to playing on your private little realm of awesomeness.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
I was born in Colorado, still live here, and only speak English.

How did you get into Warcraft?:
My best friend got me totally hooked on Warcraft 3 back in the day. I never really played DoTA or the actual ladder matches too much, rather I was into the custom games, especially including the RP. I even helped to create some kick-ass rp maps :D I was so in love with WC3, I sort of neglected WoW's existence when it came out for as long as I could until I actually played it and discovered its epic glory. I've been playing on rp servers in WoW for a couple years, rp'ing on and off, raiding, and doing PvP. Lately though, I haven't really had the time to raid and don't want to push out the extra 15 a month any more :P

What made you seek our server over others?:

Well mainly because you're the only private server I could find that was exclusively for role playing! Other than that, I tried out one of the mainstream PvP private realms, and it just gave me bad vibes. The guys who ran it couldn't even speak the English language properly, and constantly wanted to push you to 'vote' for their server so it topped the list on best private servers, which came off as really cheap to me. Also, while there can be some decent rp found on blizzard's retail servers, there's just a massive amount of people who either don't rp at all, don't take rp'ing seriously, harass rp'ers, are too immature to have a productive rp session, don't care about the lore and make up their own, just want to erp, etc. I like how you guys have a process of screening people just to let them make a character on the realm.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:

While I'm not against tavern rp, and I can be found just meandering around the city a lot engaging casual conversation and making friends, I think some of the best and funnest rp I've had has been found elsewhere. I like going on spontaneous adventures with friends or just random people I find questing, creating or following plots with groups of friends or a guild, and rp'ing world PvP has always been something I've loved doing the few times I've done it. And just for the record, I think that you guys allowing cross-faction communication was a great choice. I always wished blizzard would do that.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
Tough choice for favorite race... I think I'll have to go with Tauren. They were my favorite unit to produce in Warcraft 3, and I still have that love for them. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's because I can deeply identify with their nomadic nature-loving mentality, or perhaps its just because they look totally bad-ass.

And my favorite class hands-down is rogue... And the best reason I can provide for that is because they're the closest class in WoW that resembles a ninja. And come on... ninjas are awesome! I don't necessarily relate with the cowardly backstabbing or thief stereotypes associated with rogues - I just love their stealthy assassin fighting style. Plus they have the slickest looking weapons and armor.

What are your expectations of this server?:

I looked over all your rules and descriptions of the server, and it all seems to be a genius idea to me. I understand you only want serious rp'ers and have no problem taking out the trash, and since I intend to follow your rules, I have no issue with that. Blizzard always seemed to be pretty lenient with their rules from what I've seen, and a lot of their 'rp servers' didn't seem like they saw much rp at all.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:

Back when I rp'ed in WC3, I didn't really care at all about Warcraft lore, and just made my own stories for people to go along with. Now that I actually know how comprehensive and great the lore is and have even read a few of the Warcraft books, people who neglect it like I used to actually really frustrate the S*** out of me. There's a solid world background provided for everyone to follow with plenty of room to create your own plots and characters in (with your own unique and original twists of course), and I think its great. Making it a rule for people to have some knowledge of the lore and play along to it, just keeps rp'ers on the same page and keeps things from getting confusing.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:

((Fair enough, but I'm honestly just going to whip out a random story from my brain right now, so don't expect it to be a masterpiece. Here goes))

Krishnak trudged the rugged terrain of Azshara silently, traveling with the small group of orcs at a steady pace. Outwardly, his face remained blank and his body monotonous - robotic. Inwardly however, his spirit screamed with rage. It was not that they had been marching without break since dawn that bothered him. It was not even the relentless sun beating down upon him for hours on end. No; He actually rather enjoyed the challenge of traveling across this harsh land, and there was no doubt that he did not even remotely fear the task ahead of him.

What bothered the stubborn orc was that upon reaching his current destination, he was under strict orders to not only work alongside a bloodelf... but for their leader to relinquish the command of his men and assist the creature in his mission. Yes, a bloodelf! Krishnak had hardly been able to tolerate their initiation into the Horde as it was. He had ignored the creatures for the most part, finding them ignorant, egotistic, and ultimately weak of spirit. But to work under one... this bordered on the lines of unacceptable. He did not even know the elf's official rank among the horde, although there was a rumor going he was some sort of special forces... someone higher up. The idea sickened him, but not one to disobey orders, he said nothing and followed without projecting his utter disagreement.

Perhaps the only thing driving Krishnak to go on was the sole controversy of the mission at hand. Word had spread that Valormok, a small establishment of the expanding Horde, had been corrupted by some fel source. It was obvious to any eye that this ancient and mysterious land had been torn apart by conflict ages ago, the chaotic remains inhabited mostly by demons, giants, and devils from the sea; This place put Krishnak at a state of unease. If his brothers were, in fact, 'possessed' by some foul demon magic as the rumors suggested, then he would stop at nothing to liberate them, even if it meant working under a damned elf.

"Halt!" the commander bluntly stated, and Krishnak's train of thought was interrupted as he nearly tripped over the orc in front of him.

"This hill... I believe it is near where we are to rendezvous with the elf. He is no doubt camped out in a subtle location. Spread out and lets find this elf bastard so we can get on with the mission."

The orcs grunted in agreement, and went off their separate ways. The 'hill' was relatively large. Krishnak had wondered how the commander had even recognized the broad forested area as a landmark. Regardless, he crunched over the dead leaves and made his way through the trees until he was out of view from the rest of the group, his axe gripped tightly in hand.

((Lol and I'm sorry guys but I'm going to stop there for now. Just about spent on that story for now. I have a cool ending going on in my head, but I really don't feel like splaying it out into words at the moment, but I do feel like I want to get this posted right now so I can play sooner xD. Hey though, if anyone likes where the story is going and wants a conclusion just ask me to finish it. Endings are what I do best.))

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