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Specialised Class Titles
I'm looking around the wiki to discover passed events and lore that may be specific to the server and I came across the specialised class titles section. I reckon aiming for one of these titles may help me to shape my character (obviously I can't move towards it until I'm fully vouched and perhaps some other conditions are met). Anyone who's ever played Neverwinter Nights or DnD 3.5 (it was NWN for me) will know of prestige classes and, especially on the server I played on, they were amazingly good at suggesting a character for new players to work towards becoming. Of course many never got there or changed their character's path before the time came, but it established a player's character.

I'm inquiring in to how to take one of these titles, as I notice that the requirements are having been trained by an owner of the same title. This is a problem, however, as there don't appear bearers of most of the titles (that's from what I've read on the wiki page, by the way). So how would one go about taking a certain class at this stage?

EDIT: I'm not sure whether the stats that are stated on the respective pages are to be scripted, but, in most cases, the majority of it can be just involved in RP, which I'm perfectly happy with (they only exception I see is the Graven One).
Hi... I'm the new guy.
Prestige classes can only be given to Heroes. Not even Grunts can become them.

EDIT: Them meaning Prestige classes.
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Ooh, okay. That's cleared up a few loose ends. Thanks.
Hi... I'm the new guy.

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