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SI:7 and Stormwind Guard
Okay. Topic that came up today; can SI:7 arrest people?

Stromwind Guard: The duty of the guard is pretty much what you'd expect. They'd arrest criminals in the city, patrol, and do things such as this. They are the basic defense of the city, and circulate around strength in number as well as strength in physical ability. The main worry of the guard, is to keep the streets clean, and to do as they are told by their superiors.

SI:7: SI:7 is more like the CIA of human society. They do not worry themselves with petty crimes, or trivial things such as this. They are discrete, secretive, sly, as well as well versed in subterfuge. They are more concerned with the broad scope of the Human's interest; inter-racial relations, intel on their enemies (Defias, Scourge, Legion), as well as certain groups that spring up, that DO NOT serve Stormwind's interest.

Very, very seldom would SI:7 make an arrest. They are more oriented towards outright "eliminating" a threat. Now, if someone were to do something SEVERLY destructive to the City, then yes, the SI:7 would do what most people would, fight back.
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△Move along.△


Thank you for clearing this up, Rensin!
Hey, thanks Sin. I needed this!
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No problem. ALSO, they -do- work together. This isn't saying that the SI:7 information couldn't lead to a guards arrest of a felon. Also, in some instances... an agent of SI:7 may be arrested, or a guard investigated.
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I also imagine that SI:7 would deal with interrogation and other such things. Not sure if that'd be considered making an arrest, or bringing someone in properly, but still, might be worth mentioning.
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