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Roll, Roll, Roll my...dice?
Alright, here's a medium of RP combat I've found that allows you to be creative, but also makes clear the winner and loser.

The basics: Before the fight, determine how much HP each member will have. If you want a short brawl, then everyone uses 5 HP. Epic, 20. If one person is fighting multiple assailants they do NOT get more HP. If you're out numbered, it's supposed to be rough.

Now, the attacker makes their post.

/e cocks his peashooter back to his shoulder, and takes aim for Elmira's head.

/roll 100

Little Timmy rolls 50!

Now, the defender rolls. If the defender loses, they take damage. If they win, they dodge. If the amount between a defenders roll, and an attackers roll is equal, or greater then 50, it's a critical strike. In which case they take 2 damage rather then the regular 1.

/roll 100

Elmira rolls a 20!

Now that Elmira has failed her roll, she gets shot. She doesn't have 0 HP though, so it can't be a killing blow. She makes her next post and includes how she takes the damage. Then makes a counter attack.

/e throws herself to the side, and the bullet punches into her shoulder. Elmira gets quickly back to her feet, and draws her axe, charging at Timmy and swinging at him in an upwards arc.

/roll 100

Elmira rolls a 90!

/roll 100

Timmy rolls a 10!

HP: Timmy 3/5 Elmira 4/5

Now the round ends. The moderator, or initiating player posts HP at the end of each round. The fight continues until HP reaches 0, here, the loser gets the final say in whether their character just passes out from severe wounds or dies. If it's determined before the fight that it's a death match, their can be only one outcome.

Be respectful of the laws of physics. If you're a gnome. Ya ain't gonna chuck a tauren.
You can't wax that.
I really like this system. Very much like how I would improv a pencil-and-paper rp with my friends when we didn't want to bother with any official rule systems
I really like this system, as well. Many a character has fallen to this system due to my bad luck.. But I still find it very fun!
This system seems somewhat familiar....:D

I remember recall a few nights back on AD where a certain trio of rogues had many, many trial-runs working all the kinks out of it. Glad to see you've perfected the basic concept of it. I've been thinking of expanding our beloved system though, I'll PM ya in game some time with my craaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy ideas.

"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."
Once I learned the system I basically refuse to use any other! ^.^ <3 it.
What do you mean by roll?
This system, is completely fair, and very fun. I've used it under many fights with Zaatu, Sasil, and somewhat, Siv.
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△Move along.△


/roll or /random

Putting a number at the end (ie. /roll 500) will make it a random number between 0 and 500. If you put two numbers (ie. /roll 250 500) the number will be between or one of those numbers.
Is this the official combat system of CotH?

I ask because I wrote up an Emote Combat Guide a while back and was going to post it up, but if you only roll here, then my guide is useless.
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There is no official system, but this is the one that everyone knows and is generally used.
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We should make a GHI pack that say, Kretol or other players can distribute to everyone's GHI addon when they first login to the server, that contains many RP helpers, such as a dice roll item that doesn't roll in /emote but rather in say, some special combat chat channel.

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