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Slipping into the half-shadow
(This is the storyline of Kirabo's path to learning to manipulate the Shadow. As much as rogues can, he'll learn from the Penumbra's Shadow representatives. Most of this storyline will just be retold from actual in-game roleplay, but it is nonetheless important for the sake of perpetuation.)

"Got you!" - the Gnome cheered. He finally saw the crest everyone was talking about back in Old Town. The crest of Penumbra. The Kaldorei bearing it was a tall, slim woman. The fact that she was clad in clothes of Human craft was what caught Kirabo's eye at first. Inspecting her further, he saw the distinguishable symbol on the female's chest. "I've got them." - he nodded to himself. His heart started beating ever so quicker. It's only natural; Shifting from shadow to half-shadow - from umbra to penumbra - means revealing yourself to danger. He was ready to take this risk, though. For what it's worth, he was willing to die. He left the in soon after her, following her eastbound.

He tried to memorize the path they took to the small chapel at the far end of Deadwind Pass, but couldn't manage. The place was as monotonously dead as it gets, every rock a seeming mirror image of the others. Worst of all, it was raining and Kirabo was cold. "I'm cold." - he said, after entering the chapel and revealing himself to the Night Elf. He was shivering in his skin, and Linevi's blank gaze was not helping. She gave him her cape, which he hurriedly wrapped around himself. They then sat and talked for an array of minutes, about the Shadow, about Kirabo's goals, the Penumbra's goals. It was a very refreshing experience for Kirabo, this. Seeing a group of people who are not idly waiting for a change, but taking initiative. For the duration of this conversation, the Gnome learned some things, confirmed others. One thing was for certain though - He definitely wanted in. He was well aware that there's no better place to learn of the Shadow than the one he's at right now.

And then, she came. Another Elven woman, yet her presence was much darker than the first one's. "She's the leader of the organization. She has the respect of the others, and the thickest mist about her. I should just answer her questions directly, no joking around. I know how it feels when somebody uses Shadow to poke holes in your brain." She asked him questions about the Shadow, about his willingness to join the cause of spreading the school across Azeroth and beyond. He said yes. It was as easy as that. Fatigued from the prior stalking, he slipped into a corner of the comfy chapel, drifting into the dreamworld, content with himself.

(Shoutout to Rowgen, Scout, Pletious and JTJP770!)
"Good roleplaying is not equivalent to saying that your character is not interested or molded for a certain situation.
Quite the contrary - good roleplaying is making up a reason for your character to do that thing, no matter the obstacles!"
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