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Scarlet Durand[Worgen][Hunter][Special]
Updating the profile to explain the race and class change. The only skill change is to explain how Scarlet is still new at working with animals, but will be improving over time. All changes are made in a bright green!

'''Player:''' [[User:Reigen|Reigen]]

'''Character Full Name:''' Scarlet Durand

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Scarlet

'''Nickname(s):''' Josie, Sky

'''Association(s):''' SI:7, Stormwind, The Alliance

'''Race:''' [[Worgen]]

'''Class:''' [[Hunter]]

'''Age:''' 29

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Dark Blond

'''Eyes:''' Sky Blue

'''Weight:''' 145 lbs

'''Height:''' 5’8”

Scarlet normally enjoys to wear loose fitting clothing that allow her to breathe. She tends to dress brightly, even during gloomy times. Her armor is more form-fitting than her day to day wear in order to allow her to move around silently. Form-fitting does not mean skin-tight. The armor is scarlet and black. As of recent, she has stopped wearing shoes, as transforming with them on tends to be rather painful.

'''Other:''' Scarlet has a few weapons that shes fairly good at. The first would be her rather large gun, custom-made for hunting the worgen in Duskwood. She has a set of simple daggers that she carries with her, used mostly for stealth missions. Her last ‘weapon’ is a set of elaborate hand fans, decorated with the colors and symbol of the Alliance. On her right inner thigh is a branding of a lavender plant.

'''Alignment:''' Lawful neutral

Scarlet, while on the job, is not the most pleasant woman to be around. She takes her work very serious and until her target is in sight tends not to make any jokes. Thats not to say she’s not afraid to joke around, she just has her priorities in line. She offers no mercy and no forgiveness to the enemies of her kingdom. She doesn’t allow heartfelt goodbyes then she brings someone in, she doesn’t take bribes, she simple does that is best for the safety of her people.

When not on the job, Scarlet takes the time to enjoy life to its fullest. She is always trying new things, meeting new people and embracing every day as wonderful and new. She always has a smile to offer a stranger and a spare coin for someone in need. To her, everyone who resides in Stormwind and its territories is her family. She has a love for flora life and tends to her work-in-progress garden with a passion that some might call obsession.

Perhaps one of the few things able to get her down is visiting her father's grave or her mother in prison. Though she claims to love lavender flowers, she keeps none, as they only remind her of her failure to get her sister out of the brotherhood. She still loves her family with all her heart, even if they refuse to acknowledge her as anything more than a traitor. She tries to work with bonding with her mother, though the visits often leave her nearly in tears.

Her transformation into a worgen frightened her at first, however she no longer fears the beast inside of her, knowing fully well that she is the one in control. She does not call herself a worgen and instead proudly claims that she is simply Scarlet and that being a worgen does not make her any different from when she was 'fully human'. She is cautious about who knows, due to the populations unease of them, and respects the space of anyone who she knows is untrusting of her more...fuzzy side.

Scarlet was born in a refugee camp some time after the orcs had successfully completed their rampage through Elwynn, Westfall and other Stormwind territories. The times were hard, but she had little to no memory of them. She recalls her father and mother always doing their best to raise her and making sure that she had the best she could in that situation.

When she reached five years of age, her younger sister, Lavender, was born. Scarlet had taken after her father while Lavender more resembled their mother with her darker hair and purple eyes. The names were chosen by their mother, as their family had a long line of naming a child after a color feature. Their mother’s name was Amber, while their father was named Jim. Scarlet was more than excited over a little sister and watched over her sibling at any chance she could, even going as so far as to sacrifice her own meals for the little one.

It wasn’t long after that the camp moved back to Elwynn after the orc threat had been taken care of. Their father started to work long hours as a stonemason in order to start rebuilding their fallen city. While he was away, Amber began to train Scarlet in another tradition of the family: Intellegence.

For as long as one could trace the line, their family had always somehow served the kingdom and killed its enemies. The training was in no way intense and disguised as simple games. Amber took great care in making sure the eldest daughter’s reflexes were up to snuff and began teaching her the steps of tracking with games of hide-and-seek. As Scarlet grew older, the training was more intense until the basics of combat was introduced alongside another one of her passions.

The art of dancing was important for the young girl, her movements needing to be graceful, careful and planned if she was ever going to succeed in what was to be her fate by bloodline. She took up both with a bit of hesitation, not really wanting such a life for herself, but she went along with it anyway with insistence of her mother that it would achieve her most wild dreams. Once Lavender was old enough, she too was trained in the same way Scarlet was.

Scarlet was well into her teenage years when Stormwind was finally finished again. The family was happy at the news, as not only would they be paid, but their haggard and worn father would finally be able to rest for all his labor. The news that came after was devastating. Jim had been kicked out of the city, along with the rest of the stonemasons, and the nobles were refusing to pay any of them. Something snapped within the family and they were gathered up and taken with the rest of the stonemason guild.

It was there that her training took a turn for the worse. The group renamed themselves to ‘Defias Brotherhood’ and began to train all their members in the art of stealing, kidnapping and if push came to shove, killing. While assassinations were something the family had done for the Kingdom, this was a whole new level the Scarlet never wanted to deal with. She feared too much to leave on her own and went along with it. For several years of her life, she too wore the red mask that is hated within the reach of Stormwind.

Lavender, who was much younger, was far more impressionable and it didn’t take long before she was fully loyal to the brotherhood. Scarlet tried several times to sway her sister to doubt, but in the end it failed and she received a tongue-lashing from her parents. It wasn’t until a robbery gone wrong that Scarlet would find the courage to leave.

The mission was supposed to be simple, another of those get in, steal, and get out quickies that never lasted more than a couple of minutes. The squad leader was impatient and didn’t check to see if anyone had been left behind. A struggle happened and an innocent old couple was killed, one by Scarlet’s own blade. Her parents assumed that with her hands and soul now stained red, she would give in fully to the brotherhood.

Scarlet got her break when she willingly went to the guard to offer information as well as to confess to the murder. At first she was going to be jailed, however an SI:7 agent at the time offered Scarlet a deal. Use her skills for the crown for the rest of her life, as well as out her squad, and she’d be granted freedom under watch. She agreed, begging the chance to set her sister straight as well.

The raid on her squad's base was a short yet bloody encounter. In the end, Amber and Jim were taken and jailed for the rest of their lives. On their trial, they cursed their daugher and denied her as family. Lavender was not at the base, nor could she be located anywhere. The rest of the squad refused to confess and were put to death for treason. Her father passed away shortly after being jailed and her mother remains in solitude after assaulting other prisoners.

As per the agreement, Scarlet signed her life away to SI:7 as a bounty hunter and investigator. Her job was to hunt down criminals and bring them in as well as ‘take care of’ anyone who was a threat to the crown. Little by little the work chipped away at her soul. A new identity was made for her, ‘Josie Fairfeather’, so that any records of her previous doings were hidden from public. She was told she could use her real name, but not while working.

While the Lich Kings rampage was going on, Scarlet managed to find her sister in a different squad's base. It was far from a friendly reunion. Lavender blamed Scarlet for everything that had gone wrong to her after the raid. She vowed vengeance against her older sister, despite Scarlet begging for reason. The encountered ended when Lavender held her down and branded a lavender flower on Scarlet's inner thigh. She was let go, Lavender claiming that the hunt had only begun.

Scarlet learned to live by the rules of SI:7 and was granted more freedom due to her good work ethic and words of loyalty to the crown. She never seemed to mind the fact that she is owned for a debt that she can never repay. The woman always found it an acceptable tradeoff, perhaps more than she rightfully deserved.

Shortly after Scarlet started to make a new group of friends, her sister Lavender struck, sending Scarlet a gift of poisoned flowers. By the time she started to feel ill, it was too late. Had it not been for a man known as Kogan, she likely would have died within her Elwynn home. Thankfully with his quick efforts, a cure was made and the ill woman was able to recover over the next few days after being found. Her boss, however, was paranoid over nearly losing one of her agents.

Scarlet was reassigned to aid with Southshore's defenses, using her scouting skills in order to help ambush forsaken caravans and otherwise cause havoc. However, the unthinkable happened. Almost at once it seemed as though the world was ending. Southshore was reduced to nothing but a plagued mess and a giant dragon was taring up the country-side. The agent worked with everyone one else in order to evacuate as many people as possible who had been on the road with her to Fenris isle. More than once she had to threaten some of the people to prevent them from trying to returned to the fallen coastal city.

She and many others cowered on Fenris, hoping, praying that the chaos would pass. However their luck would not turn out so well. The forsaken began to pick off people one by one, raising them into new servants of the banshee queen. In the midst of all this fear, Worgen came to the island, offering the refugees a choice: Die and serve the queen, or drink their blood and become one of them.

It was a last minute choice for many, Scarlet included, but in the end she too drank the blood. The first transformation was awful and she remembers nothing but pain. When she awoke, she was met by two older worgen, one a harvest witch and one a mastiff packmaster. The harvest witch took his time to explain everything about the curse he could, guiding Scarlet though the steps of changing back and keeping in control of the beast. Any question she had was answered, and the two took her with them when they started their trip back to Stormwind.

On the way back, the packmaster took the time to help Scarlet interact with the mastiffs and how they could help her in tracking things down. Not only was she honing in her new senses, but she had the added eyes, nose and ears of the mastiffs to help where her own senses failed. With the leadership of the older couple, Scarlet was able to better embrace herself not as a worgen, but as the same woman she had been before the change, though she was still and would forevermore be wary of what others thought of her.

When they reached the gates of Stormwind, the two worgen said that they were going to take a boat to the elven lands. Before they left, however, they aided Scarlet in building up her garden, using the home to rest before they departed the next day. They left before she had woken up, leaving her a note explaining how to contact them as well as to look outside. She thought it a bit strange, but followed to advice only to see that they had left two Mastiffs for her, a male and a female, so that she could start her own pack.

The agent took one more day to rest before reporting to her boss. The woman, Tammy, was glad to see that she was alive, though her mood soured when Scarlet informed her that she had been changed. She was not let go from her duty, however the other agents were informed of it so that they would not be surprised if she ever had to change. The others started to treat her differently almost on the spot, but Scarlet did her best not to let it bother her.

She now works as happily as before, a wide smile stuck on her face as if nothing bad had ever happened to her. Knowing that life is still a precious gift that she is lucky to enjoy is more than enough to keep the woman going.

==Skills and Abilities==

;I like to move it: Scarlet is very skilled on her feet and is a fairly decent dancer. Her ability to dance became one of the main reasons she is where she is. Normally her two fans are incorporated into the dance.

;Search and...: Scarlet can track rather well and her whole career revolves around her ability to hunt down enemies of the Alliance and either bring them back, or stop them from being a problem. While she may not have the skills a proper hunter would have, a lot of her tracking involves logic, questioning and a little common sense.

;Stop right there, Criminal Scum!: While Scarlet is no guard proper, she does have the ability to detain and question those who have broken the law. She cannot sentence them for any length of time, but she can bring them in no matter where she found them if they are Stormwind Kingdom criminals. When arresting a person, she shows them her badge which marks her as an agent to SI:7 as well as the proper warrant needed for the situation.

;Green Thumb: She enjoys growing plants and does so with great success.

;Packmaster: Scarlet is new to the ways of having a mastiff at her side, though is quickly picking up on how to work with her dogs as a team. She plans on one day having a larger pack of mastiffs to aid her, but she needs to learn how to better work with the animals. She has two mastiffs to start her off, a male named Rytlock and a female named Sheeva.

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Quote:The frosaken


I otherwise say this is a good 1/2~
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I swear my typos are telling me that Forsaken need to have access to an afro hairstyle. FIxed. x.x



((Also; Fixed the categories on the bottom while Wikifying since they were still set to Human Rogue. Tsk tsk.))

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