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Son of his father, brother of Maya reporting for duty =)
1. First things first! Did you read the rules, policies, and FAQs?
Yes I did. Maya was also kind enough to not only tell them to me herself but also to redirect me here and make sure I did by standing right next to me while going ''Did you read them? What are you waiting for? Read them.'' :)

2. How did you hear about us?
Well my sister Maya (Painkillah) directed me here one day. I was looking for various roleplay communities and she told me that she found you one day. Been aware of the place for a while but for various reasons I haven't checked you out yet. Until today when she came up to me and said I could just post my intro and then get in the game later on whenever I can.

3. How did you get into RP?
Oh man, long time ago hehe. Had a few friends over one day when I was a kid and roleplayed with action figures like Captain America and Batman so we decided to try real life roleplay as well. Soon after that we got into playing various games from Nintendo all the way to a PC where I finally settled. Since then we've been roleplaying on various games like Jedi Academy, Gothic, Elder Scrolls, so on and so forth.

4. How did you get into Warcraft?
Well I've been playing Blizzard games for a while now. Used to enjoy a lot of their games but mostly the Warcraft series. Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne quickly became my favourites and when WoW came out I just had to check it. The rest speaks for itself hehe. :P

5. What is your favorite race/class?
It's really hard to pick any seeing as I enjoy most of them but I usually enjoy Alliance races. Humans, dwarves and elves count among my favourites so to say. As far as classes go my favourites would be the Rogue, Hunter and Paladin.

6. What is your favorite kind of character to play?
Well I usually enjoy playing a simple character, perhaps a middle aged farmer who worked on the fields most of his life and seeks to buy his own piece of land to work and sell the wares, perhaps a merchant. Aside from that, I also enjoy playing an adventurer. Either a male or female that spends the youth learning and training and then when the time comes (when I get in-game for the first time) go out and find adventures, treasures, friends, enemies, anything goes.

7. What is your favorite kind of RP?
I really don't have any favourite kind. I like all kinds from a simple evening in the tavern to a journey far away with perilous roads and whatnot. I also enjoy fights though I have a limited experience and I usually avoid them as much as I can. I'd like to say I enjoy a roleplay where a lot of people are gathered but I prefer the smaller groups as it's easier to manage and keep track of it without any misunderstandings or anything.

8. Do you have any hobbies (outside of Warcraft)/talents/stupid human tricks?
Haha, stupid human tricks. Well I enjoy music a lot, it's my life actually, I'm also playing the guitar, bass and I'm also learning to play keyboards at times. Aside from that I like watching NFL and F1, also bugging my sister.

9. What country are you from? (Or, if you're uncomfortable with that question, what is your first language? We don't need to know exactly where you live, just what general time zone you're in and if you need some wiggle room on your spelling and grammar.)
Well I am from Romania but at the moment I'm with my sis in Spain. I'm probably going to remain here so it's GMT+1. Unfortunatelly my first language is not english but I struggle to speak it properly and to improve it as I go. (Getting a lot of help from Maya with that) :mrgreen:

10. Remember question #1? Do you agree to abide by the rules and policies?
Yes I do. I shall live by those guidelines-- uh I mean rules, for as long as I am here.

Thank you very much everyone. Cheers!
Welcome to the server! >8D

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