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Senn Dawnreaver (Blood elf Warrior)
Player: Theredy42.

Character Full Name: Senn Dawnreaver.

Character In-Game Name: Senn.

Association(s): Silvermoon.

Race: Blood elf.

Class: Warrior.

Skills and Abilities: In his spare time he makes clothes.

Age: 60

Sex: Male.

Hair: Black, spiked.

Eyes: Fel green eyes.

Weight: 75kg

Height: 6’1”

Usual Garments/Armor: Senn usually wears silver mail armor with a red cloth shirt underneath, nothing fancy. He wears a belt which has a few pouches on it.

Other: Senn has a large scar running down the length of his arm.

Personality: Due to the racism of the humans towards Senn and his kind he started to dislike and distrust humans. Senn likes helping people in need. He also likes to tailor clothes for people who want and/or need them, usually in exchange for some coin.

He usually sees the world as nice and friendly, being pretty naive most of the time. Senn walks around with a smile on his face. He is not the smartest person in the world but he isn't dumb either.

Senn likes his family and doesn't mind to spend time with them. When he is away from home he doesn't really seem to mind that he is gone from them.

Senn sees trolls and Orcs as wild animals due to the wars his kind had with them. He doesn't seem to care much about the Forsaken and their fate. He likes the Tauren race for their wisdom and calm attitude in almost all situations.

History: Born the son to a huntress and a warrior, Senn had a simple life until he reached the age of 12. At this age his father started training him in the ways of the warrior.

He and his father practiced for days on end, with almost no breaks. Senn's father brought Senn to the edge, his arms hurting every day after each training. Senn's father saw his son grow into a competent and strong warrior over the years.

Once Senn reached the age of twenty, his father bought him a mail set of armor which would protect Senn in situations that required such and also giving Senn a chance to train with real armor. Despite the grueling training with his father, Senn took up his mother's art of tailoring, becoming quite the good tailor over the years.

When Senn reached the age of thirty-one, there were reports of massive, green creatures destroying human settlements and cities. Senn wondered what the reports were talking about and at first thought they were nothing but nonsense. He shrugged off the reports and continued training with his father and practicing the art of tailoring with his mother.

As soon as the second war started, Senn, his father and his mother were all called to serve at the front lines. During a fight with a group of Orcs he and his father almost lost their lives. They were taken back to the camp where they were healed by a group of Elven priests. Despite the priest's healing they were deemed unfit for further battle and were sent back to Silvermoon to rest and recover. Senn's mother was forced to stay behind at this point to continue the fight with the Orcish invaders.

Back in Silvermoon, Senn learned the Orcs were defeated and the remaining Orcs were put in internment camps. Shortly after he learned this, his mother returned home. After a while of rest and recovery, Senn and his father started training again and started his tailoring with his mother again. This continued for a few years and the Orcs rose again. This time the family was not called to the front.

Senn and his father kept practicing their training while managing to keep tailoring with his mother. As soon as Arthas made his march on Silvermoon, Senn and his parents fled, knowing they were no match for the undead army. The three retreated to a small village, where other elves were hiding, fearing the undead army approached. They never showed up. During the war the family felt strange and addicted to something. After a while of fighting it, they turned to the fel to deal with this addiction.

After the war ended the three returned to a ruined city, seeing the damage caused during the war. The three started helping to rebuild the city. Alongside the rest of their kind, Senn and his family started calling themselves Blood Elves, in honor of their fallen kin.

Recently Senn has learned of the Shattering by Deathwing, unsure what to think of it he shrugged it off, often still wondering what happened or how it could have happened.
I'd like to note that if they fled to Stormwind, they would've been too far away to be exposed to the Fel energies in Quel'Thalas and the demons lurking there. They would still be high elves. Most of the high elves remained in Quel'Thalas, struggling to rebuild. They were in no state to leave, and most of those who are now high elves were far away when Silvermoon fell. You can read about Kael'thas' exploits and consider whether your character went to Outland or remained behind. Either way, he would've severed ties with the Alliance.
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Fixed! Grin2
Approved [Pending Gruntship]!
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.

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