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Squirrel's polis of concepts.
None of the concepts below have been GM approved, if at all. I cannot vouch for their adherence to lore, nor whether or not they are acceptable on CotH.

With that out of the way, welcome to my polis. This will be the location of character idea dumps that I either can't play for whatever reason or think may be better in someone else's hands. Of course, I will steadily update this all with a new post for each new concept. All comments are welcome. If you plan to claim a concept, then PM me and I'll strike it out.

Goblin Shaman. Age, Gender, Name, etc, still to be determined.

Purpose; The guy's basically on a wild chase for his great-great-great-grandfather's Kajamite-influenced buildings/schematics. For those who are unaware, when the Goblins had Kajamite, they were much smarter than they are now. Therefore, the contraptions would be much safer, and definitely something the Goblin could get a pretty penny out of.

To this end, he's made a deal with a Troll Loa who promises that he knows the location of the Goblin's birthright. And the Goblin, in ever Goblin-like fashion, forced the Loa to sign a contract. He's come under what could be described as employment for the Loa while he works to fulfill the contract. What the contract entails is up to you.

The reason the Loa signed on with him is the following; many of the Gurubashi Troll tribes have been rather occupied as of late, and have not been taking proper care of the outlying Loa. The Loa in question has the Goblin take care of the Shrine, as well as dealing with people the Loa does not like.

Skills; My original concept for him had him as a Steamwarrior. Whether you follow through with this is up to you. He also knows a Troll Loa, if that can be useful.

Extras; In the contract, the Goblin hid a clause that forces the Loa, in case of death, to resurrect the Goblin. For each week the Loa does not resurrect the Goblin, a small explosion will happen in the cave of the Loa's shrine.
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  • Maulbane
I've gotta say, that's one of the most coherent and swell concepts for a goblin shaman I've heard. The resurrection clause may be a bit out there in terms of the server itself, but I think it makes sense ICly.
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  • FlyingSquirrel
Aye. The death clause was just kind of like 'Well, this would be a very amusing resurrection post to read'. Thank you, though! I have a lot of concepts for races that I simply can't get behind, and I'm hoping that other players will be able to do it better than I could.
Two characters today. Both Kaldorei, both Dragonsworn, both 10,000+ years old.

Night Elf Green Dragonsworn (Druid). Female, 10,000+. Everything else TBD.

Notes; This concept, admittedly, is one of my elders. In fact, I even think I once wrote up a profile for the concept, but I'm unsure if there ever was a character. It basically came during the time when I most despised Female Druids, and I thought of this character as a personal challenge, to see if I could come up with a Female Druid who I would feel comfortable playing. And so, here you have it.

History; This is a very, very brief overview. However, during the War of the Ancients, <name> was a Priestess of the Moon. She, instead of fighting on the front lines, stayed back and helped heal the wounded. There were a few more about the healing camp, most notably a Green Drake. She became pregnant and the Drake, curious as to how mammals dealt with pregnancy (after all, Dragons have eggs), started hanging around her more.

After the war and the birth of the child, her and the Drake stayed in communication. In fact, once the child was of age and independent, she abandoned her PotM duties and traveled Kalimdor with the Drake. Through this time, through watching the Drake, she began to learn about Druidism. Little ever happened bar them healing areas that were attacked and left by Demons, and this was enough.

That's all the history I have. My sole request for continuation is that the character not be a part of the Cenarion Circle before the Third War.

Skills; I have the character as a solely restoration Druid. She never learned about the Feral bits of Druidism, and only a bit about Balance. If you want to say that she learned more after Druidism became more open, then go ahead.

Extras; She's a Dragonsworn. Who the Drake is (an underling to the current Green Dragonsworn Dragon, the Dragon himself, etc) and what happened to him is up to you. My initial concept has her wearing a green dragon scale on a necklace.

Night Elf (Highborne) Blue Dragonsworn (Mage). 10,000+. Everything else TBD.

Purpose; This guy's more of a purpose than anything. He's also a very recent thought, leading to him being very rough around the ages. Nonetheless, here's my thought. His purpose is to gather a secret cache of as many magical artifacts as he can until he reckons he can raise an island in the ocean, shroud it in mists a la Pandaria, and recreate Highborne society (with others, of course). To this end, he's signed on with the Blue Dragonflight, so he can secretly ferry items away.

Notes; He's not a Blue Dragonsworn because he agrees with them. He's a Blue Dragonsworn due to them having more knowledge of Arcane than anything else, and him being low enough in their totem pole to not be noticed. Plus, I would imagine that some still have a rather high amount of magical items.

History; Literally nothing. I only put his age up there because it would be easiest for a Highborne to become a Blue Dragonsworn at this time.

Skills; Very good at finding magical artifacts. Also good at magic.

Laughing Skull Orc Assassin (Rogue). Everything else TBD Taken by @HolyHiveMind

Ramblings; the character himself doesn't have too much history. I wanted to leave it up to the player. However, the family is what I went after in terms of history for this guy or gal. For those that don't know, the Laughing Skull clan is essentially a clan of assassins and thieves. And so I kinda wanted to make an Orc more based around these two things.

The idea kinda came into my head when I was talking with another character about Pyremasters, and so I kinda twisted that (as, in my mind, Laughing Skulls have never really been too adherent to the overarching culture of other clans (honor, respect for combatants, etc)). So, the idea came with them and me wanting to make this Orcish assassin.

So, the general idea I got is that this guy or gal has a knife that's been passed down the generations. How they got it (maybe it was left in the Laughing Skull village northwest of Garadar, and they had to go on a trip to get it, or maybe their parents hid it before they went into the internment camps, or maybe they've just had it the entire time) is up to you, but thing is they have a knife. And this knife's enchanted, kinda. Not like extra health enchanted.

No, the knife's enchanted to kinda burn it's opponents, but it goes further than that. Instead of burning where it hit, it dissolves where it hit to ash. This can be healed through magical means, but if not healed through magic, it really won't heal. The ash doesn't really spread within the body, if it gets into a stream or something. If someone's killed by the knife, then the entire body's dissolved to ash.

That being said, I could easily see the GM's not being okay with this, or at least wanting it slightly toned down. Really, that's up to you if you want to take the idea and run with it. That's just my general idea.

Blackrock Orc Bonecrusher/Brawler (Warrior). Everything else TBDTaken by @Paylonas

History; This guy, I have a set history for. He was born before the Old Horde and all, but how long ago, I don't really know nor care for. Up to you. Point is, he was a Blacksmith/an apprentice of one (if you want him younger) during the Old Horde, and like almost every Orc, took part in the fighting. He was captured, tossed in an internment camp, and broke out with everyone else.

However, he, like I imagine a lot of Orc veterans are, became kinda repentant after the Third War. He became disgusted with using weapons personally, as he felt that they kinda de-personalized combat and only made something that shouldn't be easy easier. So, while he stayed a Blacksmith and didn't stop making armor and weapons for the Horde, he did stop using them himself. So, he instead began training to just straight up punch people. If you decide to go with Bonecrusher, I'd suggest including something a Gronn, as Bonecrushers are seen (this is from the RPG, so take it with a grain of salt) amongst the Orcs as Avatars of Nath, who was the progenitor of Gronn, Ogres and Orcs. So, it might be a nice little detail to include other than 'he punched a lot until he got massive'.

Purpose; I wanna be the very best, like no one ever waaaas~. Nah, just kidding. My idea for his purpose kinda ties into his repentance deal. While he does do some blacksmithing every once in a while, he more kinda travels and tries to make up for how he screwed up earlier, what with being in the Old Horde and doing the legion's bidding and all. He takes the fact that he did that very personally and it hangs on his shoulders a lot, despite the fact that most Orcs did.

Decided to take a different direction from the Elves and work on an Orc or two. However, these ideas are more or less complete, at least with what I wanted to get out. They're definitely more barebones, and a fair amount of freedom can be taken with how one goes about it.

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