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SW Lag
So, while running through SW with people trying to combat the Undead I saw something...
About 10-30 crowded into a hall, in fact, I saw this a lot of times. In my experience this causes supreme amounts of lag, it puts to much in that one area. Not a lot can be done about the Undead BECAUSE of all of this lag. It's actually kind of... Sad to me, this is an AMAZING idea for something to happen. But the amount of undead (and guards) in one area cause so much lag that it's difficult to do anything.

I mean, I was on vent with one guy and he said "Tell me when you see me move.". Thirty seconds later I saw nothing, we all died when trying to fight Undead because of the lag. It was really disappointing. I don't mean for this to sound like a "QQ THIS IS UNFAIR POST" but, let's face it... QQ THIS IS UNFAIR. Now that I think about it, it's ALL the NPCs that have been spawned for this. The players gathering don't help either.

I understand that it is not my place to be asking, but, to make this a bit easier to help with... Could some of the NPCs be spaced or removed? It would free up lag and allow players to actually DO something.

Thank you for reading,

We are trying to fix the issues as best as we can, and... actually. Somehow, there are about a bajillion zombies and npcs UNDER Stormwind. It's really, really rough right now to actually spawn anything.

So, again, Kret has been looking up options, and we are trying to make these guys beatable. Honest!
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Thanks! That actually sounds like it would do something about it. If I could toss something out there, a macro using the...

/target zombie fodder
.npc delete

Might work out well. Just an idea. Thank you again!
The placement of very, very large numbers of zombies in one area is NOT INTENTIONAL. It is an accidental thing, as was the current stats on the zombies. I have gone through and thinned out the numbers a bit, but, impossible as it may seem, I am human and may have missed some areas. Shocking, I know.

I know this may be a difficult concept, but the GMs did NOT create this event to may your lives miserable. We are LISTENING, and trying to fine-tune things. Some of the lag will be unavoidable, but anyone who has seen me threaten to eat my router knows that I don't like it any more than you do.

I know this post will come off as a bit snappish, but it's frustrating for ALL of the GMs when we put so much hard work into an event that is meant to give the players an epic adventure to go on, and all we get in return are accusations that we put out all of said hard work JUST to be "unfair" or mean. Feedback is GOOD, it helps! But assuming that the GMs set up an entire event that spans over over a month of set-up did it just to kill you or get you in trouble, and making accusatory posts does not.
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There are a couple of clusters where the zombies are still really close together, mainly in the trade district, but while we were clearing out zombies in the canals around the trade district it was fairly smooth going, just as long as we didn't aggro too many. The damage is noticeably lower on the zombies now as well, but it's still in the 500-1000 range.
Thank you, that's very informative, especially letting me know the damage range and the difficulty level of fighting them. The damage is as it should be now (hooray!) and was scaled WAAAAAY back. Originally I think they were hitting a bit like Naxxramas trash mobs due to a slip of the fingers. Hearing that they can be defeated but take some effort and planning makes me happy.

I'll have a look at the Trade District and see if there are a reasonable amount of zombies.
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"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut

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