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Shademourne's All-Inclusive Guide of Awesomeness!
I must remind myself and read it over at least once a month. Great guide.
[Image: lich_king_signature_by_wyrx-d3jo9rm.png]
Edit'd some of the messy bits and updated the Belves/Forsaken from the Sin'Sholai to now current lore.
[Image: lich_king_signature_by_wyrx-d3jo9rm.png]
I think perhaps this guide needs updating, because I followed the instructions to getting on the right patch and am having some difficulty.

The files that used to be named Patch.mpq and patch-2.mpq must have been renamed, and I assumed they are now expansion1.mpq and expansion2.mpq. So I deleted those and attempted to run the repair tool, only now that's gone and been replaced with WowError which for some reason doesn't want to launch at all...

So yeah, any ideas?


I'd take a look at these. Additionally, if problems persist, I suggest making a topic in the Technical Support subforum and provide more details (such as screenshots of your WoW folders) so we can help you along better and see which files are actually present, what's wrong and so on.

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