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'Role-Play Fighting Tutorial'
Quote:Hello, first and foremost this post is purely relating to in-game Role Play and not so much forum RP. Now before I begin, just the reason I am making this. I do not know if it just me, but it seems a lot of people, at least on Moon Guard do not know how to Role-Play fight correctly. If at all.

When they mess up, not a small mistake but something big it usually reverts to baseless insults and G-masters covering it up. To be honest, RP fighting is mostly what I do. It's my fascination of RP, essentially and I can not say that I have 'mastered' it (who can say they have mastered RP truthfully?) but I just wish to put my input on how to do it correctly.

Now to stop beating around the bush, here we go. How to properly Role-Play fight.

1. Basics and Types of fights
2. Godmoding/Meta-Gaming/Descriptiveness
3. Fighting in cities
4. Level does NOT matter
5. Quick note

1. Basics and Types of fights

Role-Play fighting, in my mind is the same as regular RP. The reason I say this, is because I get a lot of people say to me,

"Oh it doesn't matter if they are bad/meta-game/Godmod (etc) in an RP fight, doesn't mean they do it in 'regular' RP"

Yes. It does. What you do in an RP fight, if you have any at all, reflexes you as an RP'er as a whole. It's also like RP in the sense that you can not just take 'something back' because it does not go your way. Now essentially, RP fighting speaks for itself. It's when two characters fight each other when it escalates to that level.

Maybe it's a long conflict? A girl? Something was taken? Emotional or Literal? Maybe the fight is just there, for the hell of it? Nevertheless, the fight is happening and there is little to no way out of it. Now, RP. There are many ways people do it, most of which are not very fair ways. I will talk about those briefly.

Roll Dueling

Basically, the 2+ characters join a party/raid and they do an attack. They both roll, if the attacker wins he gets the attack in on the other characters next emote. If the defender wins, he can avoid it or mitigate it in any way and then continue. So on and so forth.

Now this is a completely unfair way of fighting. With this logic of RP fighting, I could be a pansy who writes poetry and never picked up a weapon in my life and /roll a 100 for 'stabs so and so in the eye' when he is in full plate and a war veteran. If that happens in a roll duel, the other character has to take it too. Does that sound exactly logical?


Look, if you're level 59 and you are RPing with someone who is level 45 of course you are going to kick their arse in a duel. Do not be asinine and say you have to /duel and your char auto wins. If at 80, and one of you is in full Tier 7 and the other is in full greens don't be like "Hurr let's duel we are same level" guess what, it's unfair.

The only time you should do duels is if: The two are in a similar level range, similarly geared, and agree to it. Now if said 45 wants to duel the 59, by all means do it. Just don't be an arse mr. higher level and/or higher geared player.

2. Godmoding/Meta-Gaming/Descriptiveness

Meta-Game is a very simple concept. Do not take OOC information IC. So if <Insert Name> is at war with <Insert Name>, and John Smith is part of <Insert Name> but disguised and not wearing a tabard, <Insert Name> can not go up and attack in him in the name of the war. Get it?

To put it more simply. You can not start fights, you can not do any of that crap from seeing someones guild tag or guild name. Don't be a Stromharrow, in his case don't /who Scarlet March and get your entire guild to fly up to Uthers Tomb and attack him with the basis of "Unreleasable Information"

You can not recognize someones someones guild if they are disguised and/or no tabard. You can not recognize a face with a mask, etc.

Now for godmode. These are two emotes, one is godmod one is not.

Fruscainte parries the strike from <Name>, holding it back a moment he spins behind <Him/Her/It> and stabs <Name> in the back. Pushing her off his sword and snickering.

Fruscainte parries the strike from <Name>, holding it back a moment he spins behind <Him/Her/It> and shoots his blade toward <Name's> back trying to impale her. And if done, tries to rip it out of her side.

See the difference? Now you don't have to litter emotes with <so and so attempts. . .> but you could use words, like I did. Such as towards, tries, shoots it out, it sears through the air toward, etc. Many people forget to put attempts, and if they do, don't go into a rage but remind them. We all forget, trust me.

However, don't make it consistent. Don't be an idiot. Try your best to make everything attempts; remember, if you are in full plate you can not do barrel rolls. If you are mail armor, carrying two large axes you can not do a front flip over someone. If you are a 5'11 human you can not swing your dagger at a 7'8 elf's forehead.

It's basic common sense really.

On a sidenote, try to be descriptive. Now I'm not saying make a 5 post long emote but when someone takes the time to go.

Fruscainte raises his blades, the two throwing knives bouncing off of them as a spark is ingnited briefly. He spins his left blade, so he is holding it backwards and gets low, running forward he does a small roll and as he gets up, sends his left blade for an uppercut at <Name's> chin.

Don't be like

<Name> parries and steps back.

Which brings me to my next point. Descriptiveness is not only a common courtesy, but a necessity. If you just say 'slashes at Fruscainte' I need to know specifics. Is it vertical or horizontal? Is it left or right / up or down? What is your pose? Are you fully erect or bent down in a cat like position? What's your other blade doing in the case that you have one?

All these things matter in a fight.

3. Fighting in cities

Look. If you are in the middle of Stormwind City - Trade District and you try to stab someone whether you see it or not, a bunch of guards would have tackled you already. I know I know, you feel all elitist with the thought of, "They don't do anything! Why should I pretend that they do?"

Well that makes no sense. Just because they don't doesnt mean that they shouldnt. What could possess you to think that if you are in the Cathedral and you shoot a shadowbolt at someone, enough Paladins and Priests to make a small army would not swarm on you?

Another thing, on that. If you are a warlock, you can't walk into the Cathedral in full warlock guise and a fel guard following behind you. I know, no one does anything in terms of NPC's but guess what; They would. They would kill you in an instant.

I know it sounds like godmod in itself, but it isn't. If you stab someone in the open day, in front of everyone hell anywhere in the open like the Trade District, Cathedral, Park, or Old Town in front of the CC almost three dozen guards would be on you in a matter of 2-5 minutes. I

f you wanna fight someone, you got two choices. Keep it secret, do it somewhere private, or for heaven's sake be original and RP outside of Stormwind.

4. Level does NOT matter

If I had a nickel for every time that I heard that level should or will determine how an RP fight turns out I would be a pretty rich man. Look, level should not be the sole decider in a fight. Yes, sole decider, it still plays a role fights.

There are three basic things that apply in an RP fight:

RP Skill (IC and OOC)

If you're character is level 80, RP's as a professional alchemist in a tuxedo you shouldn't beat a level 52 who is in full plate and RP's as a Third War veteran. It's just plain silly. Now there are advantages to being a higher level as always, but it's not all that matters. I have won many fights on my level 9 alt against level 60+'s purely because of how creative I can get. I've seen it happen with others too.

The biggest argument used by higher levels is:

Q u o t e:
"My character has more experience than his. I was in Northrend fighting crap" Which is easily responded with, "Oh? I never knew that single warrior could take on an entire town of Vrykuls who are 1-9 feet (depending on race) taller than you that the entire place that you are doing it for could not handle themselves"

See? It's silly. If your 'character' were to run into a city of whatever and start attacking, the drums of war would be sounded and hundreds of them would be on your back.

Nevertheless. Higher Level = More protective and more creative Armor/Weapons. Therefore, Higher Level = Higher chances of survival.

Of course a level 1 in ragged clothes will not beat a level 80 in barbarian armor. However, it's all situational. A level 9 who is an assassin disguised as a fisherman could beat a level 42 man who RP's as a real fisherman.

It's purely situational, but again: Armor, Weapon, RP Skill.

Simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less.

5. Quick note

Look, it's just a game. Don't get all worked up over an RP. It will not ruin your life, it will not kill you and it is not worth getting an annurism over. I can guarentee it will be all but forgotten in at most, a weeks time. If you're still fuming about an RP a week after it happens, you need to work on that.

RP is also not a race. If you start rapid posting because you can type faster than the other, of course you will win every time. Give the other person a chance to reply before you start roflstomping them with your l337 typing skillz. Get it? ¿Lo consigue? Erhält es? L'obtenir ?


Part IV: "Overpowering" Characters

There is a fine line in Roleplay which one must sometimes define, so as not to cross to far over (after all, RP is all about bending reality =P). When creating a character background/story, there are a few key things one should keep in mind.

---> The World of Warcraft is a living, breathing world, which the players "live" in. As such, WoW allows us to creat, mold, and shape a completely new personna of our own choosing and making, however, while the players are above the common NPC, our characters usually shouldn't rise above the "Heroes" and "Villians" of the game.

---> Keep in mind that while you may want to RP yourself as a high-lord commander, or a Necro-Lord, many players don't wish to be part of it, while many do. For example, you may be a Lord amoungst your peers and guildmates, however, walking into a tavern and demanding everyone to bow in your presence because you are a Lord, and then complaining both OOC and IC, the line is being crossed. This is in essence forcing your "status" on other players, who have not come to acknowledge such things. Ordering players to leave an area because of your "status" (ordering someone to leave, and having a fully armed force to back your claim up is one thing), is another fine example of pushing the line, albeit that you argue only IC (most player who do this argue both IC and OOc about this).

---> Concerning gods, Liches, Angels, Titans, and other characters of "lost" lore: It sometimes occurs that you may find yourself playing with a Character RPing themselves as one of these mythical creatures. While Angels, Demon Gods etc etc do exsist in the game, they are a Rarity, and eleveating yourself to this status is a bit far fetched. For example, if you parade around the Cathedral, claiming to be the "Angel of Proctection", you're crossing the line, especially when you approach other players, and "judge" them.

Hope this helps!

Source: A sticky found here ->http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread...1&pageNo=1

Thought some would find it useful.
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