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Roux Blackwood [Worgen Druid]
| name = Roux Blackwood
| image =
| title = Harvest Witch (Druid)
| faction = Alliance
| race = [[Worgen]]
| gender = Female
| class = [[Druid]]
| age = 19
| height = 5'8"
| weight = 160lbs
| eyes = Green
| hair = A wild mess of thick orange-red curls and frizz. While she washes it in keeping with proper higyene, she seems to have given up properly combing it. As a worgen, she has tied a few sections with leather bands.
| fur = Silver-gray
| affiliation = Alliance, Gilneas, Darnassus, The Love Exchange
| occupation = Herbalist, Maid, Cook, Business Assistant
| relatives = Mother
| mentors = Cenarion Enclave, Mother
| companions =
| status = Alive
<small>[[#Appearance|Appearance]] | [[#Personality|Personality]] | [[#History|History]] | [[#Skills and Abilities|Skills and Abilities]] | [[#Other|Other]]</small></center>

Roux is usually donned in a rough, homemade dark red and green dress with an apron, with a white undershirt. Her feet are often bare, but should she require shoes, simple brown cloth covers her feet. For more "official" Harvest Witch proceedings (if such things exist in the rural faith) she possesses a simple brown robe, midnight colored hood and cloak, and midnight feathered shoulder pieces. Her "weapons" consist of a wooden spoon she usually keeps tucked in her apron, and a tall crescent-topped staff.

Her skin has been rendered pale by Gilnean heritage, and a life in the dark woods of her homeland. Despite, her skin is usually flushed from hard work, and a healthy, abundant diet. This diet, and what she inherited from her mother's build, has also given her a thicker shape. The blossoming bud of what will be a hardy, happy matron of a Harvest Witch when she is in her later decades.

Roux is a very hard worker. She loves the feeling of achievement from a clean home, and a kitchen that smells of spices and stews.

She has very little interest in shifting to worgen form, and prefers to stay in what she considers her "true" form--that is her human self--as much as possible. Truthfully, the concept frightens her. In addition to this, so does the further druidic power of shifting into other beasts such as a cat, or a bear. Not quite yet understanding all this new power, her inexperienced mind thinks she might drift further from its human side should she transform "too much", especially with the warnings of savagekin.

As for the Horde, she only really despises Forsaken, as it was they who tried to overtake her home. Her lessons in druidism have also instilled a distaste for deathly magics. Her dislike of orcs is more distant, but present. The isolationism of her nation has rendered her mostly ignorant on any of the other races. As well, her work in the Love Exchange has fostered her general neutrality.

Roux was born to a small agricultural family at the closing of the Second War that had nestled itself between Stormglen and the Blackwald for a moderate number of generations. They had lived there long enough to adopt the name Blackwood, at least. The family was fairly normal, matriarchal Harvest Witch traditions aside. While the men-folk of the family weren't entirely kept out, they left the majority of the Harvest Magicks to the women.

So Roux grew amidst a climate of a love for nature, and a general distaste for the higher echelons of society. Not many of the men-folk of her family were sent off to war, as they weren't raised as soldiers, Gilneas offerings to the campaign being only a token. Even so, her family, like many others, ended up being heavily taxed to sustain the orcish internment camps. At that age, she didn't understand why the bad men from the dark realm beyond weren't done away with for the safety of all. That's what the heroic knights of the Alliance were for, weren't they?

When the Northgate Rebellion exploded, her family kept to itself. Neither side seemed fitting. The king seemed to only care for the capital, leaving Gilnean refugees not lucky enough to be inside to the Scourge. Crowley, a noble with money to play with, appeared as a traitor, that should have better sent aid to Gilnean farm-folk and citizens. Perhaps if he did, all those outside would be inside.

As the economy grew stagnant in Gilneas' isolation, farming more difficult in the darkening Blackwald, Roux hesitantly took a job as a house maid for a decaying noble house lead by one Lord Willelm. Her knowledge of the pulse of nature was a boon to the estate's graying gardens, and she learned that perhaps not all nobles were complete wastrels. Ignorant, but not bad people.

She grew thusly, going back and forth between Lord Willelm's estate, and her family's home near Stormglen.

When the worgen nightmare broke loose, her family's home fell quickly to their claws and teeth. So close to the Blackwald as it was. Her father and other men bade the women escape, so that she and her mother survived, despite both contracting the curse in an injury.

Later, both were captured during the tests for a cure. Like many Roux was given back her sanity. Even so, the loss of her father and mother's husband weighed heavy and both. Both traveled to Tol'doren, so that they might have a deeper balance than that which was just given by the alchemical injection. Such was attained, and an offer was given to be sought in Darnassus--that of learning the deeper druidic arts.

At her mother's assuring insistence, Roux traveled with her and others to the pale city for a time to learn new skills and new balance. She found her talents lay in the moon and stars, with some degree over plants. Still shaken by the worgen nightmare, she was hesitant to learn any further forms during her time there.

Eventually, she would reunite with her noble employer. Lacking a father figure, she stuck by Willelm as he bought an odd matchmaking business from a goat-creature from space. Her mother remained in Darnassus while Roux traveled with the business, attaining new natural knowledge in the world past the stone wall.

==Skills and Abilities==
Roux has learned the tradition of kitchen and Harvest Witchery from her mother, the latest in a not-too-small line of matriarchal Witches in Gilneas' rural areas. After the Night Elves lent their aid with their true druidism, Roux decided to deepen her Witchery under their tutelage. She has little to no skill in animal transformation besides her Worgen form. Most of her skill lies in communion with plants, and the starry magics of Balance.

She speaks with a very thick rural Gilnean accent. Her name is a reference to her red hair, and a joke by her mother to reference the cooking ingredient.

==As Seen by Others==

[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
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  • ImagenAshyun, CappnRob
Quote:As for the Horde, she only really despises Forsaken, as it was they who tried to overtake her home. Her lessons in druidism have also instilled a distaste for deathly magics. The isolationism of her nation has rendered her mostly ignorant on any of the other races. As well, her work in the Love Exchange has fostered her general neutrality.

I know Roux was born aafter the Second War, but there should be a definite learned dislike of orcs I think, given Gilneas did fight in the Second War, and if anything, they HAVEN'T seen or heard of the "good" orcs, only the terrifying demon-summoning monsters.

Besides that, I like!

Initial approval!
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
I see you added a small note about orcs. :P

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