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Septimus' Love Story
Septimus' Love Story


I. The Beginning

II. The Meeting

III. The Task

IV. The Break Up

V. Letter in Return

(Will be updated as I complete each chapter. :D)
The Beginning

It all started on a nice, sunny day in Booty Bay, home to scoundrels, pirates, drunks, and the ever so present sexual encounter. On this day, however, a lone elf named Septimus Talah'Felo will encounter an individual with whom he begins a long journey through emotions and discovery. The water was glistening in the light, a clear blue in the bay. A few small groups conversed around the pier and in the tavern. But one draenei was, for lack of better terminology, aloof from the packs around her. Septimus would normally sit at the edge, his legs dangling over the side, tinkering with his little helicopter, or planning a new invention. He had his wrench and hammer clipped to his belt, as usual, and he sat down with a thud close to the draenei.

He pushed a small button on a remote, causing the helicopter to fly up and hover around his head. Normally the helicopter stays in his vicinity, but today it appeared to have a mind of it's own. It flew over to the draenei lady, who was leaning back against the nearby wooden pole. The helicopter hovered around her for a while, before landing softly before her.

Septimus, the awkward death knight, scooted closer noticing a huge metal mask around her head, and several metal plates over various parts of her body. He learned that her name was Kazuru, and from that moment forward he focused on nothing more, and nothing less.

(To be continued...)
The Meeting

Septimus and Kazuru got to know one another fairly quickly. They talked to each other about their strengths, weaknesses, the hunger, among other things. Septimus immediately perked up when Kazuru mentioned her mask was melted on and stuck. A perfect opportunity to get closer to her, while helping her as well. He offered to remove the mask, no matter what it takes, and she agreed. They split up for a while, Kazuru travelling through the Blades Edge Mountains in Outland, and Septimus in Booty Bay, until he got her most recent letter.

The letter simply stated that Kazuru was to be in Ice Crown, at the Argent Tournament Grounds, to help a group she was a part of, The Tri-Written. Septimus had lived at the grounds since he broke free from the Lich King's grasp, so he left for the grounds soon after receiving the letter. There, Septimus met Kazuru, this time she was wearing a dress. He could not take his eyes off of her, and the weird feeling in his gut started up again. This went on for a while, until they had to leave each other for the night.

The next morning, Septimus met an elf named Kavok Sarrowfang, supposed leader of the Tri-Written. Or at least he was in Septimus' eyes. They spoke breifly about Kazuru and how Septimus heard of the group through Kazuru, when Kavok asked the strangest of questions. He asked Septimus if he had developed affection for Kazuru. Stunned at first, his old stutter coming back, he confessed to such, and started asking how Kavok would know such a thing, what it means, and how to make it last.

Mid-way through his barrage of questioning and answering, Kazuru ran at Septimus, hugging him tightly. He was stunned, but what happens next would stun him even more so. Kavok noticed a ring on Kazuru's hand, one which Septimus had no knowledge of, and asked if she was planning on marrying another elf. Septimus, to say the least, froze over from the thought of losing Kazuru, and was only brought back when Kazuru grabbed him and hugged him tight, saying she didn't love that one, but.. who? She didn't finish the sentence, as she would've just confessed her love for Septimus, as he just had for Kazuru, only to Kavok.

They split up for the night, again, and Septimus awaited the next day to venture to the Argent Tent.
The Task

On this fine, clear day, Septimus was hanging around Kavok, Cloria, and Alcon in the blacksmiths tent. Alcon and Septimus were hitting it off really well, and they started wandering around the snowy grounds, before Alcon pulled a nasty trick and made Septimus believe Kavok stole his candle.

Septimus never even had a candle, but nonetheless, the angry death knight starts yelling at Kavok about it, before realizing the paladin is standing behind Cloria, her uncovered legs slightly showing, while she was hammering away at her legplates. Kavok got him to turn on Alcon, but by the time he calmed down enough to give chase, the undead was gone.

Septimus sat down on a bench, far from the couple at the blacksmiths, and pushed a button on his helicopter. It popped out of his belt, and began cutting a purple gem into the shape of a heart. Before realizing it was still out, and Septimus could hide it, Kazuru walked up to him and asked what it was.

Frightened, yet so in love, he stuttered his way into an affectionate hug, and watched as Kazuru slipped the purple crystalline rock in her bag. She made a move to kiss him, but they just bonked heads instead, and Septimus finally noticed he had all the necessary tools to remove that infuriating mask from Kazuru's head.

And so began his laborious task of removing the mask without cutting Kazuru's skin, then gauzing the holes it bore into her neck and scalp. He worked for hours, but got it done eventually, when Kavok tried interrupting him. Septimus pushed a small wrist button, and his helicopter pops out again, spraying Kavok with shroom dust. One after another, the helicopters were destroyed, until Septimus was finally complete, and Kazuru asleep on the cot within the Argent Tent.

The next day, Septimus met Kazuru out on the snow, and asked how the mask felt. Since she was asleep, she never knew he finished, so she says it feels the same, when Septimus chuckles and pushes a small strap on the mask. It clatters to the ground loudly, and Kazuru, overcome with happiness, charges at Septimus, hugging him and kissing him all over his face.

Septimus, not used to so much affection, started heating up, to the point where he had to remove parts of his armor to keep from destroying the straps holding it together.

The death knight couple went on with their romance for a long time, before came a day when all of Septimus' hopes and dreams, were shattered.
The Break Up

It was a nice day on the Argent Tournament grounds, and Septimus was on an icy hilltop, overlooking the vast Northern Sea, towards Hrothgar's Landing. He was just kicking rocks off the cliff, bored out of his mind, when he noticed a really big hanging rock, barely holding on to the mountainside. He smiles, getting up and kicking it off. It made an extremely loud racket on the way down the mountain, breaking other chunks of rock off as it fell.

Behind Septimus was a small pinnacle, and behind the pinnacle Kazuru was seated, writing in her diary. She was quietly scrawling notes in it when she heard the loud crashing of rock on rock. She put away her diary, turning around, and noticed Septimus standing there at the edge. She yelled for him, and he ran up to her giving her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. They stood there, motionless, lest a single breath could ruin the moment.

That moment didn't last very long. Kazuru looked at Septimus with eyes full of confusion, and started talking about being confused and not feeling 'it' anymore. The couple sat down at the edge, where Septimus was earlier, and started talking about their relationship.

Kazuru told Septimus that she didn't feel their spark anymore, and that she hoped if worst came to worst, that they could still be friends. Worst thing to ever say to a guy. However, Septimus told her it'll be alright, and to follow her heart. Kazuru got up to leave, giving Septimus one last peck on the cheek, before heading back to the tents, where she rested until the next day.

Septimus seemed fine when she left, but pretty soon broke into tears, and then cries. Kavok, Cloria, and Alexis were all behind the rocky outcropping, and as Septimus emerged from the rocks with no armor on, no axe, and blood dripping down his arm, nobody even noticed. But he didn't care. He walked to the nearby drink vendor, and bought a gold's worth of the strongest ale they had. He began drinking it swiftly, heating up his blood and speeding up the flow so he could actually feel some of the effects of alcohol on his body. He stumbled past Kavok and Cloria, who paid no heed to the depressed elf, and tripped into Alexis.

She asked him what was wrong, and he told her that Kazuru broke up with him, and he had nothing to live for anymore. He started off to the hillside, bent on jumping off and committing suicide. Alexis stopped him, and bandaged his wounds, only keeping him still with her calming words.

(The next day...)
Septimus was wandering around the tournament grounds, alone and fully armored. He was still bloody, but most had dried onto his skin. He was walking around the grounds, crying, when he saw a poster that someone needed help with retrieving something for the Argent Crusade. It said to meet at the Alliance Tent, so he headed for that.

There, he ran into Carol, an Argent Warrior whom he met a few days before the break up. She explained that they had to retrieve highly explosive saronite from cultists, and he, along with two night elves, and Kazuru, ventured off with Carol.

Kazuru would keep trying to talk to Septimus, but he would ignore her and start cackling maniacally, talking about killing himself and everything that stood in his path. He kept saying he had nothing to live for, and Kazuru was very worried for his safety.

While exploring the deserted cultist hideout, Septimus took the brunt of the hits, trying to save the group from all danger, sacrificing himself instead. A frost wyrm had shown up, attacking the group ferociously, and with no remorse.

Septimus never seemed to hit it, and always seemed to take all the hits. But when he was hit down once, the wyrm got him locked in it's jaw. He kept it from clamping down on him with sheer strength alone, while the group tried to save him. But, it was all in vain. As Septimus lost some strength, the wyrm clamped it's jaws on him, chewing him up and spitting him out as a mangled corpse. Kazuru witnessed his death, and helped the others carry it back for a proper burial.

(This last few pages of the book are stained in blood, and the last paragraph written cannot be read, except for a few lines about Septimus, Kazuru, love, betrayal, death, and lastly...hope.)
(Hey guys! Even though I'm away ingame currently, I'll be continuing Vitaly's story, and will be bringing this thread back up and running! Enough chatter, and let's get down to reading!)

Letter in Return

Kazuru's gone. Again. If he wasn't already doing research, Septimus would have definitely gone insane and probably hurt himself in the process. This time he almost did, though his helicopters stopped him. It took him a while to realize Kat was gone as well. The large robotic cat is somewhat hard to miss, but he assumed Kazuru took the contraption with her.

He spent the first day he was alone, tinkering with his helicopter's and various other contraptions, never leaving his room, except to watch over the people in the Bay. He's never noticed. Never seen. Never heard.

He began singing to calm himself, and despite his dark voice, he sings pretty well. The first time he sang, he sang of the sun not shining when his lover leaves, leaving only darkness. (Anyone get that hint of the song? If not you'll find out in a bit!)

"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone... It's not warm when she's away...
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone... And she's always gone too long...
Anytime...She goes away...
Wonder this time... Where she's gone...
Wonder if she's gone to stay..."

(Now do you get it?)

He would sing this whenever he would get the hunger pains again, tinkering on various contraptions of uncompleted works while singing the tune. Frequently, after he began singing, people would gather outside his room, down on the main deck of the pier, and would listen to his song, many bursting into tears as it was a very solemn melody.

The various instrumental parts were played by his helicopter's, all recorded from listening to many instruments brought to the Bay.

Then came the day he got the letter from Kazuru, and he remembered what had happened to him on his trip, and when he wrote his letter. He had been near a cave, and was searching for a crystal lode he was told was nearby. A group of pirates had caught him and attempted to torture him, but as he is a death knight, he felt nothing and simply shrugged off the blood loss until he got home.

Those pirates are all in Davy Jones' Locker now, resting at the bottom of the ocean as shark food. Septimus had made sure of that when he got away.

Anyways, Septimus lived normally in his home, tinkering and singing his way into a spiraling depression that he would only be able to leave with Kazuru back safe. He wondered if she would ever return. She told him herself she doesn't feel anything. That she forgot everything. He began losing hope, and his only consolation, was that he had this book to write in, his helicopters for company, and his singing to calm himself with.


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