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Singerius "Singe" Azial Highstride [Belf] [Pre-approved, Reworked]
Player: DaveM

Character Full Name: Singerius Azial Highstride

Character In-Game Name: Singe

Nickname(s): Singe, Fleshy, Psych', Red, Blaze

Association(s): (formerly or loosely): Blood Knights, Aula Arcanum, Silvermoon, House Highstride, Light of Nova

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Polymath (Mage)

Skills and Abilities:
As a polymath, magecraft is not afforded the typical extent of attention most mages grant, and thus, Singe’s expertise is reduced to fire-casting and those few pure arcane spells that he utilizes regularly.

Searching for theoretical insight into all areas of knowledge, Singe’s knowlegde and insight is constantly being extended on all other schools and veins of magic (without the ability to cast anything except arcane), fields of science (technical, social and martial) and the fine arts.

Age: 145

Sex: Male

Hair: Red

Eyes: Faded Green

Weight: 9 stone 9 ounces (About 140 lbs.)

Height: 5’10”

Alignment: Rather-chaotic Leaning-on-good

Appearance: Usually in comfortable clothwear, but carries around with him a full set of "conflict-gear” for whenever assignments would emerge, including puch-belts around the waist and over the shoulder. They contain a variety of magical and technical utility, offensive and defensive items.


Outspoken and impulsive, but quick witted.

Singe is a deep thinker and kind heart who would do anything and everything not to let it show. He is an introvert with a thick mask of extroversion. He has a severe issue with authority he finds illegitimate, especially formal authority. He opposes most kinds of judgement that are based on anything other than merit and tries to make the logical decisions for his well-being, while shrouding them in a mask of questionable sanity. This masked logical self centered decision-making is often side-tracked by considerations of others and by the tendency of giving the pleasures of life their more-than-fair-share.

Singe has strong independence of mind, seeking freedom from the constraints of authority, convention, or sentiment for its own sake. He is a strong individualist who seeks new angles or novel ways of looking at things and enjoys coming to new understandings. He trusts his vision of how the world should be regardless of what others think.

He is dedicated to the idea that the best image of the world can be obtained only through the objective observation of as much of it as possible. He believes that individuals should strive towards excelence, the chosen needing to accumulate said excelence in as many fields as possible. He believes that with a select few attaining the insight for correct vision and with their true multilateral development, the world can be allowed to develop into superior stages.


Young runaway noble turned merc.
Singerius was the child of Shindara Highstride, a pyromancer of renown, and her lover, Thelin Narmolanya. Singe would know Oreollor Highstride, teacher of Arcane Arts at the Silvermoon Academy and former priest of the light to be his father throughout all of his youth. His first years evolved under the conflict between the excellence-seeking desires for him of his father and his mother's desire to make him a free spirited individual. Constantly pressured yet sheltered by the noble ways of high elven society, Singerius (so named after his Grandfather on his father's side) has always tried to maintain his spirit and personality while never directly opposing his father's authority for many years.

Fire magic having been his subject of choice, he has studied with great mages of Quel'Thalas as well as with the Kirin Tor. Soon after graduation from the Silvermoon academy with degrees in the arcane arts, law and drama, with the first war on the horison Singerius took, in opposition to his father’s current wishes but in recognition of “past glory of virtue the old man was hardly worthy of”, a position of squireship with the the Church of Holy light, ascending to Knight rank before long. Adept at the elimination of the most vile threats, he also amassed deep insight into the nature of fel and shadow magic. With increasing proficiency with the light, holy fire most notably, the time of the three wars came as he became aligned with the Silver Hand. Yet as the third war developed in scope, summons came, urgently calling him to the Eversong estate owned by his family. This turned out to have been a means for the House Highstride and its private security force to insure the survival of their own as the conflict grew to climax.

Outraged that he and his family had been in retreat at a countryside estate as the Sunwell fell and now a blood elf hardly by choice, Singe began preparing his departure from the estate and the break from all that was Highstride. Although he thought that his lost ability to cast the light’s magic was a result of the Sunwell’s loss, he would soon find that he himself no longer held that ability himself, having lost true faith.

Searching for purpose, he began to seek the most unorthodox teachers of the kinds of magic he hoped could still hold some purity, those that would be willing to try to teach a fel-child their craft. Though druidic and shamanic teachers guided him through teachings and meditations, the fel and arcane within him never truly allowed for him to ever get through to the spirits or nature itself. Without an alternative, he turned to the study of mechanics, delving for a while into the world of technology and armaments especially. Also beginning to study fire-again, he began to regularly use a spellgun for his fire-casting, and to again use arcane for the usage of transportation magic and scrying.

In the following years, he became a competent mercenary, hiring out his re-trained flame-hand to all but the most horrid of employers. The period also served to teach him to cope with a harder life, maturing him as all the theoretical knowledge accumulated sometimes clashed with and sometimes explained the occurrences and events of "real life". While with his family, the need for energy had always been provided for and satiated, once alone, providing for this need proved the greatest challenge, searching tome after tome, teacher after techer, for means to avoiding the consumption of fel.

After several years of climbing both the mercenary and teaching ladders available to a renaissance merc as himself Singerius went on to enter politics, in leading the public face of the Light of Nova, the Novalight House’s umbrella organisation, handling public relations, negotiations and the (mostly) legal side of business ventures. Satisfied with the basis set in these areas of the Light of Nova, Singe went on to pursue further avenues of knowledge, always a Jack of all trades, attempted master of any.
[Image: Boys.jpg]
Quote:former Silver Hand Paladin
I am afraid that neither paladins nor the Silver Hand existed until after the First War.

Please make the appropriate changes where neccesary.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
Edited, thankies.
[Image: Boys.jpg]
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa

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