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Shyllisyr Voidstriker [Kaldorei Warrior][Red Dragonsworn]
Player: Absurdkoala

Character Full Name: Shyllisyr Voidstriker

Character In-Game Name: Shyllisyr

Nickname(s): Shy

Association(s): Darnassus, Red Dragonflight, The Sentinels

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Advanced warfare and combative skills, elite training in ranged and close quarters combat with spears and blades, basic herb knowledge and an intuitive ability to spot then exploit weaknesses in her enemies.

Age: 10,773

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark blue and grown past her shoulders

Eyes: Silver

Scale/Height: 1.05

Usual Garments/Armor: Very light armor, while not lacking in protection it offers her the right amount of mobility. She wears a band in her hair, keeping it bound away from her face, with the gem gifted by the flight implanted inside it. She wears two small blades in leather sheathes on her hips, obviously of elven craft, along with a glaive which she tends to hold at all times.

Personality: Years of war has left Shyllisyr with a taciturn presence, her expression has grown serious with strangers but to those she is familiar with and accepting of she's a stalwart defender. While tolerant of all kinds of people, she can quickly become cold to those who she feels disrespected by. Being humble she tries not to speak of her previous accomplishments unless it is necessary for her well being, though part of her wishes to forget most of it. She holds herself proudly, constantly wanting to prove to everyone she has deserved her standing in life, even willing to turn hostile to those who think lowly of her.

Shyllisyr was born to unimportant parents, neither of them holding a high standing or have accomplished any great deeds, that is past bringing their only daughter into the world. Even at a young age, Shyllisyr was a very active child. She held great initiative to better herself in both body and her mind. While growing up in the sea of their collective community, Shyllisyr put all her energy into standing out among the rest, drawing in the attention of the elder members. During her younger years she learned everything she could from the local warriors and hunters. She practiced daily, training herself in the ways of endurance, archery and the blade. Outside of her physical and combative training, she learned what every Kaldorei learned in the way of survival. Hunting, herbology and agility training helped Shyllisyr prepare to handle anything she could encounter in this world, but not from the others.

There wasn't a single person ready for the demons entering the realm of Azeroth through the Well of Eternity, save for the ones who had helped Sargeras's forces through. While Shyllisyr was not as close to the Well and the immediate destruction, it quickly spread to her neck of the woods. She fought tirelessly against the never ending waves of demons, aiding the other soldiers, trying to move them out of the scramble so they could regroup. Before Shyllisyr would leave, she went to check on her parents. As she entered their abode, she found their tattered corpses strewn across the ground in more than one piece. In the center of the room stood a demon she at this point hadn't seen in the carnage, a Doomguard basking in his most recent act of slaughter, Shyllisyr before this moment couldn't even effectively describe the word 'hate' to it's fullest, but now it was all she felt. The Doomguard payed little attention to the presence of Shyllisyr, continuing his mutilation of her family, but that was until she took the chance for the first strike. Instantly, the demon whirled around in anger, his attention now focused on the elf who dared to cause him pain or interrupt his current affair. Having seen first hand what these demons were capable of, to an extent, Shyllisyr never dropped her guard against the demon standing before her, facing him head on until only one of them still stood. Fighting viciously without remorse had helped Shyllisyr defeat the demon, though she was in a critical position, parts of her body covered in burns, bruises and deep lacerations left her weak but through the confusion she stumbled out into the open and managed to escape from the onslaught for the moment, reforming with the rest of the survivors.

Shyllisyr rested, her wounds being tended to as the rest of her people struggled to find a course. While many people suffered, Shyllisyr's injuries were something a bit different. The people who knew her were sure it was her attempt to keep fighting when the fight was lost, but she quickly told her story. Most people didn't believe in it fully, but as Shyllisyr and the others were pushed back further to Mount Hyjal, her tale gathered the right attention. Cenarius received the aid of Alexstrasza and her dragons, one drake heard about Shyllisyr and her encounter with the Doomguard, eventually meeting her under the guise of another Kaldorei. There she told him about the demon and the challenge she had faced to defeat it, though she did not tell about the fate of her parents. It did little to keep the attention of the drake, a story with little evidence to show for it other than her physical scars. When the time came for the combined forces to combat the demons once more, Shyllisyr held nothing back. As Malfurion worked to end the Highbornes spellwork, Shyllisyr fought against the demons with the same fury she had shown the Doomguard earlier in her life.

After the conflict and shattering of the world, Shyllisyr was contacted once more by the same drake from before. He had seen her abilities live up to her story, along with the understanding of the danger she stared down on her own. Shyllisyr was humble, not wanting to boast about herself but keep to herself. During their interaction, the drake reveled his true form to the elf, who had quickly dropped to all fours, her weapon being cast aside as she kept her gaze to the ground. She was unsure how to react so she remained silent, the drake expressed how useful she could be and showed her more praise than she had ever expected to receive from any being but as quickly as he had shown himself, he was gone.

Shyllisyr had settled herself inside what is now Ashenvale, instantly joining the Sentinels forces, there she stayed peacefully for many years until the War of the Satyr began. After the last encounter with demons, the abilities of the Satyr weren't far different than something she had dealt with before but she didn't let it get to her head. Being as cautious as she can be kept her head level and probably saved her life more than once during the war. She showed the Satyr the same courtesy she had shown others who utilize their dark magic. Shyllisyr slowly focused more on slaying enough of her enemies to off set the losses than just trying to save lives like she once had.

Shyllisyr had survived the war against the Satyr, though that held little meaning to her by this point. Her whole life had been nothing but confrontation up to this point. She learned about the exiling of the Highborne, while she knew none personally, she was glad they were gone. She blamed them for so long for causing so much destruction in their lifetime, to her, the Highborne were just as bad as the demons who had threatened their existence twice now. With the Highborne gone, Shyllisyr started to relax, her anger changed back into joy but her worry didn't vanish. With the ones who caused the demons arrival gone and out of sight, she kept fearing the worst and refused to be unprepared. Due to this she trained harder, even teaching new soldiers as she built up her own rank among the warriors. She became a small but respected figure to those who knew her, those who didn't had only heard about her actions and bravery.

For thousands of years Shyllisyr worked as a soldier, student and teacher but her simple lifestyle wouldn't last forever. The Silithid and Qiraji began their assault against the Kaldorei, quickly laying siege for months until Shyllisyr found herself in Tanaris. The dragons returned to aid against the terrible force, there they began their final stand against the Qiraji. Shyllisyr fought at the gate, holding the line with her forces until the Qiraji were locked back inside their city thanks to Shiromar. Shyllisyr was unsure how long the fighting took place or how many of the Silithid she had slain. When the dust settled, Shyllisyr was contacted by the Red Dragonflight, specifically by the now dragon she met long ago. Their interest was peaked, learning what she had accomplished wasn't blind luck made her look like a promising individual instead of a mortal with a bad experience. Her actions regarding her people and to what extent she would go to protect them without fail and with repetition was enough to show her potential, but the flight was still wary about her and she could feel that. Proving herself is what she had become good at and to her, this was the final test.

They left her to be with her people, Shyllisyr helping her race rebuild again as the flight went back to their own agenda. She rested easily once more, focusing more on helping her race form a sturdy foundation to hold itself on. Her actions during the War of the Shifting Sands earned her reputable recognition among her fellow Sentinels. Those who desired to learn from her were allowed, most of her students were other Sentinel soldiers which filled her with pride knowing the ones willing to put their life on the line to protect their kind were looking to her for help.

The slaying of Cenarius by the orcs infuriated Shyllisyr, bringing her back out of the cities to combat the orcs as their blood filled campaign spread through their lands. She spent little time in the field against the orcs with soldiers under her command until she was called to action against the forces of the Burning Legion again. She quickly brought her talents, and knowledge gained about the demons from her previous encounters, to use as she fought with the same furor she's always harbored for their kind. There was little time spent with the other races the Kaldorei discovered through the carnage brought back by the Burning Legion, Shyllisyr moving her forces to Nordrassil to partake in the final battle against the demons. Shyllisyrs and her forces held the line without question, helping keep the demons at bay until Malfurion's plan could be carried out but it didn't come without a price. Now left mortal, Shyllisyr felt accomplished with her actions and those of her soldiers, the arrival of the flights guardians to Hyjal brought hope to Shyllisyr, the dragons always helped her feel at peace when the hours grew dark. Having been lightly associated with the Red Dragonflight before hand, Shyllisyr was put in the spotlight by the ones who had been watching her. She had shown herself time and time again without fail, offering Shyllisyr the opportunity to swear an oath of fealty to the Red Dragonflight and act as one of their own wasn't the life Shyllisyr pictured as a young girl but her goals were still met just the same. She accepted the offer humbly, ensuring that she will act as their hand until the end of her days.

Shyllisyr ventured back home for a few years, briefly communicating with the flight in regards to any of their concerns for her people and the sanctity of their world. Shyllisyr's actions this far in life has made her the equivalent to a Colonel within the Sentinels, where she leads a squad of 300 with the help of a few other commissioned officers. From Darnassus she was asked to help protect the Ruby Dragonshrine from the Lich King and his Scourge armies. After the conflict in Northrend, Shyllisyr returned home to Darnassus, that is until she was called upon again by the flight she served. New issues have arrived that threaten to send Azeroth into a spiral of turmoil and destruction, but as long as she keeps breathing, Shyllisyr will be there to hold the line.

-Which dragon is this character joining?
The Red Dragonflight.
-Why would this Dragon take notice of this character?
Constant demonstration of her willingness to protect those around her from unnatural forces even if it means her death and extreme loyalty shown through her constant participation in her races conflicts.
-What would make your character a good Dragonsworn?
Her loyalty can not be broken, she will accomplish the task she is given or die trying. Her actions are proof that she takes initiative to abolish the forces that the Red Dragonflight opposes, being courageous enough to face the biggest and baddest demons or undead out in the world to prove herself to her superiors, let's not forget that she's just a natural born survivor.
-What would make your character a bad Dragonsworn?
Being a Dragonsworn makes the biggest part of her reputation a secret, she enjoys having a prominent presence and this can cause her some emotional stress. Her constant attempts to stand out to the Flight can end up badly for her, she tends to bite off more than she can chew. Very rarely does she ever ask for help, instead she prefers to order people around to do what she wants, what she wants is usually the only thing she sees as right.
[Image: 6bf327addada.gif]
Paragraph 1 mentions the Sentinels. Unfortunately, the Sentinels didn't exist 'til after War of the Ancients.

Paragraph 2; the only Kaldorei Druid that existed during the War of the Ancients was Malfurion. You mention her aiding Druids, but that couldn't have been done. It's small, but it's still important.

Paragraph 7; the time between the War of the Shifting Sands and the War of the Ancients is 9,000 years. This is an incredibly small nitpick that I feel like I shouldn't even be posting, but the Drake would've been a dragon by that point.

Paragraph 9, you mention her moving her forces to Nordrassil, which have a vital impact on the Legion and stop them in their tracks. There are a few questions I have related to this;

1) I'm going to assume she began to command other Sentinels when she began teaching them. If so, does she still retain this position? How many sentinels can she lead? What's her standing within the Sentinel army?

2) The way you word it in your paragraph ("With Shyllisyr's help on the front lines"), it makes it seem like she has a massive impact on the battle, as if it couldn't have happened without their presence. Perhaps this is just a slip-up of grammar, or was it intentional?

3) The Legion was never stopped in their tracks. The entire defense of Nordrassil in the battle for Hyjal was merely to buy time for Furion's plan. So, that slip-up will need to be changed.

Paragraph 10; I just have a few concerns about her time in Northrend;

1) You mention her going to fight in the Nexus War, but suddenly have her taking part in the fight against Sapphiron. The Nexus War was a War against the Blue Dragonflight, whereas Sapphiron is with the Scourge. So, I'm kinda confused on what you have her doing in Northrend.

2) Also, we don't allow characters to have taken part in clearing raids or dungeons ICly, so she wouldn't have been in the group fighting Sapphiron.

3) Then again, right after, you seem to exaggerate what effect she has on the Nexus War with "With her help the Blue Dragonflight had been dealt with". At least to me, this suffers from the same issue as the Hyjal part -- where it couldn't have happened without her. It's not that big of an issue, but if it could be fixed, it would be wonderful.

Also, as a final note, you mention her having elite training in her skills and abilities; this cannot transfer over to in-game. As I'm sure you know, you can't go enforcing your character having a combat advantage over anyone else in-game. So, just making sure that's remembered.
Darn, you foiled my plans! Don't worry, I know and I don't plan to just be better than everyone. Beer

Now that I had my fun, let's see to these issues! They should be all fixed, most of the work was just rewording the sentences or removing some simple parts like the Nexus War. Thanks for letting me know about these and hopefully there aren't many more, but if there are just let me know!
[Image: 6bf327addada.gif]
All clear from my end, then! Thank you for the fast response.

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I am tech support

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