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Runeforging Items.
Well, seeing as I was asking about it in-game, would it be even remotely possible to change some settings, so we can rune-forge an item of any level? I don't like the looks of the 55+ weapons, and my RP weapons are level 26. So it'd be awesome if we could, though it isn't the end of the world if we can't.
I like the idea, though I doubt it could happen without huge DB editting.
Hopefully not, if there is even the slightest trouble of changing it I'd suggest against it then. But I would think somewhere in the masses of codes, there is a variable(number) that is changeable, since it's at 55.
As far as I was aware, the weapons had to be 35+. I use a pair of level 30-40 swords and I'm fine.
Changing this sounds like it depends more on hardcoded emulator changes than database changes. You'd have to find the code for runeforging and remove the level requirement. I highly doubt there's a database somewhere that lists all the weapons above item level 35, that's an incredible redundancy.

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