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Sims Freeplay, CotH edition (sorta)
For those who've played Sims, the freemium app on the portable device plays rather differently from the main game--actions are done entirely on real time (so certain tasks can take real-time hours to complete), and you have to make the commands to do those tasks/take care of your Sims rather than have them be automated via traits. Nevertheless, weird and silly things happen to my Sims beyond my control. Tibalan (Timothy) gets eaten by plants a lot, Urameil is eaten by fish a lot (I lack a screencap, but I'll get one the next time it happens), and there is this alien that invades Kantado (Kenneth) and Ninde's home while they're woohooing and as their baby have arrived.

[Image: oyG5Oot.png]

....Oh, yes! I have COTH characters as my Sims, but sadly, I am running low on Sim space--at current, the app allows around 32 max Sims, and the level cap is at 55. However, patches here and there have increased the Sim number as well as the level cap. Right now, I'm saving up my Sim numbers for children for my couples, though I intend to remove a few (Aereal isn't intended to stay forever. She and Urameil will eventually divorce before she'd leave town).

[Image: MJyCZzD.png]

Not listed is Baby Aldreth, Kantado and Ninde's Sim baby (maybe-possible-dunno future canon baby?). I realize I accidentally left out Aereal, but she's just about a Faelara head on a Reigen body (but in a white dress).

Some notes:
  • I originally intended to have everyone with a sensible real-life name, thus why Kapre is Cristian, Kantado is Kenneth, Diwaata is Danaw, Tibalan is Timothy, and Mahen'tosh is Modesto. However, once I started added Sims of characters I didn't own, I stopped bothering with real-life names and just used their canon WoW names XD.
  • Mahen'tosh looks young because the option to age my Sims to the elderly is not made available yet. I have to achieve it in a quest.
  • Oh, god, why so many Perez's? It's a game naming convention I honestly find annoying. Before I gave up on changing names, the core characters of mine with altered names, in the Sims world, were also blood family-Cristian, Danaw, Timothy, and Kenneth were blood siblings with Modesto as their grandfather. However, I didn't realize that when you have a partner move in with you, even if your characters didn't marry, their surname changes. Thus, Riael Nova became Riael Perez (when he should have stayed Riael Nova).
  • In addition to the above, Paulton Cooper became Paulton Blackwood because I had Roux ask him to move in with her instead of the other way around (Roux had more stuff in her home). Krilari got the surname discrepancy the same way. Yeah.
  • Costumes and hairstyles look limited right now because I haven't completed enough tasks/quests to unlock the cooler stuff.
  • I have intentions to add children for Reigen/Krilari and Jyovani/Faelara, but I wanna know what their kids' names and genders would be first. After that, I'm probably only adding more adult Sims.
  • Now that I think of it, I have a LOT of redheads.

Because of the Sim limit, I can't humanly possibly add every CotH friend's character in my game (I wanted to add the Hunter-Colemann family, but goddamn 10 characters already xD). I just downloaded Sims 3 and got the expansions, so I might just add toons there if I run out of room in my phone. I also intend to get Sims: Medieval, but I'm going to reserve that one for my other characters.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
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Didn't know Sim's had an app. Looks like I'll finally have a new phone game.

(08-01-2014, 02:50 PM)ImagenAshyun Wrote: I also intend to get Sims: Medieval, but I'm going to reserve that one for my other characters.

Also, just putting it out there, I love Sims Medieval. Easily my favorite Sim's game ever. It's something like an extra 10 dollars to get the Pirates and Nobles expansion pack (which will sadly be the only thing they add to the game, no hopes of a Sims Medieval 2) but its totally worth it if you end up liking the base game.
[Image: c9eda896-b205-41b9-9f52-22b1e122210f.jpg]
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Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
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* WindZealot peers.

Oh, myyyyy~…
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer

[Image: tumblr_m00qfdoBWr1qd87hlo1_500.gif]

i am sea-bass
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Sims would be fun if I didn't have to suffer through 15 minutes of loading screens to start it up. No seriously with all expansions for Sims 3 installed-- which I got through less than legal means-- it literally takes 15 minutes to load up a game.

Still, it's an alright way to kill boredom although my first experience with the sims almost ten years ago ended with a burning house with no exits and wooden chairs on fire spelling out the phrase "**** THIS **** IT NEVER ENDS"
[Image: 293D4BE4-7170-4C2A-B8BF-7EA572513EBD.jpg]
[Image: Lazuri65.png]
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It's like if CotH and Modern Family had a baby.

I would love to see sitcom style updates for this family!
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I could poke you in Skype with all of Fae and Jyo's children!
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