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Selyse Waveharp [Human Warrior] [Noble]
Player: Saiyuu

Character Full Name: Selyse Waveharp

Character In-Game Name: Selyse

Nickname(s): Lady Waveharp; Blueharp (given by her uncle);

Association(s): House Waveharp; Waveharp Trading; The Waveharp Company;

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Age: 34

Skills and Abilities: Good level of swordsmanship, cavalry and navigation. Considerable level of tactical and strategy, as well as sea navigation. Capable captain, experienced in naval warfare and trading.

Sex: Female

Hair: Red and long, reaching the middle of her waist;

Eyes: Greenish with a light tone of blue, more like a tone between the two;

Weight: 172 pounds

Height: 5’8’’

Usual Garments/Armor: She wears a blue and silver set of armor, with knight colors on her tabard and the emblem of a harp and waves on her white, thick cloak. The bottom of her cloak is roundy, rather than square. Her armor looks expensive, with beautiful adornments and equally expensive material, despite being considerably light. Her shoulderpads are concealed by the heavy cloak and another noticeable aspect is that she wears a short plated skirt, revealing a few inches of her thighs before it continues in mail stockings. Clearly not someone of common birth, one might recognize the banner emblem on her cloak as the one of Waveharp family.

Other: Selyse carries a jeweled longsword, Wavebreaker, on her left hip, into a scabbard. A short bow is also often found around her back, along with a quiver with a few arrows.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Personality: Personality-wise, Selyse is well-mannered, honoured and well-spoken. Having grown in a wealthy, noble family, she has a grasp of a few different languages, mostly Darnassian, Dwarvish and Gnomish. She's friendly and respects other kinds, though holds a deep grudge agains demons, fel and its users, disliking them greatly, to the point of where she may challenge them if allowed. The same grudge goes for sin’dorei, which she’s hard to trust unless the person proves to be trustable. Most of her respect lies on Orcs and Kaldorei, after the last cooperation they had in Mount Hyjal and further cooperation in battles against the Lich King. In major, Selyse is friendly but one does good to not get in her nerves or push her patience too far. While hardly racist, Selyse is hard-minded when it comes to criminals, particularly the guiltier ones, such as murderers, traitors and the worse.

Selyse has a natural commanding presence and has been trained to be a leader for most of her knight life. She’s a confident, friendly and able to give good boosts of morale, but is rather strict about discipline of her servants and sworn soldiers. While with flaws like any other soldier, Selyse trusts her subordinates to cover her possible weakness and does the same for them, preferring her groups to act as complements of each other.

She has a few bad habits, despite being of noble birth. Selyse is prone to oversleeping when not in service, or from skipping paperwork (though she hardly admits it). When in a hard time or doubt, Selyse has the habit of grinding her teeth until she feels them hurt, this bad habit has been giving her some tooth pain lately, though she also denies to accept they hurt because of her habit.


To know Selyse, it is needed to know about the Waveharp house first. This family of Lordaeron was well-known for being a trading company, counting with a small but relatively successful fleet. The family rose to a nobility rank through wealth and successful business on military. Selyse’s grandfather, Quentyn Waveharp, successfully raised to the rank of colonel, meeting a woman of name Milenna, another noble. After retiring from Lordaeron’s military, Quentyn had three sons, Benjamin, Alfred and Terrant.

Benjamin engaged in military, in name of his father, along with Terrant. Alfred instead took upon himself the task to keep the trading company running. Benjamin had a successful career, despite suffering some loses, including the one of his right eye and part of his nose. This made the man disfigured and disgruntled. Benjamin took a long time to find a spouse; only managing to once his father arranged him a marriage with a lesser noble family of Stormwind. He had a loveless marriage, the relationship with his spouse being built solely of tradition and respect for each other. Benjamin and Clarissa gave birth to only one child, Selyse. They tried to have more children, however after a few attempts and a few medical professionals they found Clarissa had grown sterile.

Benjamin raised Selyse to be a noble and after her wishes, a knight. Her first years were dedicated to education on noble manners and behavior, as well as education. At the age of ten, Selyse began her training with her uncle Terrant, a better master-at-arms than her own father, though lacking his military ability. She trained with him until the age of fifteen. By then, Benjamin, still engaged in the military, took Selyse upon his wing and so she became his squire. She practiced daily with him, both in swordsmanship, languages and military knowledge. Selyse showed since her squirehood to have an aptitude for leadership, almost as natural as her very father and grandfather.

The years passed and Selyse grew under her father’s wing, becoming a fine, well-educated woman and skilled knight. Forced by the war against the undead, the Waveharp was forced to build a small force of frigates, to complement the Alliance’s numbers. Once already an adult, at age of twenty five, Selyse was given command of her first ship, a small escort ship, but still was hers and for that she felt very proud. Along with her father Benjamin and her uncle Terrant, Selyse engaged in many critical battles of the alliance. They were forced to retreat to Stormwind once Lordaeron fell, the family receiving a few honors for helping evacuate the survivors with their trading ships.

Later, they fought at Mount Hyjal, under command of Jaina Proudmoore officers, helping hold the Legion back while the kal’dorei prepared their trap to defeat Archimonde. Despite the human force having several losses, they managed to succeed in gaining time for the Kal’dorei and soon retreated and regrouped, finding later that the trap was effective and that the legion’s invasion was held back.

Selyse would continue to command as a Mariner captain and soon found herself and her family involved in another war. Once prince Arthas rose as the Lich King, Waveharp family once again pledged allegiance to Stormwind and sworn to fight against him. The most important battle in Selyse’s life happened once the the Waveharp armed fleet engaged against Vrykul forces, in the sea. Her father Benjamin led the ship formation and his flagship was the first to engage in combat against the Vrykul, followed by the other ships in the formation. The battle was balanced and took long to end, the great turn-back happening once a large Kraken rose from the seas to assist the Vrykul. Marlene, Benjamin’s flagship, was grappled and broken under the large creature’s attack. The ship was obviously lost, and the crew was on the water, struggling to reach the other ships and save themselves. Selyse had to watch helplessly as her father and uncle fought valiantly against the Kraken, but fell to the mighty creature, dying and sinking along with the Waveharp’s flagship. As second in command, Selyse had to shake off the shock and continued to do battle, reorganizing the formation and encircling the Kraken with a few ships, while others kept Vrykul’s ships busy. After a long and violent barrage, the Kraken was devastated by cannon balls, and intimidated by the creature’s defeat the Vrykul group.

Selyse and her fleet returned to Stormwind once the war was over. The surviving ships were refitted to complement the trade fleet, and Selyse dismantled two and used new materials to gather together a new flagship for her family. The ship is finally complete, after two long years of careful planning and building. It was named The Dancer of Seas, in homage to how Selyse saw Benjamin and Terrant fighting, like two knights dancing against a powerful foe. While now being the family’s headmaster, Selyse took her uncle Alfred as advisor and he now cares for both family’s assignments and business. Meanwhile, Selyse makes new plans, wishing to bring pride to her family, so the sacrifice of her father and uncle won’t be forgotten.
It glosses over a few points, like where she lived for her life, but all in all is pretty reasonable.

[Image: B2hmvU1.gif]

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