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Soryaa [Draenei Paladin]
Player: Naressai

Character Full Name: Soryaa

Character In-Game Name: Soryaa

Nickname(s): Yaayaa

Association(s): Exodar, Aldor, The Argent Crusade, Loosely the Alliance

Race: Draenei

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: Nothing unusual for a paladin or a Draenei

Age: 16,657

Sex: Female

Hair: Just slightly above shoulder length and white

Eyes: Glowing white as with every Draenei

Weight: 230lbs (From muscle not fat)

Height: 7'4"

Usual Garments/Armor: Usually in her full plate armor wielding a hammer and shield when on duty, when off duty she chooses a simple common outfit, preferring not to stand out.


Personality: She is wise and rational as most Draenei tend to be, this leading her to be more forgiving then most, despite the hardships her people and she personally has suffered. She is very active, not wanting to sit still, always wanting to be doing something that can help, no matter how simple. When in battle or needing to be serious, she is often seen as having a tough attitude. She is very protective of those she calls friends and anything she herself finds as being good. She is not afraid to say whats on her mind or her opinion of a topic, willing to talk something out then just not question the issue.

History: Soryaa was born aboard Oshu'gun during her people's flight from Argus, her childhood was normal as it could be while fleeing from the Burning Legion. Her parents noticed that, even at an early age, Soryaa protected her friends more than a normal child usually would. Whether that protection was from teasing and harsh words, or from actual physical violence from the other sentient species and fauna. As she grew old enough she began her training in the ways of the Light, viewing it as a way to protect and help her friends, or really anyone she could. She continued her training as the Draenei continued moving from planet to planet. Though she helped everyone she could on each planet, she was always stuck with a sense of sorrow as the Draenei fleet moved on. Knowing that her temporary home would soon be consumed by the legion plagued Soryaa. When she completed her training she thought to become a guard, but the Vindicators rejected her, saying she was too soft.

After many more millenia they arrived at what they would come to call Draenor. The native Orcs, were peaceful enough, mostly preferring to keep to themselves. So Soryaa was mostly on the lookout for native wildlife. She found it to be more boring then she hoped, but knew it had to be done and was content in that. When Shattrath was built she eagerly moved there, patrolling the city and the outskirts of the city, proud to be protecting their new capital. Centuries passed without major incident, and so life continued.

But, inevitably, the Burning Legion found them once again. Instead of coming after the draenei, however, the Legion took an interest in the Orcs, corrupting them and twisting them into attacking the Draenei, starting with the outlying cities. She stayed in Shattrath thinking, as did most, that the Orcs were just after a little conquest. It gradually became more apparent, though, that the Orcs were after the extermination of Soryaa's people. When the plan was made to retreat to Zangarmarsh Soryaa opted to stay behind, to try and fight the Orcs off and help with the ultimate plan should they fail. Her parents were proud she would stay behind to protect her people, but decided to stay as well, living or dying as a family.

When the Orcs finally reached Shattrath she fought as hard as she ever has, protecting her home and her family. She was cornered against a city wall by a few Orcs, holding them off but not able to press forward and defeat them, when suddenly a blast of Fel struck the wall above. The wall exploded into rubble and fell, crushing the Orcs and, very nearly, Soryaa herself. She leaped deftly from the rubble, while she avoided getting crushed completely, a small piece did strike her in the head, rendering her unconscious. Most of her body was blocked from view, the rubble pile in front of her and the wall behind her, only her still legs being easily seen. Fortunately any Orcs that saw her thought her dead. When she finally came to the city was destroyed, filled with the dead and dieing, the Orcs still present but not in mass, she reluctantly and carefully staggered her way out of the ruins of the once great city.

After making it out of Shattrath she started to look for any survivors that might have escaped like she did. She found very few, almost all of them changed, unable to call upon the Light. They all slowly made their way to Zangarmarsh, looking for the Draenei who fled. Upon finding them she was saddened beyond words to see her own people turned away, now called Broken and being shunned even though they sacrificed for everyone. She tried to change their minds but in the end she failed and the Broken were banished. All the remaining Draenei had to pitch in if they were to survive, while scouting and on patrol she would also look for food and supplies, as would every guard. She would however travel farther out then most, leaving some of the food and supplies she found close to the camps where the Broken called home, ashamed of her people's treatment of them but not able to stay. This continued until Velen was going to lead an attack on Tempest Keep, she along with some others remained behind in Draenor, the group went back to the ruined city of Shattrath, now long since abandoned and continued their life, slowly trying to rebuild their society.

When the Naaru returned the group knew things would turn around, their morale completely restored and serious reconstruction beginning. Soryaa remained a soldier, protecting the city once again, this time against the forces of Illidan and Kael'thas. As time went on they slowly got the upper hand, pushing back and eventually defeating Illidan and Kael'thas, with the remaining threat having retreated to Azeroth she for the first time stepped foot on that world to aid her people, Shattrath no longer needing as much protection.

After the defeat of Kil'jaeden she decided to stay on Azeroth, ready to help forge the army of Light from Velen's visions. She would remain with her people until the Alliance and Horde started their advance to Northrend, she and a few other Draenei would join the Argent Crusade, ready to fight against the Scourge in Northrend. The fighting was long and brutal but the Lich King was finally defeated, she stayed there a little longer to help clear out the remaining scourge before returning home to Exodar. She would occasionally venture out and help the Argent Crusade as they were now focused on the scourge in the Eastern Kingdoms. When the Cataclysm happened she decided she would travel, helping those that need it and, eventually, end up where the fighting is.
Quote:Eyes: Typical Draenei eyes

Please go with an eye color!

Quote:Soryaa was born aboard Osu'gun during her people's flight from Argus, her childhood was normal as it could be while fleeing from the Burning Legion.

It is actually spelled, “Oshu'gun.”

Everything else seems fine, though.

Initial approval!
Alright, fixed it, the Oshu'gun spelling I completely overlook lol, my H key must not have pressed while typing.

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