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Server rates link
Just pointing out that when I tried to use the link on the home page, in the opening paragraph, to look at the server rates it told me I didnt have permission (or something like that). Now I'm just thinking that if i cant access that how are people coming to the forum to check out the server going to access it?

Just pointing that out. (I thought about putting it in the glitch or bug section of the forum but i thought that might just be for server stuff so I stuck it here if thats ok)

Also one more question... when is peek time on the server just out of interest?

thanks :D

Edit: Deleted some text about my first character profile so not to engulf the wrath of the lich... I mean, the GMs.
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Use the Wiki link in the main menu, once on said link look to the right and there's a list of rates.

And the bugs forum is for everything to do with the server. I'm pretty sure of it anyway, but it doesn't matter. Here's fine I suppose.

I THINK when you log ingame that the very first thing that comes up is the info about the server, and it said something about peek somewhere. It might have been players though.

And please, don't ask us to check your profile. That's one thing that GMs hate. A lot. Just making sure you don't get the wrath of GM fury unleashed upon you. ^^

Hope this helps.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
kk sorry about the profile thing, I didnt think it would be too much just to put a little line on the bottom, but I guess I shouldnt have even mentioned it, I'll edit it if you think it would be best...?
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I am Hunter - Play [url=http://games.wegame.com/]Free Online
I would reccomend it. ^^

EDIT: Althought I tested it out and I got the same message. But it's still accessable from the Wiki.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

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