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Shackles of hell, released.
Perin's felt a slighted drops of rain fall onto his forehead which protruded out of the muddy soil. As his lips parted dirt and gravel would seep through his teeth and down his throat. He had been buried in a shallow grave, the last memory being of Bailey standing over him before searing his chest with a spell. He coughed feebly, desperate to rid his mouth of the dirt that had accumulated within it.
He tried to move, but found that his legs and arms where kept firmly in place by the soil. Why he had returned from the bowels of hell, he did not know, yet the will to survive still burnt strong within his heart.

He spat and snarled as he struggled to move his arms and legs frantically, churning the soil aside as it turned to mud from the rain. Soon enough, his small frame would protrude from the mess remaining of his grave. He hauled himself over the edge onto the grass, the rain smattering down upon him to wash the mud away. His eyes struggled to adjust, even to the darkness of the night sky looming over him.
His small fingers dug into the wet grass as he wheezed, the remaining dirt dribbling down his chin as his mind wandered over what had transpired. The feeling in his weakened limbs soon began to return, malign hatred fueling his wavering gait upward as he rose to look down into the messy pit where he had lied for a duration to him unknown.

Bailey's face returned, burnt beneath his eyelids, flashing through his mind endlessly. His eyes wandered slowly over the shadow clad jungle fauna surrounding him, yet he had no memory of how he had got there. He sat, staring blindly into the star filled night sky as if in search of answers. The jeering light of a gibbous moon shining down on him.

Why had he been released from his hellish shackles?

Killer: Bailey

Resurrecter: Himself [Soul-shard]

Short Term Effects:
-Confusion, disorientation.
-Blurred vision, impaired hearing.
-Loss of hand-eye coordination.

Long Term Effects:
-High blood-pressure.
-Clammy, dry skin.
-Is more inclined to be dehydrated.

Permanent Effects:
-Insomnia, angst.
-Weakened joints.
-Violent mood swings.
-Stomach ulsters and ache.

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