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Soul of the Seregon
A direct effect of the events that happened here.

One evening in Silvermoon.....

In a lavish room decorated in the finest golds, and the deepest reds stood a small column four feet high. A large golden plate rested on top, with a green etheral flame burning above it. The flame was tied to the vitality, the soul of one elf. The patriarch of his family, an ambitious and wise tactition. For moments the green flame wavered before it was extinguished. An elf kneeling before the column slowly opened his eyes, and gazed at the golden plate. Startled, he quickly rose to his feet accompanied only by the sound of his creaking armor. He ran one hand through his black hair and closed his eyes. "Rest well, M'lord. We will avenge you..." Dulcius continued out the door to resume his duty as the leader of the Sons of Seregon. He began gathering the other officials to do what Elrohir instructed him to do if this were to ever happen. Elrohir knew his enemies would stop at nothing to take revenge for some of the things he has done. He knew that if he ever had children they would immediately become targets. Successfully he managed to keep this secret, but now was their time.

In another wing of the Seregon estate, an elf trained diligently. He looked onward repeatedly swinging a weighted sword cursing to himself. Only his younger brother watched silently as fresh sweat continued rolling down his furrowed brow, dripping from his ears, nose and chin. He kept replaying his departure from the Argent Crusade over, and over. Tyrius knew his father had done some things differently but they were All for his family and their people. He sought guidance from an Argent Commander, Krilari Dawnsend and because of his lineage he was turned away. Enraged the elf returned home and began training harder. "It still bothers you, doesn't it...Brother?". Tyrius stopped for just a moment, and looked to his brother. Before he could respond, the leaders from the Sons of Seregon entered the room. "Young Masters....We have something to tell you..."

".....It's about your Father."

[Image: Bloodelves_zpsd0ca378f.jpg]

After they received the news, Tyrius couldn't stop grimacing. He wanted Krilari's training to improve his own skills so he could better serve his father. He was already acknowledged to be talented but he wanted to be the best. He clenched his fists tightly, muttering to himself. "....Damn you, Dawnsend." He failed his father. Instantly he pointed to his brother, "Do not cry." His brother sniffled, but nodded as the other elves watched quietly. "....As Lord Elrohir requested, You are the Head of House Seregon. Simultaneously they knelt before him, "What are your wishes, my Lord?" The weight of the moment almost overwhelmed the elf, but he stood firm. "Ophion, I want you to begin the forbidden training with my brother." The blonde elf nodded immediately, "Yes, My lord." His brother spoke up, understanding the situation. "But Father says th-" Tyrius rose one hand cutting his brother off. "Father is dead..." This filled the room with silence and all were still within it, until Tyrius spoke once more. "Dulcius...Find my father's body...or find out who killed him. Take as many as you need, but do not get caught." The only elf there with dark hair nodded. "Yes sir." Tyrius dropped the weighted weapon and walked to a towel folded on the bench, he began drying himself off. While tying back his blonde hair he looked to female elf with a heartless expression. "Dawnwhisper, find Elihanara, if she's dead find an arm and bring it back to me. I'll raise her myself." She nodded as well, "Understood, sir." Tyrius grabbed a small bar of chewing taffy and walked closer to the kneeling leaders. "....Also were going to need blades." He said chewing casually, "Blades? Should I send for Blacksmiths?" Dulcius asked, causing Tyrius to grin. "No...Set up a meeting with House Silverfang."
The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
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May want to have the ambiance noises turned down slightly, for accompanying music.

[Image: Blood.jpeg]

On the Balcony, Tyrius was finally by himself. Silently, he mourned for his father. Eversong was quiet at night, save for the calls of the insects and the burning fire pit beside him. He gripped the railing tightly and stared out into Eversong Woods. He had been thinking on the fly before the Son leaders, but he had to plot. Who Killed his father? Why? Would they be coming for the Family next? He began going in circles, A fish jumping out of the water for a bite snapped Tyrius back to reality. He then resumed looking at Eversong, his home. He remembered the attack, the slaughtering, the betrayal. So many died. In days to follow all the remaining families helped out, we were all together. Happy to be alive, but a part of all of us forever drowned in vengeance and rage. These were his thoughts while he watched a few pyre flies dance in the air. The Balcony was large, and extended out from his personal quarters separated by red lace curtains that appeared to glow in the moonlight, peeking through the trees.

Tyrius could hear someone approaching so he headed over to the fire pit to stir the burning wood, allowing the fire to bite at uncharred bark. The glow increased as small flecks of flame reached upward in the small updraft, similar to the pyre flies outside. A silhouette had appeared behind the red lace curtains, Tyrius already knew it would be his Majordomo. "Master Tyrius, may I interrupt your brooding, sir?" The old elf said with dry sarcasm, a respectful position earned from being with the Elf since his youth. "Go ahead." Tyrius replied, still poking the fire. "I Understand everything....Even locating Elihanara...But why the Silverfangs? What could they possibly offer the Seregon?" He questioned walking closer to the fire, but still keeping respectable distance and posture. "I know it is not my place to question your motives my Lord, but...You know I am rather nosey and this will simply eat away at me all day." he replied dryly. Tyrius stared into the fire, smiling. "Not much, I'm afraid. But I believe they can offer our people much more. I'm going to return to father's plan. To do it I need us all to work together. What family has remained through all our conflicts, throughout all the death, and the violence relatively neutral? Also equipped with a trained militia? Has a level headed leader and is well received throughout all of Silvermoon? Also...Who was it that you were telling me was seeking social support, and writes plays that are...'to die for' was it?"

"Hmm....House Silverfang."

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

"I see you have thought this through, sir." The old elf began, "But why not House Emeircenth or House Fairstar?" Tyrius placed the fire poker down and wiped his hands with a cloth by the fire pit. "House Emeircenth is a bit 'loose' in their beliefs and don't tend to live long. Plus their house is very old, they don't need our promotion. House Fairstar I know of because of Krest and his brothers. I heard he died and their house is a bit too young to support fully. Just over a thousand years." Tyrius then looked to the elf, "Since you're so curious, I don't think people would trust House Novalight, I have yet to meet the Matriarch of House Senn raethi and I don't trust House Sunfire...But the Silverfangs do. We are going to make a blood pact, or a Sin'Sholai with all of the families and end this foolishness. These humans betrayed us, -Mock us- and use the arcane we taught them. We have to act oblivious to those in the Horde who do not respect us either. We were High Elves, above this nonsense, these creatures. But this war brought us down to this savage field that these beasts graze upon. We will show our enemies why we are Blood Elves, and they will remember it."

Both elves remain quiet, both sharing the same passion and resolve for their nation. "But will the other families except this idea?" The elder elf says, while offering Tyrius a drink. "Perhaps, honestly I'm not sure." He said while taking the glass and drinking from it. ".. But I know they will if Lord Leron Silverfang is on board. Then Lady Sunfire and House Eduriel will follow...Which will bring the Novalights. The other families may not trust this house because of my father." The elder elf sighs, "But it is because of my Father they respect this house." The two say simultaneously. "Yes, of course Master Tyrius go on." The younger elf continues, "It will eventually snowball to a majority. Then Houses will look unpatriotic if they do not join and will be socially pressured to. Once again we will show this Horde how fierce we can become when we are united, why they -need- us, as much as we need them." Tyrius stopped to take a drink, enjoying the warm aura of the fire. "You think it is possible? You would place this all on the response from one House?" Tyrius walks over to a tray displayed with fresh fruits, and begins chewing berries freshly plucked. "No, I'm placing this on the response of just one elf. I have a back up plan just in case. Do you have the file?"

"Yes sir, His portrait is in there as well. Death to all who oppose us, my Lord."

[Image: sGzJM87.png]
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